WWE Finally Signs Top Indie Name Ricochet

WWE have finally confirmed the signing of Ricochet and the high flyer reported to the Performance Center for the first time this week.

Ever since NXT really took off and effectively became a third brand for WWE instead of just a developmental one Triple H and the rest of his team down at Full Sail have been in the business of scouting and hiring the world's very best wrestlers. That's why the likes of Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe have all passed through there.

If it wasn't for NXT it's hard to pinpoint when the above stars plus so many others would have been hired by WWE, if ever. Nowadays, when somebody on the independent scene starts taking off and getting some name notoriety it feels like it's just a matter of time before they are picked up by WWE. The latest name that has been rumored to join their ranks is the extremely talented Ricochet.


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Well, those are no longer rumors. It was confirmed via WWE.com on Tuesday that Trevor Mann, the wrestler otherwise known as Ricochet, has officially signed for WWE. He has already reported to the Performance Center to begin his training so expect to see him on NXT in the near future. WWE even mentioned Ricochet's rich history with PWG and also New Japan.

It's an accomplishment in New Japan that makes Ricochet a real one to watch in WWE. The high flier is one of only two Americans to win the promotion's Best of the Super Juniors tournament. The other one was none other than Eddie Guerrero. WWE.com also mentioned that Ricochet weighs just 188 pounds, so there is a chance he ends up on 205 Live.


It feels like there are almost countless signings made by NXT nowadays so it takes a really special one to stand out. This is one of those special signings. Whenever you hear about a match going viral because of some incredible spots being performed in it outside of WWE then chances are Ricochet was involved in that match in some way. Those who know of him likely can't wait to see him in a WWE ring and those who don't know him will undoubtedly be wowed by his incredible in-ring ability.

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