WWE RUMOR: Vince McMahon LOVES "Woken" Matt Hardy Gimmick

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves the "Woken" Matt Hardy gimmick.

According to Sports Illustrated, McMahon believes so much in the "Woken" storyline that he's given Hardy a creative license, due to the fact that the WWE mastermind believes it's an easy way for the company to cash-in on a character that he knows the people love.

This says a lot about how much McMahon believes in Hardy, even though many people have stated in the past that he will never be a top wrestler within the company because McMahon doesn't see him as one.

There is some confusion regarding who owns the rights to the "Broken Universe," but it appears Anthem Sports is backing down from the issue. They've even gone as far to say that they've included new language in their talent contracts that allow them to retain their own gimmicks going forward.


WWE is already rolling out Broken Matt under the 'Woken' moniker instead. You can check out Matt Hardy's debut as "Woken" in the tweet below. It's actually pretty funny.

We wonder how many fans don't understand Hardy's new gimmick given the fact that not everyone who is a fan and watches WWE also watches TNA or what is now Impact Wrestling. So they might have no idea where his new character is coming from and he's done something similar in the past.

Then again, they could always do a Google search to find out what "Woken" or "Broken" Matt Hardy was all about.

Most of the time WWE will build up to a character reveal and give some backstory, but in this case, it appears they wanted to shocked everyone with "Woken" Matt Hardy. They're likely assuming that most people are familiar with Hardy's work when he was with TNA.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on Hardy's new gimmick. Do you think it will be a success? Why or why not?


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WWE RUMOR: Vince McMahon LOVES "Woken" Matt Hardy Gimmick