Jonathan Coachman Signs With WWE To Replace Booker T On Commentary

Jonathan Coachman signed a new deal with WWE and will replace Booker T at the announce desk starting tonight on Raw.

We currently live in an age where three-man announce booths are commonplace in WWE. From Raw to SmackDown Live to NXT, all three teams are currently made up of three people. In fact, the only exception right now is 205 Live. Despite being separate shows, the announcing on Monday and Tuesday nights does sound very similar, mainly because Corey Graves is on both shows and Tom Phillips is basically a young Michael Cole.

The one thing that makes the announcing on Raw so different from that on SmackDown Live is Booker T. The WWE Hall of Famer is the exclusive property of the red brand and is easily the most entertaining part of their announce team, but for all the wrong reasons. Cole and Graves spend large chunks of the show picking up after things Booker says trying to decipher what on earth he's talking about.


If, like us, you're a fan of Booker's misgivings every Monday night, then we have some bad news for you. Starting from tonight, Booker T will no longer be the third man in Raw's announce booth. That slot will now be filled by Jonathan Coachman who has just signed a new deal with WWE. According to WWE.com, Booker will still be a part of WWE's kick off panels and will continue to act as an ambassador for the company.

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The Coach is no stranger to the world of professional wrestling and worked for the company in a variety of roles for nine years previously. Following that stint, he worked with ESPN and actually helped WWE build their relationship with the sports broadcaster. It was great to see Coach at Raw 25 last week and he will add some real legitimacy to the announce booth on Monday nights.


Booker T being replaced with Jonathan Coachman is bitter-sweet. Listening out for some of the nonsense Booker spouts on Raw every week will be an activity we sorely miss but tonight on Raw will feel like a real homecoming for The Coach. It will be interesting to see how he fits in alongside Cole and Graves, whether he will be doing a lot of the talking or just chip in every now and again like Booker has been doing.

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