10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

The 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up wrapped up and there were some major moves and a few smaller moves that changed the face of WWE. The biggest moves, by far, saw Roman Reigns and Finn Balor head to SmackDown Live while AJ Styles and The Miz made their way to Monday Night Raw.

Other moves split up tag teams and factions and set up new feuds and title opportunities. There were also some call-ups from NXT and some wrestlers who were drifting between the two WWE shows finally got a place to call their home. Here is a look at 10 awesome WWE rumors following the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

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10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

AJ Styles was the biggest move of anyone to Monday Night Raw -- although The Miz was a close second. Styles ruled over SmackDown Live for years and called it the house that AJ Styles built. He was a two-time WWE Champion and was the best wrestler on the brand the entire time he worked there.

Now, AJ Styles is on Monday Night Raw where Seth Rollins is the Universal Champion. While both are fan favorites, and both men teamed up on Styles' first night on Raw, there is no way that WWE goes very long without putting these two men against each other with the title on the line.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

In a very interesting turn of events, WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor was moved to SmackDown Live. However, while most people believed that meant Samoa Joe was bringing his WWE United States Championship to Monday Night Raw, he was not on either show and was never mentioned.

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Turns out Joe was sick. However, even Eric Young -- who also did not appear on either show -- was mentioned as moving but Joe was not. It is almost assured that Joe is moving to keep a mid-card title on each show, and after he and Braun Strowman went to battle the week before, that looks to be Joe's first challenge on the Red Brand.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

The biggest names to make the move from NXT to the main roster were the NXT tag team champions War Raiders. However, Rowe and Hanson got a name change. They are now known as the Viking Experience and their names are now Erik and Ivar. However, while caused more memes and jokes online than anything, there is good news.

While the tag team has not dropped the NXT tag titles yet, they look to be in line for a major push right out of the gate. They debuted on Raw and beat the Raw tag team champions in a multi-man match, making it look like they will be an immediate contender for the titles -- and the rumors indicate that they will win them very quickly.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

When Sasha Banks and Bayley were told they were losing the WWE women's tag team titles, both of the women allegedly threw a tantrum backstage at WrestleMania 35. After the event, it turns out that there was more to it than that and they also learned they were being split up as a tag team and that caused Sasha Banks to reportedly try to quit WWE.

For now, Sasha Banks has not been granted her release and was asked to take a few weeks to think about it before coming to her decision. However, WWE then moved Bayley to SmackDown Live and kept Sasha on Raw, which makes it seem like they are giving Banks an ultimatum -- and she might be finished in WWE.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

With the Boss and Hug Connection split up and Bayley moved over to SmackDown Live -- and away from Sasha Banks -- what is next for Bayley? The interesting thing to note here is that Sasha threatened to quit but Bayley kept on working. She lost to Alexa Bliss on Raw and then moved to SmackDown.

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Bayley then made some noise when she did an interview and said that she wanted to make a change and then challenged Becky Lynch. With Lynch defending her Raw title against Lacey Evans, she needs someone to step up for the SmackDown title and Bayley vs. Banks sounds like it is coming sooner rather than later.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

One of the more out of nowhere moves of the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up came when one member of the Riott Squad was shipped to the Blue Brand with Liv Morgan leaving and setting out on her own. However, there is a good chance that Morgan won't be by herself when she reaches SmackDown Live.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have been on SmackDown together for a while and have their own little YouTube show. On this week's episode of their show, they were talking and then Morgan showed up. The three then revealed that they had all been close since they were in NXT and it looks like if Morgan wants to replace the Riott Squad, she just found her new faction.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

When SmackDown Live ended on the second night of the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up, Roman Reigns showed up as the biggest acquisition of the Blue Brand and then took out Elias and punched Vince McMahon in the face. The show ended with Roman standing tall.

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However, when SmackDown Live went off the air, there was an impromptu match between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. The match itself was not on TV and ended with no decision, but WWE usually puts wrestlers together off camera to prepare them for a feud, so this looks like it might be the first major Roman Reigns feud if the Elias attack was a one-time affair.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

In one of the most puzzling moments of the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up, Eric Young was sent to Monday Night Raw. The crazy thing is that he was not on the show, there was not a vignette to explain it, and it was just added as an aside to who all was sent to Raw. However, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe were not sent to Raw.

Then, Wolfe and Dain revealed that Sanity was no more. Wolfe hinted he was leaving, Nikki Cross announced that she was up for any challenge and Eric Young said that he had been overlooked and dismissed his entire life. This is a fresh start for the former members of Sanity, who were ignored since the day they were called up.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

One thing that was not mentioned was if any wrestlers were moving to NXT, 205 Live or the WWE UK brand. However, with the breakup of Sanity, there were questions about Alexander Wolfe. When Wolfe posted a thank you to his Sanity teammates and a goodbye to the WWE Universe, many thought he was leaving.

However, there are now heavy rumors that Wolfe is not leaving WWE but is changing brands -- to the NXT U.K. brand. That brings up some interesting questions. Tyler Breeze has been working a bit in NXT and there are rumors that with NXT possibly becoming a more important third brand, some underutilized guys could be heading to that brand -- not as a demotion but as a change of scenery.


10 Awesome WWE Rumors After The Superstar Shake-Up

As mentioned, there was no word on changes to brands like NXT, 205 Live or NXT UK. With that said, Pete Dunne was the face of the U.K. brand for over two years and was the longest reigning champion on any WWE brand during his time on top. At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Dunne lost his U.K. title to WALTER.

Dunne lost the rematch between the two and the rumors out of NXT U.K. was that the title is now WALTER's to carry and Dunne was headed to Raw or SmackDown Live. He was not drafted in the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up, but the biggest rumor is that Dunne will be in America soon and on one of the main rosters.

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