WWE: 10 Scariest Wrestlers In History

Bray Wyatt is the hottest thing going in WWE right now, bringing in a character that the company hasn't seen the like of in years. At one time, WWE used to specialize in bringing in over-the-top characters but have relied mostly on just presenting wrestlers wrestling matches for the last decade. With that said, the idea of a truly scary wrestler is one that has a strong history in WWE.

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Managers like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Mr. Fuji brought in monster wrestlers to terrorize babyfaces. There are a lot of examples of the monsters that made babyface so heroic. Even in the Attitude Era, when Stone Cold and The Rock were on top, there were monsters around to terrorize the masses. Here is a look at the 10 scariest wrestlers in WWE history.


As mentioned, Bray Wyatt is the new scary wrestler terrorizing everyone in WWE. It is a callback to men like Mankind, who came to the ring in a mask, with ominous music, and only cared about hurting people. However, Bray Wyatt has added something to his performance.

He is The Fiend, the scary monster who wants to hurt anyone and everyone who gets in his way. There is also Bray Wyatt, who is acting out as a rehabilitated children's show host who wants people to follow him. It is still similar to Mick Foley, who himself had multiple personalities. Bray Wyatt is a genius and one of the scariest wrestlers in WWE history.


Undertaker is the number one example of WWE creating a scary character with a basis in horror movies and turning him into something special. When Undertaker was in WCW, he was just a big guy. When he came to WWE, he was the Dead Man, a zombie-like character who came to the ring and put his opponents in bodybags at the end of matches.

When the Attitude Era arrived, Undertaker morphed into more of a supernatural cult leader. He had superhuman powers, which included shooting electricity and even ascended after his "death" in one match. He led a group called The Ministry where he was his scariest, and he became a true icon over time in WWE.


When Undertaker first appeared in WWE, he was Kaine the Undertaker. WWE dropped the name Kaine and Undertaker was all that remained. However, Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker and started to tell tales of a long lost brother than Undertaker had named Kane.

The story was that Undertaker burned down his family's mortuary as a child and killed them. His brother, though, survived and was burned and driven mad. That was Kane, who then returned to WWE and sought revenge against Undertaker. For years, Kane was even scarier than Undertaker and reigned hellfire and brimstone onto those he crossed paths with.

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Looking back on Doink the Clown and it is easy to see him as a stupid gimmick. However, the original booking for Doink was not what the character morphed into. See, when Matt Bourne came to WWE, he took on the role of Doink, and he was a terrifying WWE character.

Doink the Clown was not the loveable prank-pulling clown wrestler that others portrayed him as later. Doink was an evil clown. He was sinister and cheated to win, using dastardly tactics. When he saw kids in the audience, his goal was to scare them. The original Doink the Clown was brilliant and scary, and it only took WWE a short time to ruin him.


When Godfather received his WWE Hall of Fame induction, he spoke about the different gimmicks he had to portray before he found the one that clicked. He said playing the Godfather gave him a chance to be himself. However, before that, he was an MMA fighter, and after that, he was the Goodfather.

With that said, his first character was a scary wrestler known as Papa Shango. His entire purpose was to come in and feud with Undertaker, giving one scary supernatural character an even scarier one to battle. He was a voodoo priest and could control Undertaker when he got the urn, but his time was short in WWE.


As mentioned, Bray Wyatt is a modern-day Mankind. Before Mick Foley came to WWE, he was Cactus Jack. He was a brawler and a hardcore wrestler in WCW, Japan and ECW. When WWE signed him, they gave him a scary gimmick change — Mankind.

Mankind was a mentally unstable schizophreniac who came to the ring in a mask and often would sit in the corner, ripping his hair out, while screaming "mommy." He lived in boiler rooms and destroyed everyone he got his hands on. This led to his feud with Undertaker and Foley becoming a legend.

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Looking at the modern-day Samoan Dynasty in WWE and fans see the fun-loving, trash-talking Usos and the mega-successful Hollywood movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. However, at one time, the idea of the Samoans was scary — with even modern-day examples of Umaga showing monsters who destroyed their opponents.

In the '90s, the Samoan Swat Team was a scary duo that ran all over WCW and WWE. However, this all started back in the '70s with a tag team comprised of Afa and Sika — The Wild Samoans. They barely spoke and were two of the scariest wrestlers in the world, winning 21 tag team titles along the way.


In the '80s, there was a manager in the territories called General Skandar Akbar. He brought in monsters from all over wrestling to work for him in Devastation Incorporated. These men included Kamala, One Man Gang, Missing Link, and many more. Many of these wrestlers went on to WWE in different gimmicks.

Kamala kept his gimmick in WWE, as a Ugandan savage. He always had a handler in Devastation Incorporated known as Friday and kept it in WWE. He had Classie Freddie Blassie managing him when he arrived and was a scary monster who ran all over everyone until Hulk Hogan finally ended the threat. His final feud in WWE was against Andre the Giant.


There have always been scary tag teams in professional wrestling. Demolition was one of the most famous in the '80s, managed by Mr. Fuji before they had a face turn. Recently, two former members of the Wyatt Family reunited and formed a team known as The Bludgeon Brothers.

This team was Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and they destroyed everyone. WWE pushed them hard, having them dominate even great tag teams like The Usos and New Day. It didn't look like anyone could beat them — until real-life injuries slowed them down.


Not all scary wrestlers in WWE look like monsters. This fact is true with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, someone who was just a regular guy, albeit a very evil man. Jake came to the ring with his snake Damien and often laid is across an opponent after beating them.

Jake also was the master at psychological warfare and often had his opponents beaten before they ever stepped into the ring with him. It is something that Bray Wyatt is mastering right now in WWE as well. Jake took Undertaker to the brink of sanity and drove Macho Man Randy Savage completely nuts. He was evil and as scary as anyone.

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