10 WWE Stars Triple H Has Already Given Up On (And 10 Stephanie McMahon Has)

Like in any other sport, the career of a WWE Superstar is not always long and successful. WWE Superstars often spend years working their way to the biggest promotion in the world only to see limited success and find themselves back on the independent scene or touring bingo halls trying to make a buck. Their 15 minutes of fame is often more than 15 minutes, but sometimes not much. Some wrestlers continue to work away, while others move on completely, trying to find another form of work that isn't so ruthless.

One of the things that help is when you have the backing of the decision makers or people running the show. In WWE, that person is Vince McMahon but the tide is slowly changing with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon much more vocal and important when it comes to who gets the nod and who doesn't. If Triple H likes you, you're in great shape. If Stephanie does, you have an immediate in with daddy. If they lose faith, Vince may fight for you but it won't be long before he too realizes that he's too busy to help you make it, especially if his right hands aren't on board.

This is happening to a few of the current WWE Superstars. Triple H and Stephanie may be losing faith and we're beginning to wonder, how long before the WWE gives up on the following names completely? Below are 10 WWE Superstars we think Triple H has given up on and 10 we think Stephanie has.

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20 Triple H: Bayley

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Bayley was once a star in the eyes of Triple H. She had fought her way through lousy and unsuccessful gimmicks to become one of the most beloved stars in NXT with a following that was almost Hogan-like among little girls who wanted a hug and to cheer Bayley on. In NXT she was the top female talent for a long time, main event pay-per-views and proving the women were a draw in wrestling.

She got called up to the main roster and things changed.

Even now Bayley admits that people are harder to talk to and Triple H and Vince are not there the way they used to be to talk and bounce ideas. Is this because she's considered no longer a project? Or, is this because they've decided she's not worth the effort?

19 Stephanie: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss may not have an obvious connection to Stephanie McMahon but Stephanie was known to be working closely with the females in the WWE and a big proponent of the Women's Revolution. Alexa Bliss was one of her main attractions and big things would happen for the Women's Division if Alexa could prove herself to be a big star.

Unfortunately, Bliss got hit with some injuries and took a little time off for some surgery all while names like Asuka and Ronda Rousey made their way into the WWE and started rapidly climbing the ladder of priority. Stephanie has shifted her focus and it could be that Bliss is one of the names left out. She's already out the title scene which is a huge change from this time last year.

18 Triple H: Bobby Roode

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Triple H was key in getting Bobby Roode hired in WWE. A former TNA talent, Roode has a huge history in wrestling but Vince wasn't exactly keen on signing former TNA talents to WWE deals. Triple H understood how good Roode could be in WWE and gave him a great gimmick in NXT which made him the top heel for the calendar year he was there.

Once called up to the main roster, however, Roode was made a babyface and he's not seen nearly the same level of success as he did under Triple H's guidance. If Triple H was really going to bat for Roode, there's no way he'd let him still be a babyface after all this time. Something isn't right here and it looks like Roode is going to have to figure this one out on his own.

17 Stephanie: Charlotte Flair

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Another name that was huge for the Women's Revolution, Charlotte was going to be a huge player in WWE for the females and was on her way to facing Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. While that may still happen, something seems off lately.

After a huge win over Asuka at WrestleMania 34 — one that ended Asuka's undefeated streak — Charlotte has been taking clean pins on SmackDown Live with regularity. Is something off here? Is WWE no longer behind her like they once were? You'd think if Stephanie really had her back here, she'd be winning every match to make her a believable opponent for Rousey next April.

16 Triple H: Chris Jericho

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This one looks on the surface like Chris Jericho and Triple H are still ok, but underneath, there are rumours of real discontent on the part of The Game who is not a fan of the fact that Jericho is doing so much work outside of WWE these days.

Triple H also likely doesn't love the idea that Jericho often goes straight to Vince McMahon for advice instead of running things up the proper chain of command.

Vince and Chris have a special relationship. Any jealousy there? We think so and while Jericho is a huge draw, Triple H is losing his patience here. We already know Trips shot down Jericho's idea to use NXT talent on his Jericho cruise.

