10 Wrestlers Triple H Regrets Bringing To WWE (And 10 He'd Like To Get)

As Triple H gains more and more control within WWE, the company COO has more say on which wrestlers come into the company, especially for his NXT brand, meaning the pressure is really on him to ensure that the talents perform.

For decades Vince McMahon has been responsible on deciding who is the next big thing and whilst he has certainly made some very poor decisions, looking at how big WWE has become, it's fair to say he knows how to spot a talent.

Triple H has spent plenty of time under Vince's learning tree and is now attempting to create the same legacy for himself and he has certainly brought in some huge names. From Finn Balor and Bobby Roode to Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey, The Game clearly gets it as well. He's brought a fresh perspective to upper management, as certain talents that may have been overlooked by WWE before were able to get a chance with the company.

But that doesn't mean he hasn't made mistakes either. There have already been plenty of signings that Triple H likely regrets making for a variety of reasons.

But mistakes can't discourage Triple H from taking chances on unproven talents in the wrestling business. Every wrestling promoter has seen some signings pan out, while seeing others flop. For the future, there are also plenty of names that he still wants to sign and within this article, we will explore 10 examples of each of them.

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20 Mistake: Eva Marie

via wwe.com

You have to give Triple H credit with this one because he really did try his best to help make Eva Marie a superstar, giving her time on both the main roster and on NXT, providing her with private trainers to give her all the tools to succeed.

However, no matter what Triple H did Eva Marie just didn't seem to want to succeed and her attitude was more fixed on trying to break into the reality TV market or becoming an actress rather than a WWE Superstar.

Eventually, it became crystal clear that Eva was simply using WWE as a platform to push herself into bigger and better things and with her backstage attitude issues with other talents, her time with WWE quickly came to an end.

19 Would Want: WALTER

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The current PROGRESS World Champion is one of the top wrestlers on the independent scene and somebody that every company wants to have on its roster, mainly due to all the positives that he brings.

As a tall, dominant athlete, WALTER has a great look that is very marketable with an impressive in-ring style to match.

WALTER has apparently been approached by WWE already, but he has turned down the offer for now. However, WWE is also interested in bringing him to the UK division, which would allow him to still work on the independent scene, showing just how bad Triple H wants him.

18 Mistake: James Storm

via wrestlezone.com

The former IMPACT Wrestling star could probably find himself in either category on this list, as whilst Triple H might regret bringing in James Storm, he would also likely want to sign the Cowboy to the company.

Storm worked several times for NXT and was offered a full-time deal, but Storm turned the contract down, becoming one of the first major names to reject Triple H, which likely left him a little embarrassed.

He decided to return to IMPACT (which he would eventually leave again) and rejected a dream job with WWE. He is still one of the only names to have actually done this, which is something that The Game won't forget in a hurry.

17 Would Want: The Young Bucks

via wweforums.com

The biggest tag team in the world, inside or out of WWE, is the Young Bucks, make no mistake about it, no team is bigger than the 'Bucks and Triple H would certainly love to sign the two brothers.

Their ability to connect with an audience is incredibly unique and very few wrestlers get the business better than they do, with their incredibly entertaining Being The Elite YouTube show highlighting just how creative they both are.

But it's in the ring where they really make their name as they are both very gifted performers. They have stated they would be interested in a WWE run at some point and with their contracts coming up, Triple H might be inclined to make them an offer they can't refuse.

16 Mistake: Kassius Ohno

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WWE has signed Kassius Ohno on two separate occasions, meaning the Game has not only hired but also fired him. However, it was Triple H who decided to bring him back to NXT, believing that Ohno could add more to the brand.

However, the problem has been clear from the start and that is that WWE doesn't have any plans for the Knockout Artist other than using him to put over other talents.

He has failed to connect in the same way he once did and his future doesn't seem as bright as fans had first hoped.

Triple H likely had bigger goals in mind for Ohno and whilst his current slow burn heel turn might change his fortunes, at the moment, Kassius is proving to be a disappointment to The Game, for the second time.

15 Would Want: Chelsea Green

via youtube.com

Triple H is always on the lookout for top female wrestlers to continue pushing the evolution that is taking place right now in the world of professional wrestling and Chelsea Green is certainly someone who he will have his eye on.

