12 WWE Stars That Need A Character Change (And What That Gimmick Should Be)

With Women’s Evolution, Crown Jewel and Survivor Series all looming near, it is a busy time for the WWE. However, the same can’t be said for all the talent. In fact, some of the most popular names within the company are without a storyline these days. Take Bayley and Sasha for example, the two stars aren’t doing anything of note for the upcoming women’s PPV. How about Finn Balor; the guy wasn’t featured on the Australia Super Show and instead, and he’s messing around with Jinder Mahal in meaningless matches week after week. He might be feuding with Lashley pretty soon, though we all know how that’s going to end.

Bayley, Sasha and Finn are just some of the example of performers that are clearly lost at the moment. The beauty of pro wrestling, a simple character change can shift everything around. Just ask Becky Lynch who went from a performer relegated to pre-show duty to becoming the face of SmackDown Live, both male and female. These 12 WWE stars are hoping for a similar result given their current lackluster pushes.

Enjoy the article as we take a look at performers like Asuka and Bobby Roode, wrestlers that had so much success with NXT but haven’t been able to replicate the same on the main roster. We’ll give out some suggestions on how to turn such wrestlers into upper card names once again. Without further ado, here are 12 WWE stars that need a character change and what the gimmick should be. Let’s get started!

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24 Randy Orton

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Unlike the others on the list, Orton isn’t in desperate need of a gimmick change. His current character is just fine reverting back to his old ways as a brutal and ruthless heel just looking to inflict as much damage as possible against his opponents and rivals. We saw a clear example of that during his feud with Jeff Hardy.

In truth, the gimmick is pretty great. However, it is one that we have seen before in the past. Nearing his 40s, it is all about longevity for The Viper. Why not change things up and give him something entirely fresh for a certain period of time?

23 Taking Away People's Dreams

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This name might sound a little familiar. Back in his prime, Orton was receiving the push of a lifetime while defeating legend after legend on a weekly basis. He was known as the Legend Killer back in his younger days – a gimmick that succeeded.

These days, it wouldn’t be wise to continue on with the gimmick considering he’s a legend himself and one of the oldest wrestlers on the roster. So instead, why not turn Randy into a dream killer by defeating and beating up on young talent week in and week out. His opponents can be wrestlers outside of the main roster. On a weekly basis, Orton can ruin their dreams by defeating them. In the event that a rookie does beat Orton, they can earn themselves a WWE contract.

22 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor really isn’t doing anything these days. He didn’t have a match for the Super Show-Down event and he’s constantly booked against Jinder Mahal in the recent weeks. It looks like he’s about to embark on an actual feud, finally. However given that the opponent is Bobby Lashley, it’ll be another marquee matchup loss for The Demon.

The smiling, happy Finn, is great and all, however now might be the time to finally turn the WWE Superstar heel. For those that watched his villainous work outside of the company, you’re likely well aware that it was a step above to his current gimmick.

21 Heel Leader Of Invasion Faction

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A heel turn can take place in lots of ways. However given his size, Balor needs an army to support such a decision. This can unfold in two ways. One, Balor can join McIntyre and Ziggler. WWE can run a storyline of Finn masking himself and beating on Strowman alongside his new stablemates. Revealing his identity would be a twist no one would see coming.

Another surprising twist would see Balor inject the WWE with a lethal poison; we’re talking about the Bullet Club. With Tama Tonga teasing the debut, Balor can be the one to introduce the faction while also introducing a new, heel gimmick.

20 Asuka

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It was unthinkable during their NXT runs to associate either Nakamura or Asuka as main roster failures. Nakamura started off on that path after a lackluster angle with Jinder Mahal. Thankfully, a heel gimmick change salvaged the performer. Now, it is Asuka’s turn to endure such a turn.

According to the word backstage, her recent absence from television has to do with her limited English. Once Vince finally overcomes this ludicrous reason, it is time to change Asuka into something different. What’s best is for the fans to forget her current babyface persona that lost to the like of the Iconic Duo and Carmella.

19 Arrogant NXT Heel Character

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The obvious solution here would be to turn Asuka heel. Without a doubt, she’ll still get cheers but it’ll be a step in the right direction. What fans tend to forget is that Asuka was basically a heel prior to her NXT departure. She began to act arrogantly while looking down on her opponents. She played the role perfectly and that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Such a turn can take place while she’s aligning with Naomi. The two have worked together as a duo in the past. It can be the perfect way for Asuka to turn and it can give SD Live another marquee feud in the women’s division.

