10 WWE Stars Who Are Back On The Market (And 10 Lesser Known Wrestlers Who Are Taken)

Oh how the times have changed. Back in the 90s, our only source of gossip was through a darn hotline or pro wrestling magazines. The WWE would wisely stir up fake news, linking some of the wrestlers to relationships. Who can forget Rey Mysterio being linked to Friends mega star Jennifer Aniston? Man was that ever weird. Little did anyone realize back then, Rey had been married since the mid-90s.

These days, the landscape is entirely different. We have loads of online sources, not to mention social media and reality shows like Total Divas. Because of these platforms, we have a better understanding of the personal lives of certain performers. These platforms let us know who is in a relationship and who, might have just ended one. We look at both sides of the coin in this article featuring the likes of Sonya Deville, Becky Lynch and heck, even Braun Strowman.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. These are ten WWE stars that were recently put back on the so called “market”, along with 10 that might have just entered a relationship or have been involved in a lesser known one. We begin with a recent breakup that was revealed due to bizarre social media activity. We’re looking at you Becky! Let’s get started.

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20 Single – Becky Lynch (Luke Sanders)

via WWE.com

In this day and age, with social media documenting the every move of pro wrestlers, only a select few choose to keep kayfabe alive. However, for the most part, various WWE stars are like an open book out of the ring. Becky Lynch and her relationship to Luke Sanders was a prime example of that.

It was common knowledge that the two were dating, however, Instagram speaks volumes and with Lynch deleting all of her couple photos, it is obvious that she is now newly single.

Who knows what the future holds for Lynch in terms of relationships. For now, she’ll enjoy the single life alongside Four Horsewomen stablemate, Charlotte.

19 Taken - Paige (Kalan Blehm)

You would think Paige would have avoided all men following her split from Alberto Del Rio. The relationship was extremely toxic and many thought she’d take a break from the dating pool as she tried to revive her WWE career.

However, in a crazy turn of events, she is now the SmackDown Live GM. And oh, just three months after the breakup to Del Rio, it was announced that Paige was once again taken. In mid-February, Kalan Blehm was deemed as the new boyfriend. He’s a musician and bassist for ATTILA. Paige seems happy with her new man and that’s all that counts.

18 Single - Braun Strowman (Kamilla Kaine)

via twitter.com

Yes, Braun Strowman finding love seems truly odd, however, it is believed that he dated a former NXT recruit (she got a couple of tryouts), Kamilla Kaine. Give a quick scroll down her IG account and you’ll be baffled as to how Strowman let this beauty go.

She stopped making mentions about Braun and soon after, the gossip mill made the claim that the two had split.

Braun remains a single dude these days, though most fans wish he would start to date another WWE star, we’re looking you Alexa! Buddy Murphy is likely thinking otherwise. Murphy versus Strowman in a, “Alexa on a pole match?”

17 Taken - Sonya Deville (Zahra Schreiber)

R we going to a rock show 🤘 or a Baseball game ... 🤔 #AllblackEverything

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This one is particularly shocking due to the fact that it involves Seth Rollins’ ex-girlfriend, Zahra Schreiber. Since the split with Seth, we have seen her buddy up with various WWE stars. She was close to Paige for a time following her split with Del Rio.

She seems to be real close with Sonya Deville these days.

However, fans have made the claim that it is more than just a friendship. The two have lots of photos together recently. It seems as though they’re spending most of their off days together. All signs point to the fact that they might be one of the newest couples in WWE.

16 Single – Ricochet (Tessa Blanchard)

These two were among the most popular couples in the wrestling business. However, just a month ago they decided to call it quits. Several sources claim that they shared an on again off again type of relationship. However, with Tessa opting for a deal with Impact in Canada while Ricochet has made his home in Orlando, that was likely a big reason as to why things just didn’t work out between these two.

They’ll eventually cross paths again. Tessa is sure to join NXT one day, she even admitted that both sides have kept in touch. It’ll make for an awkward encounter that’s for sure.

15 Taken – Alicia Fox

Queens with boo love

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Although we haven’t seen Fox on WWE television for quite some time, at the very least, her love life seems to be going extremely well. As we saw on Total Divas, that part of her life wasn’t the easiest with a couple of failed relationships; one of them being with Wade Barrett and the other, with some dude that lied about his age. Thank you Total Divas for making us know such things...