Green has had WWE tryouts and was part of Tough Enough, proving that the company knows exactly who she is, which means it is more likely a question of when rather than if Green will sign with the company.

With a unique gimmick that isn't like the usual female gimmick, with Green acting crazy with split personalities and makeup smeared all over her face which would help her standout within the female division.

14 Mistake: Mike Kanellis

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Whilst he was brought in and placed onto the main roster straight away there is no doubt that the signing of Mike Kanellis was Triple H's decision. Even though placing him on the main roster was likely a terrible decision in retrospect, there is no doubt the whole situation was a mess.

Triple H brought Kanellis in because he had made a major impact in Japan where alongside his wife, Maria, the pair had become one of the hottest acts in wrestling, something WWE wanted to tap into.

However, what The Game likely didn't know was that Kanellis was struggling with personal problems and this is something that would probably have changed Hunter's decision had he known. While Kanellis has worked hard to overcome that situation, there is no doubt Triple H is regretting signing him.

13 Would Want: Zack Sabre Jr.

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Triple H tried his hardest to sign Zack Sabre Jr following the Cruiserweight Classic only for the British wrestler to reject his offer alongside Kota Ibushi in a decision that turned out to be the best thing they ever did after seeing how 205 Live has played out.

Zack Sabre Jr is arguably the best technical wrestler in the world right now and he proved he could work in a WWE setting during that tournament and has continued to be a major star in New Japan ever since.

Sabre not wanting to be confined as a cruiserweight might be the best thing that he ever did as if he does ever sign the company would need to put him somewhere other than 205 Live, something that Triple H likely hopes to do in the near future.

12 Mistake: Apollo Crews

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Whilst he might be still working for the company on Monday Night Raw, it's fair to say that things have not gone the way that Triple H had planned for Apollo Crews who is currently struggling to gain any TV time on the Raw.

When he was part of NXT it was obvious that Triple H saw a major star in Crews, pushing him to the top straight away by giving him an NXT Championship match against Finn Balor and then throwing him on to the main roster.

However it was obviously too much too soon and Apollo has since struggled to make an impact on the main roster, putting his career future in major doubt which will likely be a disappointment to Triple H who had so much faith in him.

11 Would Want: Juice Robinson

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The former NXT Superstar has become a major star since leaving WWE, proving just how talented he really is over in New Japan where he picked up the IWGP United States Championship and became one of the companies top stars.

Robinson has come into his own with a gimmick that he has full control of, showcasing his huge personality.

His in-ring work continues to get better as he works against top talent such as Kenny Omega on a regular basis.

WWE is rumored to be interested in re-signing Robinson after he has proven himself to be a major star. Triple H isn't one to shy away from re-signing talent if he believes WWE missed an opportunity and therefore Robinson could be returning to NXT in the near future.

10 Mistake: Adam Rose

via rickey.org

When Adam Rose first came to WWE he was working under a very different gimmick, which was better on paper, but in reality, wasn't gaining him the reactions that he needed to become a major superstar.

Triple H showed his faith in Rose by giving him a brand new gimmick and a lifeline to keep his WWE career afloat and while that worked for a few months where he gained huge reactions, that all quickly fizzled out into nothing.

Rose would enter the ring on Raw to crickets as the WWE Universe showed how little they cared about him and as quickly as he made his way down to the ramp he was going back up after a squash defeat, making him a signing that Triple H regrets.

9 Would Want: Pentagon Jr.

via wrestlezone.com

It has been heavily rumored recently that WWE is actively pursuing Pentagon Jr, with the idea being that Triple H wants the masked luchador to be working for the company in the near future.

Pentagon is one of the absolute best wrestlers in the world with a fantastic gimmick and a brilliant hard-hitting and fast-moving style which blends strong style and highflying lucha wrestling together in an incredible hybrid.

Pentagon has proven himself everywhere he has been in his career, from Lucha Underground to MLW or even IMPACT Wrestling and he is certainly ready for the jump to the big leagues of NXT or the WWE main roster.

8 Mistake: Simon Gotch

via youtube.com

In terms of what Simon Gotch did inside a WWE ring, Triple H likely has zero regrets about signing Simon Gotch because he was a very solid wrestler. The former NXT Tag Team Champion did a great job at Full Sail, even if his main roster career wasn't on the same level.

