15 WWE Instagram Accounts Our Girlfriends Wouldn't Appreciate

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media we have today, and the women of the WWE are taking full advantage of what the app brings. Not only are they bringing you into their lives on a day to day basis, sharing details and photos with millions of phones, they are also giving us a shot of their more attractive side, posting photos that showcase their beauty outside the ring in some steamy outfits.

If you’re dating a jealous girlfriend, she might want you to block the WWE women’s division from your account. The mix of beauty and brawn, along with confident strong women may be a little too much for them to handle. With some of these women being former fitness models, and some having exposed it all in certain notorious magazines, there is plenty of reason for your girlfriend to feel insecure if she caught you taking a peek at what they are, or are not wearing in their photos.

Considering millions of people follow them, however, we’re sure a few mean looks and arguments have come a few guys' way when their girlfriends checked out who they follow on Instagram. So if you’re going to check out these beautiful ladies, we may suggest keeping your account on private if you don’t want your girlfriend finding out who you are looking at. It’s going to be hard to make up an excuse of why you’re looking at women in this kind of attire, so be careful when you check out this list of 15 gorgeous WWE women your girlfriend would prefer you blocked on Instagram.


15 Maryse

One half of WWE’s A-list couple, Maryse’s Instagram is just rows of pictures that are going to make your girlfriend jealous, even the ones where she is showing her latest baby bump. As The Miz would say, his gorgeous wife has over one million followers on Instagram and has made over 4,000 posts, proving the star of Total Divas and now Miz and Mrs on USA, is one of the WWE’s best talents in every sense of the word. Not to also mention that back in 2007, Maryse graced the cover of a calendar showing plenty more skin. And while Instagram isn’t going to show off any private areas, your girlfriend isn’t going to want you googling her name any time soon.

14 Mandy Rose


Every women’s faction apparently needs a blonde member, and Mandy Rose is that for Absolution. It’s also apparent that if you’re blonde in the WWE, you probably are one of the most fit. What more could you expect from a woman who was named the World Body Building Federation’s World Champion in 2014, as her Instagram is full of swimwear shots that show off her figure and muscular body. Rose finished second place in the 2015 Tough Enough competition, though is the only one of the top four still with the company today. Her 895,000 followers on Instagram are sure happy she stuck around, thought a former swimwear model isn’t necessarily someone your girlfriend wants to see popping up on your phone when you hit the Instagram app.

13 Liv Morgan

In my own lane and that’s my favorite road 👅

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Liv Morgan said she grew up being a tomboy, before she got into competitive cheerleading and modelling. And while the blonde haired member of The Riott Squad is one of the natural women in the WWE, she still has plenty to show to her 429,000 Instagram followers. Considering she is just 23 years old, Morgan hasn’t known any life outside the WWE, having signed with the company back in 2014. The 5-foot-3, 110lbs says on her Instagram that she wants to be like nothing that has ever existed before, but we’re sure your girlfriend would be perfectly happy if she didn’t exist at all, considering she is perfectly flexible in ring-wear, swimwear and form fitting shorts. She is definitely the beauty behind The Riott Squad.

12 Charlotte


The Queen of the WWE Charlotte Flair comes from wrestling royalty, and picked up the confidence she needs to own any photo she is in from her Hall of Fame father Ric Flair. The former university volleyball player is a five-time women’s champion, and at 5-foot-10, is one of the tallest women in the WWE, towering over most of the competition. Another mix of beauty of brawn, Charlotte posts mainly feature plenty of good friend Becky Lynch, her working out in tight clothing, or in her revealing ring gear. Whatever the case may be, there is only room for one queen in the WWE, and as the current Smackdown women’s champion, all eyes are on Charlotte. And with 2.4 million followers on Instagram, that is a pretty significant number of eyes taking in the queen.

11 Dana Brooke

The fitness model turned professional wrestler brings beauty and brawn to her Instagram feed, as the statistician for Titus World Wide adds a power to her photos not seen by many of the women in WWE. Dana Brooke might not be known for what she does in the ring, but she has started to take Titus World Wide to a new level, while on Instagram, recent Rockstar throwback photos and pictures of her flexing her muscular arms are getting plenty of likes, as Brooke shows, just because she is a blonde, doesn’t mean she has nothing in her head. Her double threat of beauty and power won’t make your girlfriend feel confident, considering Brooke is ticking two boxes, where most girls only hit one.

10 Peyton Royce


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The other half of the Iconic Duo with Billie Kay, Peyton Royce has been more successful in the ring, and just as successful on Instagram. Her 494,000 followers have plenty of options to see from the Australian beauty, who wears it all from silky lingerie, to swimsuits and even some costumes. She has one of the most toned bodies of any female in the WWE, with a chiseled stomach and six-pack abs, which she has no issue showing off. The best part, she is part of a duo, so you know Billie Kay isn’t too far away in pictures with Royce, so you’re getting a two for one deal. So at least if you’re going to get caught, you are making it worth your while.

9 Paige

Probably thinking about food.. 📸 @l2aquel

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Paige’s Instagram is perhaps a lot safer than other media you can find of the young English diva, who had some private videos released of her that she would probably want back, and that your girlfriend doesn’t want you to see. The self-proclaimed gypsy souled, two-time former Divas champion has definitely moved into a more provocative role since returning to the WWE last year with her faction, Absolution. She has no issue showing off the new look she wears to her 4.6 million followers on Instagram. Paige definitely isn’t shy, and is a wild hearted woman who will have to find a new role for herself after she was ruled out of wrestling with a neck injury, just when she was getting started again on RAW.


