Biggest Rumors Coming Out Of SummerSlam

With as much anticipation as there was heading into SummerSlam, the weekend quickly disappeared and fans are moving onto what comes next. With Raw and SmackDown Live scheduled to be the fallout shows of the "Summer's Biggest Party", there are a number of scenarios that may unfold.

There were title changes galore at SummerSlam, and that needs to be addressed on both the red and blue brands, but what about some of those title holders who kept their belts?

If you caught NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III, you also saw the debut of Adam Cole. How does he play into the storylines of NXT moving forward? Is he officially aligned with his ROH buddies and does he keep his sights set on new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre?

There is also the small business of another Superstar Shake-Up on the horizon and with that comes the potential debut of some WWE talent coming back to the company. Who is showing up? Who is getting called up? Who is going down?

The following is a list of some of the biggest rumors coming out of SummerSlam.

5. Lesnar Isn't Going Anywhere

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Most of us knew it was pretty far-fetched to think Brock Lesnar was leaving WWE for UFC anytime soon, but many of us wanted to believe it. He's still suspended, he has a contract with WWE and Jon Jones calling him out was simply a publicity stunt (at least for now).

Lesnar holding onto the Universal Title should tell the WWE Universe everything they need to know. Lesnar is going to be geared up to eventually face Braun Strowman. It's the one-on-one match that everyone wants to see.

4. Shelton Benjamin Is Coming

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It appears Shelton Benjamin is officially signed to a WWE contract and Raw or SmackDown Live may be poised for an infusion of talent. Benjamin's shoulder is all healed, and the former intercontinental champ, according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson: "Benjamin has signed a deal to officially return to WWE."

Whether Benjamin is part of the next Superstar Shake-Up or he makes his debut on Raw or Smackdown Live right away is unknown, but this was a relationship a long time in the works and he could receive a decent push upon his arrival.

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3. Cena The Free Agent

John Cena may exercise his free agent status as early as tonight's episode of Raw. He's done his feud with Baron Corbin and he is officially free to head wherever he'd like (that storyline still doesn't make a lot of sense). Will he show up to slow down the eventual clash that is Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar?

The WWE would be right to hold off that battle as long as possible because it's the bout everyone wants. Interjecting Cena makes sense as he'd fit into the main event scene like a glove.

2. Banks and Bayley Showdown?

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Surely Alexa Bliss will get a shot at the Raw Women's Championship again. This may be only a placeholder until Bayley rebounds from her injury and is ready to square off with Banks. Who will play the babyface? Who will play the heel?

A Sasha Banks heel turn has long been rumored, but what if it's Bayley who surprises everyone? She's having some trouble with the WWE audience as of late. If this a sign of things to come?

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1. Lio Rush to NXT

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The WWE announced the signing of 22-year-old prodigy Lio Rush. Recognized as one of world's best high-flyers, Rush officially joined the WWE Performance Center today in Orlando, Fla. and will be making a debut on NXT in the coming weeks.

Rush is a fan favorite on the independent scene and known for his daredevil creativity as well as his “Dragon’s Call” finisher. The idea might be to have Rush eventually join 205 Live and push Neville for the Cruiserweight Title. With talent leaving NXT and heading toward the main roster, this will be seen as a good move by WWE.

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