However, it was how he behaved behind the curtains that likely made Triple H regret ever bringing him in as Gotch was known for having a negative attitude and often causing problems in real life with other talents.

Gotch was known for getting into fights with other wrestlers such as Sin Cara because of his attitude, which tended to rub other people up the wrong way and that is something that The Game would likely not stand for.

7 Would Want: Tessa Blanchard

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Triple H has pushed women's wrestling more than most in WWE and has done an incredible job at making them a big deal, putting them in featured spots which have helped get the division to where it is today.

With that in mind, Triple H is always on the lookout for new talent to add to that division and arguably the very best outside of WWE right now is Tessa Blanchard, someone who has proven herself as an incredible wrestler everywhere she has been.

Blanchard has been used in WWE before in NXT and in the original Mae Young Classic but is currently working as IMPACT Wrestling's main female star which will certainly have caught Hunter's eye.

6 Mistake: Enzo Amore

via wwe.com

The former Cruiserweight Champion seemed like he was going to be one of Triple H's major signings.

He was going to help turnaround the 205 Live brand with his over the top personality and brilliant charisma.

However, in the end, he wound becoming one of Triple H's biggest mistakes in terms of signings all down to the way his time with the company ended.

While Enzo has since been cleared, the damage had sadly already been done to Amore and to WWE and Triple H was the person responsible for hiring him and was the one left looking stupid at the end of it.

5 Would Want: Will Ospreay

via pinterest.com

Triple H has tapped into the UK wrestling scene in a major way since he gained more control in WWE, bringing in several top names such as Jack Gallagher and Pete Dunne as well as creating an entire division dedicated to wrestlers from across the pond.

However, one name he hasn't managed to sign is arguably the greatest UK wrestler around right now, Will Ospreay. Instead, the Aerial Assasin has been working around the world, wowing crowds everywhere he has gone.

Ospreay's biggest rival, Ricochet works a very similar style to him and the fact he has done so well in the company is a good sign that Triple H will want to get Ospreay even more, but that moment may have to wait a little while longer.

4 Mistake: Sin Cara (Mistico)

via wrestlezone.com

This is specifically the original Sin Cara who no longer works for the company, not the former Hunico who now portrays the gimmick, but the fact WWE had to replace the wrestler behind the mask should be an indication as to why Triple H regrets signing him.

Sin Cara was Triple H's first major signing and given how it worked out it is surprising at how good the Game actually ended up being at picking up talent, but he certainly proved he had an eye for talent afterward.

Sin Cara was heavily hyped up by the company with his own lighting package and a huge entrance, yet inside the ring, he failed to live up to all the hype with constant botches and attitude problems, he was clearly a signing to regret.

3 Would Want: Kenny Omega

via twitter.com

You would be foolish to think that Triple H isn't desperate to sign the leader of the Bullet Club because bringing Kenny Omega to WWE is something that Triple H is likely desperate to do in what could be a game-changing move.

Triple H pushed for the last two leaders of the faction to be signed and both Finn Balor and AJ Styles have received major pushes and become huge stars since he brought them into the company, and there is no reason why Omega wouldn't do the same.

Omega is arguably the best wrestler in the world and WWE certainly wants to have the top talents working for them.

With possible major feuds against talent such as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, there is plenty for him to do if he signs.

2 Mistake: Hideo Itami

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Everyone praised Triple H when he managed to land the signing of Hideo Itami, a deal that nobody thought would ever happen. The NJPW star was highly regarded as one of the absolute best in the business.

His hard-hitting style had made him one of the top wrestling stars outside of WWE and he was set to become a huge star in NXT as well, until injuries derailed all the momentum that WWE had put behind him.

After positioning him as a top star who was likely going to become WWE Champion, Itami has ended up being one of NXT's biggest ever flops, now performing on 205 Live where he isn't even one of the top stars, proving that the company has given up on him.

1 Would Want: Cody Rhodes

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Few people love wrestling history more than Triple H and with how much of a connection that he had with Dusty Rhodes it's obvious that he would want to bring Cody Rhodes back to the company if he got the chance.

The Rhodes family is one of the most historic in wrestling today and not having a member of that family work for your company while he is a top star is something that likely eats away at him.

Since leaving the company Cody has gone on to prove not only how great he can be, but that he could easily be the main event World Champion Dusty always thought he'd be. That is something The Game wants to make happen during his time in charge.

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