In all seriousness, she seems really happy with this man. Fox even put up a post that he might be the one. We’re happy for her and we hope to see her back in a WWE ring at some point.

14 Single - Zelina Vega (Austin Aries)

via twitter.com

It was a major question mark fans wanted some clarity on. With Aries released by the WWE and Vega gaining success, were the couple still an item? Both, hadn’t posted anything together leading to speculation that a breakup had occurred. Thanks to Aries and this recent tweet, we finally got some clarity on the matter:

“Congrats to my ex-girlfriend @Zelina_VegaWWE on her #SmackDownLive debut. I know firsthand all the time, effort, and sacrifice that went into making this special dream a reality.”

Major props to Aries for the tweet – both continue to enjoy success these days. Austin’s thriving with Impact and on the indie scene while Vega continues to elevate Almas, this time with SmackDown Live.

13 Taken - Ruby Riott (Jake Wayne Homes)

Age 27, Ruby seems brand new to WWE fans. However, she’s been on the indie circuit since 2010 and the experience is finally starting to pay off in a big way. According to recent rumors, she is set to get elevated into the championship picture in the upcoming months.

A rarity in the business, Riott has kept quiet when it comes to her personal life. This led many to believe that she was single. However, she just couldn’t help herself with a recent Instagram post. She wrote:

“I don’t normally post much about my personal life on Instagram, but with a hunk like this as my wedding date, how could I resist?”

Not too shocking, the dude with Riott is also a wrestler and graduate from the ROH dojo.

12 Single – Liv Morgan (Tyler Bate)


A post shared by L I V Morgan 👅 (@yaonlylivvonce) on

On a couple of occasions, Liv Morgan has gone out of her way to announce that she’s currently single. Of course, she made a controversial tweet following her split with Enzo. In the recent months, it was rumored that Bate and Morgan were an item, however, Morgan clarified that wasn’t the case.

During WrestleMania weekend, Morgan made the announcement during an Instagram Live video. She in fact declared to be single these days. As for Tyler, he’s been hush throughout this process, perhaps it was just a fling between the two or dare we say, a rebound situation for Liv?

11 Taken – Billie Kay

via heartbreakers.me

It used to be lesser known that Peyton Royce, Billie’s partner was taken and in a relationship with Tye Dillinger. Interestingly enough, many assumed that Kay was single, however, after doing some digging, we have established that this isn’t the case.

According to lots of wrestling mills, she isn’t with anyone. However, her wedding photos say otherwise. Yes, Kay is one of the lesser known married wrestlers and we give her a standing ovation for keeping this a secret. Take a scroll down her IG page and there is no mention of her personal relationship. You would think she was dating Royce instead.

10 Single - Nia Jax (Josh Woods)

It was rumored that Nia Jax was seeing a former NXT wrestler, Josh Woods. However, Total Divas made it clear that the Women’s Champion is in fact single these days and apparently, ready to mingle. Nia took part in a hilarious episode of the show that saw her give speed dating a try. Sadly, she wasn’t a fan of the experience and really didn’t connect with anyone.

She likely isn’t losing too much sleep about it. Nia’s currently enjoying a push of a lifetime as the Women’s Champion. She’s also an important brand ambassador as Stephanie loves to showcase her beautiful look at public settings with advertisers.

9 Taken - Mandy Rose (Tino Sabbatelli)

via wrestlingforum.com

Mandy was actually engaged at one point. She discussed the past relationship during the Lilian Garcia podcast and was clearly still emotional about the entire ordeal. She even admitted to being with someone else these days. Though little did anyone know it was someone from NXT.

At the Hall of Fame, Mandy unveiled Tino Sabbatelli as her new boyfriend. What a lucky son of a gun!

It remains to be seen if they’ll ever be on the same brand. The former NFL star had a tough time making the transition from football to sports entertainment. He has the look but that might not be enough in the eyes of Triple H and Matt Bloom.

8 Single – Dana Brooke

Life can be cruel at times. Dana Brooke knows all about that. Last year at this time, she was dating bodybuilder Dallas McCarver. In a tragic situation, he suddenly passed away last summer. Brooke has been heartbroken since and it seems like she’s giving the dating life a pause for the time being.

