WWE Set To Hold Women's Classic Tournament

After the success of the Cruiserweight Classic earlier this year, WWE has decided to put together another tournament that will include all of the best female wrestlers from around the world.

The working name for this tournament is the World Women's Classic and it seems to have been scheduled to take place between either January or February 2017. The classic is currently being put together by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H but the problem with it is the fact that WWE already have two Women's Divisions on their main roster.

The Classic worked with Cruiserweights because they could then be brought onto the Raw roster and fight over the newly rebranded Cruiserweight Championship but the females are already becoming stand-out performers on the main roster so it doesn't make sense to add more female talent when there are many that are currently underutilized.

The latter seems to be the current stumbling block right now, but WWE are working hard on ways to ensure that this Women's Classic is just as important as the Cruiserweight Classic was.

It will be interesting to see many of the best female wrestlers in the world fight it out in what is expected to be something similar to the Global Cruiserweight Tournament and could see some of the best females in the world grace the WWE Network next year.

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WWE Set To Hold Women's Classic Tournament