10 WWE Stars Who Should Join The Tag Team Division (& Who They Should Partner With)

Right now WWE has an absolutely loaded roster, with four shows that are jam-packed with talent, as well as countless wrestlers sat in the Performance Center waiting for an opportunity to get a chance to prove themselves.

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Despite having that many wrestlers, the WWE tag team division is possibly at the weakest point it has ever been at, which is something that WWE could easily address by teaming up certain talents on the roster to make a team.

Random pairings have worked in the past, with The Bar being a great recent example, and following on from WWE's decision to put Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode together, in this article, we are going to list 10 WWE Superstars who would benefit from being in a tag team, and who they should partner with.

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10 Cedric Alexander & The Miz

This might seem like the strangest possible pairing imaginable, but when you take Cedric Alexander and The Miz's biggest strengths and weaknesses and combine them together, they really do balance each other perfectly.

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Alexander is on the rise in WWE right now, while The Miz has been sitting on the sidelines for a while, and a run in the tag team division could help revitalize him, with some passionate promos and big tag matches to sink his teeth into.

With Miz being able to do the majority of the talking and Alexander doing the big portion of wrestling, they just seem like a perfect odd-couple that could work in WWE, with a Miz heel turn and singles feud to finish it.

9 Samoa Joe & Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe deserves a far more serious push than he has been granted during his main roster run with WWE, and while teaming with Roman Reigns might seem very random, the two men would be perfect together.

As two huge powerhouses that are big enough names to be taken seriously as main event talent, it is easy to see why they could become a major tag team, with the two Samoan's being the ideal talents to help grow the division.

While people might think they would be wasted in the tag team division, the fact is that there are enough singles wrestlers to cover the title scene while they go and excel elsewhere for a little while, bringing more eyeballs to the tag team product.

8 Naomi & Ember Moon

The seemingly random pairing between Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss may have caught people off-guard at first, but it has worked wonders for both women and they have helped breathe some new life into the Women's Tag Team division.

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Now that WWE has finally got some interesting champions it is crucial that they don't let up and continue to develop the division by creating more engaging teams and a partnership between Naomi and Ember Moon could be just that.

Neither woman has been heavily featured recently despite the fact that they are two of the most athletically gifted women on the roster, so a run in the tag division might be just what they need.

7 Apollo Crews & Shelton Benjamin

This is a perfect example of two wrestlers who are extremely gifted inside the ring but just do not have any direction or purpose right now and would certainly benefit from being brought together for a run as a tag team.

Apollo Crews would benefit massively from working alongside an experienced wrestler such as Shelton Benjamin and this would also give Benjamin some real purpose after spending most of his WWE return doing very little.

Let them try to win the crowd over with their unbelievable athleticism and they will easily leave crowds stunned, putting on brilliant matches with the likes of The Revival and The Usos that would have the world talking.

6 Ali & Ricochet

Both Ali and Ricochet are doing some fantastic work right now as singles wrestlers, but that doesn't mean that having them in a tag team wouldn't be a whole lot of fun right now, as the high flying duo could really do some magical things in the ring together.

Sure, both men could be a solid upper mid-card talent and they certainly have the potential to climb the ladder of success within the company, putting them together for a run as a team would be perfect as they are two beloved babyfaces.

As WWE's resident superhero-like characters, they would certainly work well as an underdog duo chasing the titles and would put some focus back onto the division with their popularity, which could help even more people.

5 Lars Sullivan & Luke Harper

Right now both Lars Sullivan and Luke Harper are not being used by WWE, with Sullivan currently rehabbing an injury and Harper simply just sitting on the sidelines since returning from his own personal injury.

When The Freak is ready to make his return to action, putting him in a tag team might be the best way to do that, and someone with vast experience like Harper might be the right man to do that with.

A monster tag team can be incredibly effective and finding a way to get someone as talented as Harper back onto the roster is something that should be a priority for the company.

4 Aleister Black & Broken Matt Hardy

The way WWE is utilizing Aleister Black right now is very strange, having him appear randomly for matches, while WWE simply isn't using Matt Hardy at all which is a ridiculous decision considering how much he still has to offer the industry.

With both men having darker gimmicks there is no reason that they couldn't work together in a tag-team, with Black being able to develop and learn from the experience of Hardy, while Aleister can also do the lion share of in-ring work.

You will struggle to find a better tag team wrestler in WWE right now than Matt, so why not actually make the most of him while he is under contract instead of letting him be wasted on the sidelines.

3 R-Truth & Drake Maverick

These two men have fantastic chemistry together and have really done an incredible job in making the 24/7 Championship become relevant in WWE, going above and beyond just work, including filming a segment during Drake Maverick's legitimate wedding.

While Maverick and R-Truth have been feuding for several months there is no doubt that they would work great together if they decided to move things on from the 24/7 Title and teamed up.

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The duo is so talented and charismatic that they could easily make a tag team run work and while it would likely be more comedic, that isn't always a bad thing.

2 Rey Mysterio & Dominic

The idea of a father and son tag team is something that just seems like a whole lot of fun, with the potential for incredible storylines that will draw real emotion from the fans, especially when you use a legend like Rey Mysterio.

WWE has been slowly bringing in Dominic on WWE television, with backstage promos and some in-ring moments that have seemingly teased the fact that his future is going to be inside the WWE ring.

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The current storyline for Rey is all about continuing to wrestle for the sake of his son, so why not have him continue and be the partner of Dominic whenever he does debut, passing on the torch to his son in the greatest way possible.

1 Cesaro & Kassius Ohno

Since The Bar broke up due to Sheamus' injury, WWE has done a good job at featuring Cesaro but has seemingly made it clear that they don't see him in a main event position, instead, allowing him to have great matches without much purpose.

Kassius Ohno is currently sat on the NXT UK roster doing a very similar thing, which is just what he did in NXT as well, totally wasting his talent and experience when he could be doing far more.

Cesaro and Ohno are former tag team partners in Ring Of Honor, so bringing them together on the main roster would make perfect sense, allowing them to show the world how great they are together.

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