WWE Had Completely Different Plans For Sasha Banks In NXT

Sasha Banks was told in NXT that she would be used to make other wrestlers look good and wouldn't be involved in any major angles.

Women's wrestling is in a better place than it ever has been before, especially in WWE. A lot of that is thanks to the work done in NXT. Almost every woman enjoying success on Raw and SmackDown Live right now is a product of NXT. Both of the main roster champions, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, honed their craft down at Full Sail.

Two Superstars who really put women's wrestling on the map while in NXT are Bayley and Sasha Banks. In 2015, the two of them put on a match of the year candidate at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and then tore the house down again in their rematch which was the first ever female Ironman match at the following Takeover event.


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Apparently though, NXT didn't have big plans for Banks at first. Banks was a guest on The Steve Austin Show this week and said that she was flat out told early on in her WWE career that because she was a good wrestler they just planned to use her in order to make other Superstars look good. That wasn't enough for Banks and with the help of her husband and Tyler Breeze, who had been through something similar, she came up with The Boss persona that she still has to this day.

Clearly, coming up with a character for herself worked out extremely well. Banks wound up becoming NXT Women's Champion and is now one of the most important Superstars on Raw, already having four Women's Championship reigns to her name. The Boss character is a great one too, and as discussed on the podcast one that works better when Banks is a heel. She may be a face right now, but here's hoping that she turns heel sooner rather than later.


It's astounding to think that WWE pigeonholed Superstars like Banks so early on in their careers and give off the impression that they're unwilling to budge on their decision. Banks isn't the first to claim that certain people behind the scenes at the company get an idea about what they want from a performer in their heads and believe that to be set in stone. Thankfully, Banks had bigger and better ideas for herself, pushed forward and broke that glass ceiling.

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