Sami Zayn Shoots On How He's Currently Being Booked

Daniel Bryan has spoken out about the misuse of Sami Zayn on SmackDown Live, and The Underdog tends to agree with his General Manager.

Sami Zayn is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today. The Syrian-Canadian Superstar worked the independent circuit for years honing his craft and wowing the world, so when he arrived in NXT, it was rightfully looked upon as a pretty big deal. At Full Sail, Zayn was treated as such, but on Raw and SmackDown Live his career has stalled somewhat.

Zayn's lack of opportunity on Raw was actually used as an angle. Then when he moved to SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shakeup, he and his fans naturally believed his luck was about to change. That hasn't happened thus far though. Despite being with the blue brand for five months now, The Underdog has yet to be featured in any high-profile angles.


Earlier this week on Twitter, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan was asked whether he wanted to see Cesaro move to Tuesday nights. Bryan replied yes, but added that he also wanted Zayn on his show and that hasn't worked out very well so far. Unsurprisingly, Zayn saw the tweet from Bryan and simply replied with "to say the least."

The mantra of SmackDown Live following last year's draft was that the blue show would be the land of opportunity. For some, it truly has been that. Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion, which would have never happened on Raw, plus AJ Styles has become one of the biggest stars in the company thanks to being a part of the Tuesday team. Others haven't fared so well though. There's Zayn, of course, who is still patiently waiting for his opportunity, plus Tye Dillinger has faded into the shadows a little since his NXT call-up (though, he's been featured in the US Title scene more recently).



WWE has a bigger roster than ever, and even with two shows—three if you count NXT—not every Superstar can be on top at the same time. They really did miss the boat with Zayn though. The perfect time to push The Underdog would have been coming out of his victory over Kevin Owens at 2016's Battleground. That's not to say he won't get another chance though, especially considering he is very much on the radar of the SmackDown Live General Manager at this moment in time.

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