Finally Over? WWE Selling Finn Balor fOreVER Shirts

There have been so many "over"  jokes on social media over the past few weeks that pertains to wrestler Finn Balor, that WWE has decided to cash in on it.

WWE is selling "Balor Club - Forever" t-shirts with some of the letters on the shirt highlighting "Over" which is in red letters, while the other letters are in white, according to Wrestling Inc.

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As you can see in the tweets below, Balor himself has made fun of the the word "over" being associated with him.

The joke comes from the fact that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn't believe that Balor was over enough with the fans in order to wrestle Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble.


It's great to see that WWE can joke and make fun of themselves. Of course it helps them that they'll be making money due to the fact that they're making fun of themselves.

Balor recently had a feud set up between himself and Bray Wyatt, who would be dressed as "Sister Abigail." Unfortunately the response from fans wasn't a good one.

The good news though for WWE and their fans is that Wyatt ended up getting sick, so that match was scratched and Balor faced off against current WWE Champion AJ Styles instead. At the end of the match, both wrestlers paid tribute to their Bullet Club days by sharing a "Too Sweet" moment.

What's unfortunate for Balor is that he looks to be an afterthought with WWE Monday night Raw. He wrestled Curtis Axel this past Monday night, in a match that probably no one cared about. It continues to seem as though WWE just doesn't know what to do with him and how they want to develop his character.


What's really interesting is that over the past two weeks, Balor has only been inside of the ring for a total of seven minutes, compared to Roman Reigns, who's been in the ring for 37 minutes.  It looks like Balor is just showing up on Mondays and getting a pay check.

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