18 Rey Mysterio

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Mysterio himself admitted that the time away from the WWE was for the best. It helped to refresh his character – just prior to his departure Mysterio began to receive some jeers given his repeatable character, some fans were growing just a little tired.

That feeling has subsided given his absence in the recent years. However, how long before the act starts to sour with the fans again? Mysterio is one of the few wrestlers to never turn heel with the WWE. Just imagine the reaction such a turn would get from the WWE fans?

17 LWO Stable Leader

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WWE has been trying to make a splash in Mexico since Rey’s departure. With Rey back in the WWE, the company can revisit that scenario by launching this group, the LWO. It can turn Mysterio into a villain while making him the leader of the faction. Rey is more than open to this idea; he posted a photo of the potential group claiming he would love to see it via his Instagram account:

“Who ever made this, I think is a pretty Legit #LWO for this era!”

Those included in the fan LWO pic Rey posted were himself, Lince Dorado, Sin Cara, Gran Metalik, Andrade Almas, Zelina Vega, Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio.

16 Big Show

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At this point WWE has to be ribbing us. Big Show has gone from heel to face overnight one too many times during his lengthy WWE run. Most fans assumed his matchup against Randy was a one-time ordeal, however Show recently returned to SmackDown, aiding The Bar.

The trio now holds the Tag Team Titles. Surely, this is going to setup a lengthy feud with the New Day. In truth, that really isn’t all that bad. However what some might say isn’t the greatest is more Big Show inside of the ring at the age of 46.

15 Manager Agency

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Big Show back on TV isn’t the worst idea. However, in order to change things up, why not keep him as a manager? Show can elevate numerous stars over on SD Live. Starting with The Bar, Big Show can gloat about the role he played in allowing the team to reclaim the Tag Titles.

This can launch the Big Show into opening up his own managerial business and agency. Wrestlers that are struggling would ask the Big Show for help. They give him a certain money fee in kayfabe and he then accompanies the wrestler to the ring. It can aid struggling stars while keeping Big Show relevant in a different way, outside of in-ring competition.

14 Alexa Bliss

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Since her main roster debut, Alexa Bliss has stayed heel. There’s a reason, the former WWE Women’s Champion has played the role to perfection. You can argue her villainous promo work is among the top in the entire company.

That steam might start to come off. Prior to her feud with Trish and Lita the wheels were starting to fall off just a little bit following her SummerSlam defeat to Ronda Rousey. Once the dust settles in this feud with Trish and Lita, she’ll be back in the same spot in desperate need of something new.

13 Babyface Turn

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This would be a drastic turn, especially given the fact that she hasn’t been a babyface throughout her WWE run except for a minor face run during her debut with NXT. This potential turn can open the door for an entirely different Bliss. The storyline to facilitate this turn can see her long-time partner Mickie James finally turn on her.

The veteran can play the role of the heel while Bliss finally becomes a face. It can be a great passing of the torch moment while the fans finally get on Alexa’s side. If the WWE were to launch this storyline, why not start the bad blood between the two at the Evolution event?

12 Sasha Banks

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Speaking of heel and babyface gimmick changes, we now land on Sasha Banks. The Boss recently returned to television. Some fans though she could have returned with a heel turn however once again the company seems reluctant in doing so.

She was kind of a heel during her main roster debut aligning with Naomi and Tamina. However, aside from that we really haven’t seen much of a heel demeanor. That has sunk Sasha in the recent months and arguably year. We’ve seen what babyface Sasha brings to the table and it is nothing compared to her NXT glory days as a big time villain.

11 NXT “Boss” Character

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The main roster “boss” and NXT “boss” are two entirely different characters. In NXT, The Boss did what she wanted when she wanted without caring about anyone’s opinion.

This propelled Banks into one of the top heels in the history of NXT and it also setup a mouth-watering feud with Bayley. It was the ultimate babyface versus the ultimate heel scenario. Who can forget Banks taking things to next level and making NXT fan Izzy actual shed some tears! Now that’s a great heel and one we need to see on the main roster sooner rather than later.

10 Bobby Roode

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Speaking of NXT success, we now turn our attention to the Glorious one Bobby Roode. The wrestler that once defeated Nakamura for the NXT Championship in the main event slot is now relegated to tag team duty alongside Chad Gable. It just all seems so wrong.

WWE made the mistake from the very beginning having him interrupt Aiden English. This made it clear that WWE wanted Roode as a fan favorite and not a heel. The path has completely sunk Roode into a forgettable mid-card act these days.