15 Stephanie: Sami Zayn

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Sorry Sami, but it looks like that moment you had where you and your buddy Kevin Owens were working with Stephanie is all but gone. When the storyline was that Zayn and Owens were going to leave SmackDown Live and join Raw, Stephanie wanted them both badly because she say promise. Today, Zayn is trying to magically create something interesting with Bobby Lashley.

The Lashley segments are about as bad as anything WWE has aired in months and if Stephanie was really trying to help Zayn, there's no way she'd be sticking him in this spot. It's ugly and it could kill Zayn's career.

14 Triple H: Sasha Banks

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Another name that was high up on the list of Triple H was Sasha Banks. She could have potentially had more going for her than Bayley as the two stars were going back and forth in NXT but Sasha had more ability to be a heel character that NXT and WWE could turn into a megastar. That doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon now.

After getting called up, Banks has done more than Bayley but she too is toiling around in the mid-card of the Women's Division and she's yet to get a chance to really shine as that heel character fans are so eager to see. Where's The Boss? Ask her boss Triple H.

13 Stephanie: The Bellas

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The Bellas and Stephanie McMahon are close but when it comes to their careers in WWE, it looks like Stephanie has bailed completely. Brie is not doing much other than being a mom on her reality show and Nikki is too busy saying she is and isn't getting back together with John Cena. Stephanie needs talent in her Women's Revolution that can actually show up on WWE programming and neither of the Bellas are in the best place to do so right now. It wasn't long ago the Women's Division was run by the Bellas. These days, they are a distant memory.

12 Triple H: Big Cass

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Triple H was vocally always a bit more behind Enzo Amore when it came to Enzo and Big Cass but The Game was still very much behind the team coming to WWE and making waves in the tag team division. Once Enzo proved too much of a pain in the butt for even Triple H to manage, he was released and since, Cass has been shoved to the side.

Vince is still rumoured to be trying to make something work with Cass but Triple H probably doesn't see much use. Enzo was the guy who could talk like nobody's business. Cass is just another big guy which Triple H has a variety of in NXT these days.

11 Stephanie: Kurt Angle

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We know that Triple H was huge in getting Kurt Angle back into the WWE. Angle was also close to Stephanie and two were working hand-in-hand as general manager and commissioner of Raw.

Lately, Stephanie is not around much and when she is, she's all over Angle for decisions he makes, even wrestling against him at WrestleMania 34.

Because Angle is so far on the side of Ronda Rousey, Stephanie is not pleased and behind the scenes is undermining every decision Angle makes trying to take him out as the GM. Once good friends trying to make Raw the best show possible, now they pretty much hate each other with Triple H trying to take him out physically on behalf of his wife.

10 Triple H: Dana Brooke

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Triple H was the reason Dana Brooke wound up in NXT. A former bodybuilder, Triple H recruited her and she was red carpet material upon her entry into the brand. He worked hard to get her caught up to speed and she was brought up to the main roster possibly earlier than she should have been and since that day, she's been abandoned.

She's been stuck in terrible idea after terrible idea and always someone's sidekick. Now she's barely wrestling at all, instead working with Titus Worldwide as their female bookkeeper/manager. It's been a far drop for Brooke who might be among the first cuts if WWE does another talent purge.

9 Stephanie: Naomi

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Stephanie McMahon and Naomi are close outside of the WWE ring, perhaps one of Stephanie's closest friends. They worked on a fitness video together and they train at the gym often together. Stephanie even stated that "Naomi has the greatest behind that she has ever seen."

But, for as close as these two are behind the scenes, it really hasn't translated into a significant push for Naomi in front of the camera who hasn't done much on SmackDown Live other than a relatively short run as the champion. You would think that being so close outside the company would parlay into a push inside the company. That's really the deal here for Naomi.

8 Triple H: Jason Jordan

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Formerly one-half of the tag team American Alpha, Jason Jordan had a bright future and Triple H probably thought he had a ton of potential. The team got a great push in NXT and were brought up to the main roster with high expectations. It didn't last and once Jordan was moved to Raw where he was supposed to play the role of Kurt Angle's son, Triple H appears to have totally ditched him.

