WWE Stars React To Paige's Return

Paige returned to WWE on Monday night after almost a year and a half away and naturally, social media blew up following the comeback.

Both Raw and SmackDown Live welcomed a crop of new women to their rosters this week. Monday nights will now play host to Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose while Team Blue managed to recruit Sarah Logan, Ruby Riot, and Liv Morgan to their ranks. The crown jewel of the invasions by the two sets of women though was the Superstar who led the attack on Raw, Paige.

Paige was away from WWE television for almost a year and a half, not wrestling a match since around the time of the draft during the summer of 2016. There have been rumors that the two-time Divas' Champion was returning for a few weeks, but not many expected her to come back to WWE in the way that she did this week. It certainly made quite an impact.


Naturally Paige and her new friends made quite an impression on the Raw women's division, but clearly, she has grabbed the attention of quite a few other Superstars as well. Social media naturally blew up when Paige interrupted the number one contenders match on Monday night as fans and Superstars alike took to Twitter to vent their feeling about the Brit being back on Raw.

One woman who didn't suffer the wrath of Paige and her new friends on Monday night was Nia Jax. The trio's actions didn't go unnoticed though and on Tuesday afternoon, Jax tweeted that she was disappointed she wasn't there to welcome the three of them in person. Quite a few NXT Superstars were naturally pretty pleased to see Paige with two of their own too with Kairi Sane and Head Trainer Matt Bloom tweeting in reaction to their debuts.


Five NXT call-ups plus Paige thrown into the women's division across Raw and SmackDown Live has certainly shaken up the roster somewhat. Attacking other Superstars is all well and good, but now their new co-workers know that they're here and will want some much-deserved revenge. Who knows what lies in wait for Paige her team next week, but one thing is for certain, the women's division is a lot more interesting than it was this time last week.

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