9 Heel NXT Version

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The heel turn is so obvious and we hope it is one that the WWE is already plotting. Eyes rolled at the partnership between Roode and Gable. However, fans also hoped that it would be a way to finally turn Roode. This is still the hope as the team seems to be going nowhere. They might be feuding with the Authors of Pain and we all know how that’s going to end up....

Roode should walk out on his partner during a match against AOP. This can be the perfect way to reintroduce his arrogant NXT heel character. After defeating Chad Gable, it can open the door for lots of new rivals given the limited amount of heels over on Raw these days.

8 Sami Zayn

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Yes, Sami Zayn is currently on the injured list. Props to both Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch for recently visiting their injured buddy.

Now Sami didn’t leave for surgery under the worst of circumstances. McMahon decided to turn Zayn heel and surprisingly, it worked. We say surprisingly because imagining Zayn as a heel during his NXT days was unthinkable. He was a babyface with the brand and one of the most enjoyable acts. In the history of NXT, there isn’t a more natural babyface than Zayn back in his time with the developmental brand. It might be time to restore that identity once he returns.

7 Underdog Of The Underground

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This particular character change would have to start back at his old stomping grounds, NXT. It can be a great way for WWE to reintroduce injured wrestlers easing them back into the rotation down in NXT. Zayn can return to a massive ovation while restoring his “underdog from the underground” gimmick. Match him up against a heel needing the boost and it can be a win-win for both of the parties involved.

With that momentum, Zayn can return to the main roster strong than ever. WWE can finally slot the talent properly as a beloved babyface in championship matches (he has yet to win a main roster title). If done correctly, this can be a similar story to Daniel Bryan’s rise to championship during WrestleMania XXX.

6 Kevin Owens

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Speaking of injured wrestlers, we won’t be seeing Kevin Owens at least for the rest of 2018. KO had numerous injuries and he’s now off WWE television for the time-being. A tough loss, considering he’s one of the few natural heels.

It wasn’t the worst time to pick up an injury. In truth, Kevin wasn’t doing all that much on the Raw show aside from putting others over. His most recent work led to loses against both Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. Clearly, that Universal Championship push is long gone.

5 Babyface Turn

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WWE needs to take a different road with KO once he returns, at least to finally freshen things up. Given his skills on the microphone, KO can become a fan favorite pretty quickly.

The best way to launch this new gimmick would be having him return while helping a babyface character. Now just imagine the pop he would receive if he returns to help Sami Zayn from a beatdown? Who knows who will return first, however is Sami does, this can be the perfect scenario and one that can make these two heels into major babyfaces.

4 Dean Ambrose

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It is great to have Dean Ambrose back where he belongs inside of a WWE ring. However, the return should have come with a heel turn. Ambrose looks entirely different these days which could have added to specialness of the turn. Instead, WWE decided to keep him as a babyface and that hasn’t changed.

He has teased leaving The Shield in the recent weeks; however WWE remains consistent on booking the wrestler as a babyface. At this point, a heel turn is long overdue and one Dean desperately needs.

3 Heel Brian Pillman Gimmick

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According to the rumors, WWE planned on turning Dean Ambrose last year prior to injury. The scenario would have shown Ambrose turning on Rollins. We hope this is still the case and a scenario that unfolds in the near future. It would be the easiest way for Dean to pickup instant heat.

The turn can solidify Ambrose as one of the top heels in the entire company. Dean loves to play the role of a lunatic so why not give him something similar to Brian Pillman like back in his Attitude Era run? This can make Dean a must-watch heel given the unpredictability and unsteadiness of the gimmick.

2 Gran Metalik

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For some fans, this might be a random name added to the list given that he’s currently forgotten about over on the 205 Live roster. However, for those out there that saw his performances during the Cruiserweight Classic, you’re likely well aware the WWE is just squandering his talent and potential at the moment.

He’s currently a member of the Lucha House Party alongside Kalisto and Lince Dorado. Metalik’s going nowhere with the gimmick and he isn’t close to being the same performer he once was. WWE needs to revert this performer back to his glory days and the best way to give him that push is with a surprising character turn.

1 Darker Persona

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It doesn’t have to be a heel turn. Let’s just add some seriousness to his character instead of having him come out with those noise makers week after week. Have him leave Lucha House party while putting on new gear, perhaps similar to Pentagon Jr. In fact, Metalik already used some great black attire in the past both in and out of the WWE. Have him use that attire permanently while turning his in-ring performances up a notch.

Let’s see Metalik a lot stiffer in the ring while he picks up a victory week after week. And why not give him a bit of an eerie side similar to Sting’s crow days with WCW, that can add to the seriousness of gimmick (we’re not suggesting he watches matches from the rafters with a crow, just the same eeriness).

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