UPDATE: Titus O'Neil's Suspension Is Reduced

Well, this story is never ending it appears. Below is the original story, where it seemed the WWE suspended Titus O'Neil for 90 days. Well, according to The New York Post, it's now down to 60 days. The company also stated that O'Neil "acknowledged the gravity of his mistake."

Original Story:

Well, this is pretty damn strange. As you can see in the video above, Titus O'Neil grabbed Vince McMahon's arm at the end of the celebration for Daniel Bryan, in what appeared to be a playful way. It appears that this didn't go over well with the boss and, according to, he was sent home yesterday's taping of SmackDown and handed a suspension "for upwards of 90 days." After being grabbed, Vince looks visibly frustrated and shoves O'Neil, which makes the moment seem a little more intense than it actually was.

Footage of Daniel Bryan's goodbye was removed from the WWE Network, as well as YouTube, for a short period of time and the altercation was edited out.

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UPDATE: Titus O'Neil's Suspension Is Reduced