What’s My Age Again: 10 Pairs Of WWE Stars Who Are Surprisingly The Same Age

The wrestling industry is peculiar when it comes to the ages of the performers. Unlike the more standard sports leagues, it's very rare for wrestlers to succeed in their youth. It takes years of perfecting the craft, whether it be on the indy scene in the US, or wrestling for other promotions around the world.

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One thing's for sure, talent will always rise to the top, regardless of age, especially if you have the WWE machine behind you. This is why we have so many diverse age groups within the WWE - and that's not even considering the wrestlers who refuse to give it up, wrestling way past their prime, well into their 50s. All this to say: many fans will be surprised to find out just how many of their favorite superstars share the same age.

10 Bobby Lashley & Stephanie McMahon - 43

How would Triple H like it if Stephanie was booked in Lana's place in the current storyline with Bobby Lashley? Bet that wouldn't sit well with The Game! #TeamRusevDay

Kidding aside, this would be a realistic pairing, as both individuals are ripe at the age of 43. Lashley joined the WWE in 2005 as part of SmackDown and was destined for big things, but he never really got close to winning the top prize in wrestling. His career highlight is, of course, his WrestleMania 23 victory over Umaga, with you-know-who at his corner.

Stephanie, meanwhile, was literally born into the business and has done it all for her dad's company, from modeling in WWE magazines as a child to winning the Women's Championship.

9 Bray Wyatt & Becky Lynch - 32

Bray Wyatt doesn't necessarily look old; it's his otherworldly gimmicks that add a few years in the minds of fans. When we think of backwoods cult leaders (and demonic clowns), we envision older, bearded dudes who have seen some things. We got the beard down, but Wyatt is only 32 - that's really young considering he's been around since 2010.

The Man is also the same age (and for a nice little bonus, so is Ronda Rousey). It's been a year since Becky Lynch took over the wrestling world and became the face of WWE. Although we loved the Straight Fire Lass Kicker, The Man is truly transcendent and we'll be enjoying her for many, many years to come.

8 Asuka & Finn Balor - 38

This next entry is really surprising considering both superstars are way older than most fans thought they were. Asuka and Finn Balor traveled the world, left their mark in Japan, and made their way to the 'E. Debuting in NXT about a year apart, both wrestlers dominated their respective divisions, each holding records for longest title reigns.

While they could definitely be used better, they've had a fairly successful main roster run. At 38, there's plenty left in the tank for both: Asuka recently started embracing her dark side along with Kairi Sane as Women's Tag Team Champions, while Balor hit the refresh button and landed in NXT.

7 Paul Heyman & The Undertaker - 54

These two always seem to be opposing each other, as The Deadman has had beef with Paul Heyman's client, Brock Lesnar, on numerous occasions. Let's not forget about the buildup to WrestleMania 29, which saw Heyman dress up as Paul Bearer in the ultimate act of disrespect during the Undertaker-CM Punk feud.

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These two's history goes further back than WWE, though. Back in WCW, The Undertaker went by Mean Mark, and he was managed by Paul E. Dangerously - that's right, Paul Heyman. With such a history, it makes more sense that these two are the exact same age.

6 Elias & Carmella - 31

We're actually kinda disappointed we never got to see Elias play the guitar for a dance break with Carmella. Well, there's still plenty of time for that, as both WWE superstars are only 31.

Strictly in terms of looks, it's easy to see why many would assume Elias is older, given the beard and old school rocker vibe he's got going. Carmella's the more accomplished superstar, but here's a fun fact about these two 31-year-olds: they are both former 24/7 Champions. Hopefully, there's more gold in the future for both.

5 Big Show & R-Truth - 47

It boggles our mind that R-Truth is 47 years old; the dude looks fantastic! Big Show is also looking great, seeing as he's in the best shape he's been in since his Giant days in WCW, which reminds us of just how long Show has been wrestling.

Here's another shock for fans: who remembers K-Kwik? This was Truth's first gimmick in WWE in 2000, a rapper who teamed with Road Dogg, of all people. He was released, had a successful run in TNA, then came back to the WWE in 2008 and continues to entertain.

4 Paige & Sasha Banks - 27

It's unfortunate that these two are connected for sad reasons given Paige's retirement, but on a slightly more cheery note, yay for youth! Both Paige and Sasha Banks are still 27 years old - given their status as wrestling veterans, you'd think that these two awesome competitors would at least be in their 30s, but that's not the case.

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Sasha is just coming into her own as a fierce heel, so we'll be seeing plenty of The Boss in the future. While not in a wrestling role, Paige still has so much to offer to the business, so there's plenty to be excited for.

3 Samoa Joe & Mickie James - 40

Both superstars are currently out of action, and they're sorely missed. Mickie is a great competitor that should be featured more, if WWE could book their women's division better (beyond the title scene, do the women ever get storylines?). Many fans would surely appreciate seeing more of Mickie and less Natalya, for example.

As for Joe, we love us some. He has been vastly underused, considering he's one of the best in the ring and on the mic. We know the chances are low, but we're holding out hope for a Samoa Joe main event title run - the man deserves it.

2 Triple H & Michael Cole - 50

Michael Cole has been calling The Game's matches for such a long time, we tend to forget that the voice of WWE (for better or worse) isn't a spring chicken. Both industry veterans have seen it all, so this makes sense.

Cole started off as a backstage interviewer back in the late 90s; during that time, Triple H had she his Connecticut Blueblood gimmick and was terrorizing everyone as a member of DX. He went on to marry a McMahon, the world championships started coming in, and his legendary career was established. Cole thankfully didn't get too involved with storylines (the less said about his feud with Jerry Lawler, the better), but he's been good ol' reliable as WWE's head announcer.

1 Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura - 39

Because Shinsuke Nakamura joined the WWE late into his wrestling career, fans sometimes forget just how old he is. At 39, he's the same age as a wrestler we've been watching for the past 19 years in the WWE: The Viper.

Nowadays, Randy Orton is looking more like the legends he used to disrespect during his "Legend Killer" days. Both former Royal Rumble winners, we can see these two adding a few golden achievements in their resume before it's all said and done, although they're definitely closer to the end of their career than the beginning.

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