AJ Styles Adds Confusion To Jinder Mahal's Brock Lesnar Challenge

It looks like things might be lining up for AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar—and it all started with Jinder Mahal.

At the halfway mark of tonight's episode of SmackDown Live Mahal came to the ring to give one of his "I am awesome and the best ever" promos. He talked about how he had returned to India recently and how he had been received with adulation from his fellow countrymen. then he, of course, recapped his current reign as champion and bragged about defeating both Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura on multiple occasions.

This lead to him saying that there was no one else worthy of him on SmackDown Live, so for his next title defense at Survivor Series he wanted to challenge The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

With that big announcement, it looked like a Mahal vs. Lesnar match was being set up for Survivor Series. That was until AJ Styles' music hit and the Phenomenal One came out. The Phenomenal One was feeling a little slighted, and rightly so, by Mahal's comments that there was no one worthy left to fight on the blue brand.


But Mahal didn't back down and went so far as to say to Styles, "I am a winner and you are a loser." Which, along with a few other comments, lead to Styles attacking the Modern Day Maharaja and the Singh Brothers.

Following the attack by Styles, Mahal went to Daniel Bryan and complained and a match was set up between Styles and one of the Singh Brothers. But that was the extent of General Manager Daniel Bryan's involvement—so far, at least.

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So, we had SmackDown Live champion, Jinder Mahal, challenging Raw Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and then we had AJ Styles putting Mahal on notice that he is a worthy opponent from right there within the Blue brand. We have Survivor Series coming up which—being one of the "Big Four" pay-per-view events of the year—is a cross-brand show.

Now, nothing has been announced yet, obviously, but it does seem like the WWE is setting things up for a Lesnar vs. Styles match, but the rumor mill suggests that will be Mahal vs Lesnar. To make matters even more confusing, Brock Lesnar, along with his advocate Paul Heyman, will address the situation personally on Raw next week. It will be worth keeping an ear on the wording Heyman uses when responding to the challenge, as that will shed more light on if the WWE intends to go with Mahal or Styles in this spot.

Would Lesnar's belt also be on the line if that were to happen? If so, is there any chance that Styles could win that match and bring that belt over to SmackDown Live? And if Lesnar beat Styles would that set up a Belt v Belt match Lesnar vs Mahal at the next cross-over pay-per-view (The Royal Rumble)? Or, will Styles be champion by the time Survivor Series rolls around? This is definitely an intriguing story, and one that will keep fans interested in both shows leading up to one of the more important events of the year.

So many questions, but only time will reveal the answer.


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