WWE Rumor: Triple H's Next THREE Opponents Already Planned

Triple H will likely be wrestling at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, and his potentially locked in opponents probably won't surprise you.

Clearly, Triple H having to step in for certain Superstars on recent WWE tours of South America and the UK have gone to The Game's head. Almost as soon as the Raw Superstars were back on US soil WWE's COO made a short appearance on a Monday night in order to insert himself into the brand's Survivor Series plans.

It would seem that Triple H is now back for the foreseeable future. That's why between his Raw return and now he made himself an awful lot of enemies. First, he dispatched of Jason Jordan, then he betrayed Kurt Angle at Survivor Series, swiftly followed by Shane McMahon, and then finally made a terrifying enemy for himself in Braun Strowman.


With all those enemies made, it's pretty clear that WWE is going to start booking Triple H in some matches soon. Although he wrestled on tour, it's unlikely that The Game will don his gear on Raw, as he proved last week. There are two big pay-per-views on the horizon though, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, and according to The Wrestling Observer, The Cerebral Assassin will be in action on both of those shows.

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Kurt Angle will apparently be the first one to get his shot at The Game at the Royal Rumble. In fact, as soon as the Raw General Manager returned to the ring at TLC, those plans were effectively set in stone. The next one of Triple H's four enemies who will stand across from him in the ring will be Braun Strowman. The two of them will face off at WrestleMania 34 as The King of Kings will once again feature in a marquee match on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.



At the past two WrestleManias, Triple H has lost. First to Roman Reigns and then this year to Seth Rollins. By the time WrestleMania 34 rolls around, it will have been three years since he won at The Show of Shows, his last victory coming against Sting in 2015. Hopefully, that stat doesn't make Triple H think he should go over The Monster Among Men. It has to be a win for Strowman in New Orleans if these plans do go ahead to further his plight of becoming a credible Universal Champion in the near future.

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