WWE Drops Racist Jinder Mahal Promos

Jinder Mahal was not given the chance to make racist comments about Shinsuke Nakamura this week and almost sort of apologized.

At Hell In A Cell, Shinsuke Nakamura will get another chance at Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship. The King of Strong Style got his first ever title shot on the main roster against The Modern Day Maharajah at SummerSlam, but unfortunately, he came up short. In all fairness, as has always been the case since Jinder won the title, The Singh Brothers had a big hand in helping him retain in that match.

Since Nakamura defeated Randy Orton to earn himself a second shot at Hell In A Cell, Mahal and The Singh Brothers have been coming to the ring on SmackDown Live to mock the Japanese star on a weekly basis. The Trouble is that the promos being cut by Mahal have become increasingly more racist with each passing week. In fact, the comments made by him on last week's SmackDown Live earned him and WWE a lot of heat.


Yet again, this past Tuesday on the blue brand Mahal and his cronies came to the ring in order to mock the number one contender. Clearly, the backlash surrounding the racially charged insults Mahal had made the previous week were acknowledged, and the WWE Champion even sort of apologized. Mahal admitted he had crossed a line, and then returned to mocking Nakamura. Finally, the former NXT Champion came to the ring and got some revenge for the relentless barrage of insults aimed at him these past few weeks.

The casual racism route was an odd one to choose for WWE. One of Mahal's gripes with the WWE Universe since winning the WWE Championship has been that he believes the fans only dislike him because of his Indian heritage. That isn't the case of course, but to retaliate to that by mocking someone from Japan is just baffling. The fans reacted in the right way, and thankfully WWE actually took note.

Foreign heels and racially charged storylines may have had a place in WWE 30 years ago, but in 2017, there really is no excuse for them. Having a man poke fun at someone by using some very basic stereotypes and the way he speaks is literally the least amount of effort WWE could have possibly put into an angle that revolves around what is supposed to be their most prestigious championship. Good on the WWE Universe for reacting the way that they did and making it clear to WWE that it's not OK, and it's not what we want to see.

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