WWE Announces Starrcade, More WCW Pay-Per-Views May Be On The Way

It used to be that the WWE would throw one pay-per-view per month with the four big shows (SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania) taking center stage and highlighting the best of the best. Those days are long gone.

Today, there are many WWE fans who believe the WWE hosts too many pay-per-views. With two brands and over a dozen hours of television programming, there are now pay-per-views every few weeks, and some run a couple weeks apart from each other. This doesn't even factor in NXT that holds their own brand of pay-per-views called NXT: TakeoverView rates for some of the WWE's lesser-known pay-per-views are not great and as a result, the WWE may have a plan for solving that problem.

WWE just announced they will be bringing back WCW's biggest show of the year, Starrcade, and there might be more on the way.

According to WrestlezoneVince McMahon and company think that using the names of old WCW pay-per-views might help draw attention to a card that might otherwise be ignored. Like bringing in a Goldberg or Sting, the WWE is going to go full board nostalgia and with shows like Starcade, Halloween Havoc, The Great American Bash, there are plenty of good brand name ideas to select from.


According to the report, the WWE wants more buzz for their events.

"The decision to use old WCW labels is expected to occur for upcoming live events and specials sooner than later. Moreover, it could even be used to add more buzz to Raw and SmackDown shows. For a number of years, there has been a discussion of bringing back the War Games match to be aired on WWE television."

This isn't the first time WWE has tried this approach. Having used Great American Bash as a platform to try this technique, the WWE ran this brand of pay-per-view from 2004-2008. It was eventually renamed The Bash in 2009. It made a return as a SmackDown event in 2012.

The WWE Universe should be excited by the idea that they'll get to see pay-per-views that gave fans some of wrestling's most memorable moments. The fact is, the WWE Network has kept these shows in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere, so it will be good to see them return.

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