5 Times Seth Rollins Was The Most Successful Shield Member (& 5 Times It Was Roman Reigns)

The Shield had an epic run in WWE. The group tore through the locker room upon their debut, establishing themselves as top stars as they systematically targeted WWE's roster. Each member went on to find success as solo competitors, capturing the WWE Championship respectively.

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Now that Dean Ambrose has departed the company to return to his indie roots, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns remain the only former members left. Although both are two of the company's top stars, who has ultimately been the most successful member of The Shield? Let's compare some of their most impressive wrestling feats.

10 Seth Rollins: The Heist Of The Century

The biggest moment from WrestleMania 31 was Seth Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank contract during the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The Architect pinned his former tag-team partner to win his first world title in what was dubbed 'the heist of the century,' standing tall with the title to close out the show.

It remains one of many highlights in the Beastslayer's career, the culmination of a long-term narrative that began when he turned heel.

9 Roman Reigns: Winner Of The 2015 Royal Rumble

Although Seth Rollins won the 2019 Royal Rumble match, Roman Reigns beat him to the punch on this one. The Big Dog was the first Shield member to win the Royal Rumble match, outlasting 29 other competitors in 2015 and drawing an appearance from his cousin, wrestling icon The Rock.

Admittedly, Reigns' win was met with a less-than-favorable reception. WWE was intent on pushing Reigns at the expense of a returning Daniel Bryan, which didn't go down well with the fans. Reigns was booed out of the building and his push rejected.

8 Seth Rollins: Beat The Beast... Twice

Brock Lesnar has been built up by WWE as an unstoppable monster without mercy. Therefore, it is a big deal when a Superstar can finally slay the beast. Rollins has done this twice, beating Lesnar for the Universal Championship both times.

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The Architect cashed his ticket to WrestleMania 35 after winning the Royal Rumble, facing off against the Beast for the big red belt and earning his moniker 'the Beastslayer' as he did so. He defeated Lesnar for a second time at SummerSlam - something the Big Dog hasn't managed to do.

7 Roman Reigns: First To Dethrone The King

Before Seth Rollins earned the name 'Kingslayer,' Roman Reigns was the first to dethrone the King of Kings during the main event of WrestleMania 32. The Big Dog defeated Triple H for the WWE Championship, winning the title for the third time in his career.

Unfortunately, his win here was as ill-received as his Royal Rumble triumph. Fans were not ready to accept Reigns as the next top guy of the company, though this did little to sway Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE Creative, who were determined to make him their next John Cena.

6 Seth Rollins: Inaugural NXT Champion

Seth Rollins has won every available championship on the roster, making him the 18th Grand Slam Champion. In addition to this and his other accomplishments, the Beastslayer was also the inaugural NXT Champion, the first in a line of wrestlers that elevated an entire brand.

It is easy to see why Rollins enjoyed so much success in developmental, long before his main roster tenure. Before NXT was rebranded, he was also the first FCW competitor to become Grand Slam Champion.

5 Roman Reigns: Survivor Series Record

Roman Reigns has provem that he is more than capable of delivering in big matches, pulling out some brutal maneuvres from his arsenal and taking big spots that awe a crowd. He tied the record for most eliminations in a Survivor Series match in 2013, an early sign of the greatness that would follow.

Reigns was the sole survivor of his team after eliminating four opponents. It was a stunning accomplishment for the Big Dog, who had been billed as the strongest member of The Shield.

4 Seth Rollins: Heel Turn

When Seth Rollins turned on his fellow Shield members on the June 2nd edition of Raw in 2014, it shocked and devastated fans. The Shield were fresh from a win over Evolution at Payback, defeating Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista in a No Holds Barred Elimination match in which no Shield member was eliminated.

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Rollins attacking Ambrose and Reigns with a steel chair remains an iconic moment in wrestling history. It was the start of an excellent heel run for the Architect, who thrived in the role of Authority-backed bad guy.

3 Roman Reigns: Main-Evented WrestleMania... Four Times In A Row

Roman Reigns has been featured in the main event of WrestleMania four times, a feat neither of his Shield brethren can boast doing once. He has faced Brock Lesnar twice, Triple H once and The Undertaker once, the second-ever Superstar to break the Deadman's streak.

Again, this booking decision has been met with criticism from fans. The WWE Universe is reluctant to accept a wrestler who they feel is being shoved down their throats by management, and this was reflected at every one of Reigns' WrestleMania appearances.

2 Seth Rollins: Defeats Reigns At Money In The Bank 2016

Rollins and Reigns have faced each other in singles competition in the past. The pair were scheduled to clash at Night Of Champions 2014, before a legitimate injury sidelined Reigns and the Architect was instead attacked by a returning Dean Ambrose.

In an ironic twist of circumstances, Rollins and Reigns finally collided after the Beastslayer returned from injury at Money In The Bank. Rollins won this bout, though his success and subsequent second WWE Championship reign were cut short by Ambrose, who cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to win his first world title.

1 Roman Reigns: Royal Rumble Record

In addition to his impressive Survivor Series record, Roman Reigns also made waves in the 2014 Royal Rumble match with 12 eliminations (a record at the time).

It was a deceptively hopeful and bright start to Reigns' singles push, as the fans seemed to be fully behind him. If WWE were hoping to recreate this success the following year, however, they sorely failed. Still, this remains another highlight of the Big Dog's impressive career.

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