WWE Sends Home Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn From European Tour

It is being reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been sent home from the current WWE UK tour. The pair were both involved in the SmackDown Live show last night but were sent home this morning. The reason the duo were sent home is because the guys went against a creative directive in last night's show.

On SmackDown Live Zayn had a singles match with Kofi Kingston which he lost (as planned). And right after the match Kevin Owens came out attacked Kingston (as planned). However, those who watched the show saw Zayn and Owens make a quick, and awkward, exit after Owens' attack which wasn't planned!


According to those sources, Zayn and Owens were supposed to stick around and "feed" for New Day - but for reasons, unbeknownst to everyone, the duo decided to go against orders and just bail. The New Day was left standing around waiting, and even the sound guys were confused as to what was going on (which is why no ones music was even played as the segment ended).

via: wwe.com

To clarify the term "feeding," as it is defined by PWTorch: "The heel’s role during a babyface comeback where he runs at the babyface only to be repeatedly fended off, with the hope that the series of bumps by the heel will generate positive fan heat for the babyface. Babyface wrestlers like a "good feeder" (n.). A babyface can also feed the heel in hope of generating fan sympathy."

After the Owens attack he and Zayn were supposed to "feed" New Day and take a beating, but that, as we all know, didn't happen.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is also reporting that they have heard from multiple sources that the Zayn/Owens duo have, lately, been slightly difficult to work with and have seemed unhappy.

PWS also points out that Owens and Zayn were both close to Neville - who walked out of the WWE a few weeks back - as well as Jimmy Jacobs who was a recently fired writer.

That being said there have been no comments from either of the two sent-home wrestlers. So, at this point the motive for their disobedience can only be speculated about.


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