To her credit, although she isn’t getting booked regularly, she’s still taking part in various charitable causes outside of the ring.

Say what you will about her in-ring talent but she’s a kind soul outside of the ring and we’ve gotten glimpses of that at various points.

7 Taken - Bobby Roode (Tracy Roode)

Throughout this article, we have featured WWE stars that are newly taken. However, this one is kind of unique and different. We know very little when it comes to Bobby’s personal life and that’s especially shocking due to the fact that he’s in his 40s and that he’s been married to the same woman since 1995. Only recently, he finally put up a photo of his stunning wife. It might be the last photo he puts due to the comment section littered with people linking Bobby to Charlotte. Yes, WWE fans are a special bunch. It’s still real to them!

Along with his wife of over two decades, Roode is also a proud father of three children out of the ring.

6 Single - Luke Gallows (Amber O’Neal)

via WWE.com

A bizarre situation to say the least - back in his New Japan days, Gallows entered a relationship with Amber O’Neal. The couple was even engaged at a time. However, perhaps the distance between the two got to O’Neal.

She started a Twitter fight with Dana Brooke following a segment between herself and The Club.

Shortly after, Anderson admitted that his fellow good brother is in fact single. That seems to be the case, especially evidenced by his IG account. Out of the ring, he’s enjoying time in the gym with his fellow good brothers along with playing the role of uncle Gallows to Anderson’s three children.

5 Taken - Sarah Logan (Raymond Rowe)

A long terms relationship doesn’t always signify the end. Just ask Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe. Despite Sarah joining NXT and Rowe, working the bulk of his indie shows overseas, the two still managed to make things work. Things are a lot easier these days with Rowe joining the WWE. He’s one half of the popular tag team, War Raiders. Without a doubt, he’ll be joining Sarah real soon.

Just prior to his NXT deal, Rowe proposed to Sarah and two have been engaged since the fall of 2017. Who knows, maybe Sarah might join the War Raiders at some point down the road.

4 Single - Carmella (Big Cass)

via Twitter.com

You likely knew about this one as it was one of the more trending splits given the fact it featured two prominent WWE stars. Carmella opened up about the breakup during the Lilian Garcia podcast. She discussed that different schedules didn’t help things at all. Ironically, the two are now on the same brand. Yup, life is funny at times. Though in truth, it was also revealed that they had different views on the future with Cass opposing marriage. John Cena is smiling somewhere... Or at least he was. Make up your mind John!

Carmella continues to thrive since the breakup as the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. Cass isn’t doing so great, as he was just released by WWE. And you can't teach that...

3 Taken - Adam Cole (Britt Baker)

I miss and love this one ♥️ @realbrittbaker

A post shared by adamcolepro (@adamcolepro) on

What separated Adam Cole from the rest during his time on the indies was his professionalism. The guy wore a suit to every show and he was the utmost pro among his peers. He was made for the WWE and he’s living out that dream these days with NXT.

His personal life isn’t too shabby either. Cole hasn’t shied away from posting about his life partner, Britt Baker. He mentioned her most recently discussing how proud he was of her getting certified as a dentist. And oh, as if that wasn’t impressive enough she also actively wrestles and is set to take part in the All In event.

2 Single - Big E (Jennifer Niedhart)

via youtube.com

No, Big E isn’t dating former WWE Diva Celeste Bonin, instead, the two are long-time friends. It appears as though the 32 year old is still single these days. We caught a glimpse of his personal love life during Total Divas. Who can forget the hilarious cameos featuring Big E making moves on Nattie’s sister, Jenny. The two seemed to hit it off, especially in the hot tub, however, it just wasn’t meant to be as nothing followed. Perhaps it was just Total Divas trying to make the show a little more interesting.

We hope Big E finds love in something other than pancakes...

1 Taken – Aleister Black (Isla Dawn)

Again, you can thank social media for this one. Months ago, NXT up-and-comer Isla Dawn tweeted a post referring to her boyfriend watching a program without her. She then directed the tweet at the current NXT Champion. Given Black’s social media account, this was a lesser know relationship as he never made any mention prior.

The couple remain an item these days with Dawn recently posting a photo of Black to her IG account.

Sorry ladies, but it seems like Black is taken these days. Kudos to him for keeping kayfabe alive and separating his private life away from the crazy world of social media.

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