WWE Star Has No Desire To Go NXT Despite Some Making Jump

Despite desire by fans to see Cesaro succeed, many of whom think he can do so in NXT, he has no interest in leaving Raw or SmackDown.

One of the most underutilized roster members of the Raw and SmackDown brands, Cesaro may be the most talented of anyone currently employed by WWE. Frankly, he's incapable of having a bad match. So, if he's not going to be anything more than an enhancement talent on Raw or SmackDown, why not jump to NXT where that brand now has its own television show on USA Network? It's also a brand known to have some of the best wrestling action of all three shows and other former Raw and SmackDown stars, like Finn Balor, have recently appeared.

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While a guest on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Cesaro says that's not something he's interested in doing.

A very upbeat performer despite not getting what many believe is a fair shake in WWE, Cesaro told Graves when asked the question, he is only worried about what he can control. His job is to create and be part of the best matches bell-to-bell in WWE on whatever brand he's employed. Personally, he wants to succeed on Raw or SmackDown where he knows he's got all the tools, but WWE hasn't yet recognized him beyond that of a tag team champion.

Cesaro Wants To Change Raw and SmackDown

"I want to succeed on Raw and SmackDown. Would I succeed in NXT? Yes," Cesaro explained. He added that he thinks he's pretty good at everything, even if people hate the way he talks, but he's more prone to delivering the best bell-to-bell action on a show that is known for having 15-minute diatribes. To him, the best action is the action that happens when people wrestle.

Saying if people wanted to watch a guy just talk and not wrestle, they should go see a stand-up comedian.

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