WWE Stars React To Starrcade

WWE held a live event at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina on Saturday, but it was not just any typical WWE live event. Bringing in special guests and talents from the WCW golden years, WWE billed the event as the return of Starrcade and tried to add a nostalgic feel to the show using names like Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and others who made Starrcade famous back when it was a regular December pay-per-view in WCW.

While the WWE's planning of the show itself had some flaws and the attendance was likely not where the WWE would have wanted, the show itself was a special event that allowed for a lot of WWE talents—both past and present—to create lasting memories. These memories will be something these wrestlers can take with them for years, and they didn't hold back in sharing that experience on social media.


Dustin Rhodes shared his emotional experience coming out in front of the crowd, not as Goldust, but as Dustin Rhodes. After a tribute to his father Dusty, Dustin put away the Goldust tights for one night and felt the emotion of the evening.

Ric Flair also shared his experience. Flair was happy the WWE honored Starrcade and was glad that they showed the class to pay tribute to a show WCW made famous and discussed everything from his joy in watching his daughter Charlotte go on to live all her wrestling dreams, the infamous "Dressing Room Five" and more.


Other SmackDown Live performers who were part of the show shared their experiences. From Bobby Roode who helped Arn Anderson get the better of Dolph Ziggler to Sin Cara who spent time with Ricky Steamboat, WWE talents were in awe of the aura that surrounded the arena and the greats that made Starrcade what it was.

Whether WWE decides to hold another Starrcade and make this an annual event is unknown. The fact that the company decided not to air the show on the WWE Network suggests this might be a one-time event.

If it is, all the more reason current WWE talents will remember fondly a show that meant so much to so many people.



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