Perhaps Triple H figures that this idea (probably Vince's) was so bad that Jordan is now a write-off and that Triple H his focus his time on someone else who actually stands a chance of recovering from something so bad.

7 Stephanie: Shane McMahon

via ewrestlingnews.com

Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon's relationship as brother and sister has been on-again and off-again if the dirt sheets are to be believed.  Probably the happiest person in the company when Shane left the first time was Steph who had a clear pathway to the succession of Vince's company. With Shane now back in the picture, would he want a piece of the action again?

The two are often rivals when it comes to their shows and off-screen, we're sure they love each other, but Stephanie spends her entire life trying to beat out her brother. This is far more than sibling rivalry. There are billions of dollars at stake.

6 Triple H: Jinder Mahal

via bleacherreport.com

Triple H has been known to go to battle defending Jinder Mahal who Trips says is a far better champion and WWE Superstar than many give him credit for. Mahal disappeared for a while in WWE only to resurface and reshape his body into a sculpted specimen of ripped muscles and the total WWE package.

Triple H pushed him straight to the WWE Championship.

The two were meant to work together in the Middle East, where Mahal is huge star, but Triple H buried him in front of his own crowd saying those fans liked Triple H more than they liked Mahal and since then, Mahal has been mid card in WWE at best.

5 Stephanie: Paige

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Perhaps Stephanie is not as ruthless as her old man but there's something about what happens to WWE Superstars after they can no longer wrestle. Paige, for example, was high on Stephanie's list of stars she wanted in WWE. With her recent injuries, however, Paige is not just old news but her no longer useful to Stephanie. They aren't even on the same show any longer.

We don't know if that has anything to do with leaked pics or a bad relationship with Alberto Del Rio who is known not to like Stephanie's husband but it may all be connected. Frankly, we're a bit surprised Paige still has a job at all.

4 Triple H: Neville

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Triple H was big on doing something with the Cruiserweights in WWE. 205 Live is now his baby to grow. Part of the plan was probably to make Neville the star of the show. Neville was moved from the main roster to 205 Live where he became their best champion in history but Neville didn't want to stay there.

Once Triple H learned Neville would rather sit out than be the champion of his 205 Live brand, you can bet Triple H gave up and is thinking Neville can just rot and stay suspended not working anywhere. Triple H can play the game better than anyone. Neville doesn't stand a chance.

3 Stephanie: Ronda Rousey

via newshub.com

Ronda Rousey is going to be a huge star so in that respect, Stephanie hasn't given up on her. What we're wondering though is why WWE has already abandoned what could have been a huge storyline for them on Raw?

Stephanie and Rousey were lining up to be the next Vince vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and without much reason as to why Rousey was moved into defending her friend Natalya and then a program with Nia Jax. Hopefully Steph and Rousey continue their feud down the road but for now, it looks like Stephanie is just giving her a pass.

2 Triple H: No Way Jose

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No Way Jose was probably not destined to be a big star for the company in any capacity, After all, he's got a gimmick that screams short-term. But, under the guidance of Triple H in NXT, Jose was a spectacle that worked well with his brand.

He got called up after WrestleMania 34 and things almost immediately changed.

In only a few short weeks, Jose is already an enhancement talent on Raw. This may be one of the quickest declines of an NXT call-up in history and Triple H could help him out but it simply looks like he isn't.

1 Stephanie: John Cena

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John Cena is a huge star. Potentially the biggest star WWE has produced in a decade. Of course, he's going to have a huge fan in Stephanie McMahon who's job it is to sell WWE to corporate businesses and make the company as presentable as possible. Nobody did that better than Cena who was tireless in his desire to promote.

Now that Cena is almost all but gone from WWE, Stephanie needs a new face for all her corporate promotions. Cena's availability has gone into the toilet and that doesn't help McMahon much. While Cena's is becoming a huge movie star, Stephanie needs to find a ne face to show up at all her press conferences and "Be a Star" media pressers.

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