10 Important Changes WWE Must Make When SmackDown Live Launches On FOX

While there has been a lot of focus on AEW launching on TNT, the limelight has been taken away from the major change coming to SmackDown Live as WWE's blue brand joins FOX.

This is a huge change for SmackDown and was a deal that saw WWE earn millions of dollars, and therefore it is important that WWE puts a lot of focus and attention to the product in order to ensure that the show is as good as possible.

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FOX will be demanding the very best product and therefore it will not be a surprise to see WWE make several changes to the show as the company launches in the Fall, and within this article, we will list 10 things that WWE should change as the move to FOX begins.

10 Debut NXT Talent

While simply pulling up talent from NXT without any rhyme or reason can be a poor decision (just look at EC3), if WWE has a set plan, then moving someone from NXT to the main roster can be very impactful.

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Right now, there are several worthy names in NXT who could make a real splash on SmackDown Live, from Johnny Gargano to Shayna Baszler or Matt Riddle, and if WWE's creative can get a solid plan together, it could really be a major moment.

Having the first episode of SmackDown on FOX end with Undisputed Era running wild, or something similar would really get the wrestling world talking, which is exactly what WWE must do on FOX.

9 A New Commentary Team

While there isn't anything desperately wrong with the current SmackDown Live announcing booth, which compromises; Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Tom Phillips, it could be a wise move to freshen things up.

People often overlook the importance of commentators and the impact that they make, and changing it up every once in a while is never a bad idea, with WWE recently teasing Shawn Michaels as a possible new man to join the booth.

Daniel Cormier is another name who has been rumored to be interested in joining, but ideally, WWE should look to replace Graves, as he is already on Monday Night Raw, giving him a break, as well as the fans.

8 Involve 205 Live

When WWE first created 205 Live, they had the superstars integrated on Monday Night Raw, helping to showcase them to a wider audience, but the problem was they were still restricted with purple ropes, only wrestling each other.

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Cruiserweight wrestling is at its best when a smaller wrestler is put up against a giant, giving the fans someone to believe in and root for, and bringing 205 Live segments onto SmackDown in that way would be a fantastic change to the show.

FOX reportedly wants WWE to be more sports-based and it doesn't get any more competitive than the incredible matches that take place on 205 Live, so why not showcase the talent in at least one segment a week? Just look at how things have gone for Ali as a prime example of why this can work.

7 Bring Back Talking Smack

When WWE first brought the draft back, the company made several impressive changes that helped make the shows feel fresh and different, and one of the biggest alterations was adding Talking Smack after every episode of the blue brand.

The talk show felt incredibly fresh and different and was a real reason to tune into the WWE Network. It gave the wrestlers a platform to express themselves and many talents benefitted from the show.

WWE had to pull the plug due to 205 Live being shown live straight after SmackDown, but now that the show is moving to Friday nights, WWE has the chance to change the cruiserweight schedule, perhaps pre-taping it, allowing WWE to bring back the talk show that made so many fans care about SmackDown Live.

6 Stop Relying Upon Raw Superstars

The WWE Wildcard Rule was one of the dumbest things that the company has introduced in some time, completely diluting the entire brand split which helped make SmackDown Live so interesting originally.

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It is now often hard to distinguish exactly who is on each roster, and most of the time it seems to be that Monday Night Raw talents are getting used in major segments on a regular occurrence on SmackDown.

If WWE is able to really focus on the talent who are supposed to be on SmackDown, the company will be able to produce some real stars for the show, which will make more people want to tune in.

5 Bring Back The Land Of Opportunity

Back when the brand split and the draft first returned to WWE, it did so with the major tag line that it was going to be the 'land of opportunity,' and whilst that might just be a corny catchphrase, the fact is that it was true.

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WWE really gave opportunities to talents who hadn't been pushed much before with the likes of AJ Styles, The Miz, Jinder Mahal, and Breezeango real opportunities to showcase themselves.

WWE doing that again would be a great idea, with the company focusing on some new wrestlers who haven't been given a big push such as Buddy Murphy or Aleister Black, helping to create new stars for the future.

4 Have A New Stage Design

Whilst the most important aspect of SmackDown Live being successful on FOX is going to be down to the in-ring product and the quality of the storylines and wrestling, there is no doubt that other elements of the show help flesh it out and make it special.

One of the biggest elements of a show is the set design itself, which for several years now has been very plain and boring, with WWE opting to reply upon its LED screens rather than creating something unique.

Raw and SmackDown having the exact same stages might make set up easier, but it doesn't help separate the shows, and now they are going to be on different networks, this seems like the perfect time for WWE to give SmackDown a unique stage design.

3 Bring Back Tournaments

Tournaments are used in every sport, so why is it that WWE has totally abandoned the idea of having a tournament every now and then? They engage fans and help build talent and, just as FOX wants, they are very sports-centric.

NXT and NXT UK still use the tournament-style and they are always welcomed by fans giving some long-term booking rather than just cramming everything into one match on one show.

Perhaps it could be to create a new number one contender, or for entry into something like an Elimination Chamber, but having tournaments creates for unpredictable television that can captivate an audience.

2 Return Of The Draft

Whilst WWE has had 'separate' rosters recently, everything was blended together thanks to the Wildcard Rule that we discussed earlier, but rather than simply abolishing that rule, WWE could go all out and bring back the draft itself.

Instead of the boring Superstar Shake-Up, actually having a draft with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff really trying to compete in a ratings war, hoping to sign the best talents possible would be very interesting.

Deals could be made throughout the year, but ultimately it could be a draft week where major trades take place. It is a more realistic, sports-like idea, and it will help make the two shows feel different.

1 Bring Back Ronda Rousey

The former Raw Women's Champion hasn't been seen since losing her title at WrestleMania 35, but she does remain under contract with the company and has made it very clear she misses being in the ring on a weekly basis.

Whilst she did claim she was leaving WWE in order to start a family, that doesn't mean she is doing the straight away, which is why WWE could bring the former UFC star back into the fold for a possible SmackDown Live debut.

If WWE wants to show that they are being serious about SmackDown on FOX, then bringing in their biggest asset on a weekly basis to the blue brand would be a clear way of doing that.

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