8 Alexa Bliss


There is nothing your girlfriend is going to like about all five-feet of fury that is Alexa Bliss. From her smile, perfect curves and one of the best physiques in the WWE, Little Miss Bliss has the look and the attitude to be exactly what she says she is, the goddess of the WWE. The former fitness model turned wrestler is a tiny package of gorgeousness, and has plenty of fun on her Instagram account with best friend Nia Jax, while also posting photos that show off why she truly is a goddess to look at. Be still your beating heart, or face the wrath of your significant other every time you log-on to Bliss’s Instagram account, which is followed by more than 2.2 million people.

7 Lana

The ravishing Russian Lana is simply that in many of her Instagram photos, and will be hard to hide if you find yourself looking at her feed with your girlfriend beside you. The former model knows how to play to the camera and can make walking down the street and sitting by the pool look like an A-list runway show. But we guess Lana would want to look her best every day, considering every day is Rusev Day, and her husband, WWE superstar Rusev, definitely would want to see her dressed to the nines for the special celebration. Of course, if you are one of her 2.7 million followers on Instagram, everyday is Lana day, and they are very good days indeed when she posts a new picture.

6 Carmella


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You can bank on Mrs. Money in the Bank’s Instagram feed to be one of the best in all of WWE, as if her new swimwear style ring gear needed to say any more about Carmella’s confidence in showing off her body. Her 1.3 million followers will see tight clothing hugging her body, as the Staten Island Princess is the perfect mix of beauty and class in front of the camera. Your girlfriend, however, probably isn’t going to be excited to hear that Carmella has ditched not one, but two boyfriends in the past few months, as on-screen Smackdown boyfriend James Ellsworth was left laying in the middle of the ring after a Carmella superkick, and she just recently broke it off with her real-life boyfriend and WWE superstar Big Cass.

5 Maria Kanellis

Halloween is tomorrow!! #halloween 👻💀🤖😈🎃

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The First Lady of Smackdown Live isn’t shy in front of a camera, and you only need to take a peak at her nearly 2,500 photos on Instagram to see that. Making her return to the WWE last year, Kanellis is a former Diva Search contestant who was hired on by WWE during their model phase, even going as far as to be one of the women who took it all off for Heff in 2008 as part of WWE’s annual partnership with the men’s magazine. Now a mom-to-be, Kanellis is still one of the most beautiful women in the WWE, and bound by the power of love to her husband, is a heartbreaker in the making should you get caught spending a little too much free time checking out her feed as one of her 494,000 followers.

4 Sasha Banks

Raw 4 now

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The Legit Boss is a legit presence on Instagram, with over three million followers and over 2,100 photos. Sasha Banks is a mixture of a powerful role model and gorgeous diva. Sasha’s purple hair definitely makes her a standout in the WWE women’s division, and her Instagram photos, much like her finisher, are making a statement. The Boss posts plenty of in-ring photos, which isn’t a bad thing considering how tiny it is on her small frame. She doesn’t need any enhancements, as she is a legit beauty in the ring and out. Bank’s best feature is her confidence, and no girlfriend would like their man looking at a woman who demands attention when she walks into a room, or shows up in his Instagram feed.

3 Billie Kay

One half of the Iconic Duo, NXT’s Billie Kay lives up to her name as the femme fatale of WWE with plenty of suggestive photos across her feed. The 28-year-old Australian has over 457,000 followers and has only made just over 400 posts, but her dark hair and eyes and tanned skin are sure to bring her a few more likes every day, and with it, a few dirty looks from your significant other if she catches you scrolling through her feed for very long. With a mix of wrestling, modelling and shots with friends, Billie Kay has plenty of photos that are going to get you in trouble, as her seductive looks are sure to make you take a second glance, and not at your girlfriend.

2 Zelina Vega

📸: @davidblazze 💄💇🏽‍♀️: @laymakeup392

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Zelina Vega has turned around the career of Andrade "Cien" Almas, leading him straight to the NXT Championship with a victory over Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover: War Games. But her Instagram account could turn around your relationship pretty fast as well, as the 27-year-old from Queens has eye-catching photos that are sure to create a few wars in your home if she catches you looking at them. The self-proclaimed ‘woman of many talents’, as she has listed on her Instagram isn’t lying, and could add relationship ender to that list of talents. Behind every great man is a great women, and Almas is benefiting more than anyone from Vega’s abilities while all mankind os benefitting from her Instagram account. Thank you Zelina!

1 Nikki Bella

With 6.8 million Instagram followers, Nikki Bella is the most followed woman on this list, and with her latest Birdie Bee clothing line, she is doing an amazing job showing off her body for her followers. The soon-to-be Mrs. John Cena is a double package with her twin sister Brie, but Nikki does more than enough on her own to gain the spotlight, and after some enhancements, isn’t exactly a twin anymore and sticks out a little more forward than her sister does. Nikki has always been very revealing with her ring gear and entrance, as she swings her hips around at the top of the ramp each time she comes down. Remember to keep your tongue in your mouth while watching her move around your perhaps soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.


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