WWE Stable Shares Name with Adult Website

The trio of Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch have been dubbed "The Submission Sorority" due to the three each having a submission move as their finisher, but the Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE will likely change the name. Why would they change such a cool sounding name? Well, it turns out there's an adult website that goes by that name as well. The group name may possibly be changed to The Submission Sisters instead.

The name is used by BangBros, for a series called HazeHer and typing in Submission Sorority easily leads to the content. Social media was lighting up after Raw, with some finding the coincidence hilarious while others were outraged that kids could stumble upon the content.

The website sure is happy about it though. BangBros traffic analyst Delilah Mcginnis said the site was a 56% rise in traffic, and a 35% rise in subscriptions. The company is planning to send Vince McMahon a big 'thank you' gift basket for the free publicity.

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WWE Stable Shares Name with Adult Website