10 WWE Stars Triple H Wouldn't Want As World Champion (And 10 Stephanie Wouldn't Want As Women's Champion)

It's no secret that Vince McMahon is still running the show as of today. He may have given Triple H some duties in recent times, but the final word still comes down to him when it comes to the main roster. Now that he is at an advanced age and bringing back the XFL, some fans would think that Vince may step aside to let someone else take control of the company - at least when it comes to certain aspects. But make no mistake about it, Vince plans to be in control for as long as he is alive and healthy.

With that being said, we cannot ignore Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's strong influence within the company - they are set to take over after Vince, so he has involved them plenty in recent years when it comes to decision making. These days, Triple H is mainly focused on NXT and 205 Live - while also grooming those who transfer from NXT into the main roster. He has developed a list of favourites - most of whom he worked with during their NXT stints or recruited to the WWE - so he has been attempting to get them over with Vince as well.

As for Stephanie, she has mainly been involved with the women's division, and has surely become a much more influential figure compared to the past. And while Vince may be open to their suggestions from time to time, that won't always be the case since he still values his vision more than anything else. This list brings you 10 stars Triple H would never want as World Champion and 10 Stephanie would never want as Women's Champion.

20 Triple H Would Never Want: Jeff Hardy

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When Jeff Hardy became WWE Champion in 2008, he didn't exactly have the support of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at the time. Both didn't think that he was reliable enough to be champion although Vince was more than willing to give him a test. He succeeded in many ways as Hardy was the most popular Superstar on the roster for some time, and had a memorable reign. But his WWE stint was once again cut short, so in a sense, Triple H may have been right.

Upon returning to the company, rumours claimed that Vince was still high on Hardy and willing to give him another push as a solo Superstar.

But an injury put an end to those plans as Hardy would spent the majority of the year out of action. As soon as he came back, it didn't take him long to claim the United States Championship on Raw. We wouldn't be surprised to see Jeff get another main event run since the company still doesn't have enough top tier faces. But just as he did in the past, Triple H will attempt to convince Vince to not pull the trigger.

19 Stephanie Would Never Want: Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose may be one of the finest female Superstars on the roster, but her in-ring talent leaves plenty to be desired. As someone who spent two years in NXT, you would think that she has some kind of history with Triple H - but unlike the majority of NXT Superstars, it doesn't seem like she has had the full support of Triple H. On the other hand, Stephanie McMahon has been fully behind the women's revolution in the WWE especially when it comes to younger talents - as she has attempted to guide them and hype them up.

You can practically find photos of her with every woman on the roster, but not Mandy Rose. Perhaps she doesn't exactly see her as champion material, and at this point, we may have to agree with Stephanie. If this was the mid 2000s, Rose would be one of the most successful Superstars on the roster thanks to her appearance - but a new era has brought significant change and she will have to keep up in order to impress her bosses. At this point, it doesn't appear as if she gained their attention just yet.

18 Triple H Would Never Want: Baron Corbin

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You can always tell which Superstars Triple H is extremely high on through his social media posts as well as constant praise in interviews. We all know his favourites by now - most of whom came through NXT or were recruited by Triple H to the company - unfortunately for Corbin, he doesn't fall on the list. Rumours suggested that it was Vince McMahon who saw great potential in him, which is even better news, but we cannot underestimate Triple H's influence behind the scenes.

For the past years, it seems like he has been trying to push his choices to the forefront with many of his picks getting major opportunities. Corbin hasn't exactly set the world on fire, so we are willing to bet that plenty of fans share Triple H's feelings about him. He is good enough to be a part of the roster, but it's unlikely that he will ever play a major role, let alone become a World Champion. And once Triple H takes over the reigns from Vince, that will probably be it for Corbin's push in the WWE.

17 Stephanie Would Never Want: Bayley

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Bayley may have been pushed to the top too soon as she has struggled since joining the main roster. At first, it seemed like she may become the biggest face of the division, but her title reign didn't do her any favours. The company would have been better off waiting to put the belt on her, as she quickly lost momentum afterwards. Bayley has also been the victim of poor booking with her teased feud against Sasha Banks dragging for way too long - to the point most fans have lost interest by now. And while she is very popular among her peers, including Stephanie McMahon, the latter doesn't seem to be very fond of her as a talent.

Based on what we know, Stephanie certainly admires Bayley but considering how her career has played out thus far, she may not top her list of female Superstars. It appears that many have already surpassed her in the eyes of Stephanie, so we wouldn't be surprised if Bayley never gets another title reign. It was previously rumoured that Vince McMahon didn't care much for her either, so Bayley should probably be worried about her position on the card.

16 Triple H Would Never Want: Big E

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We have seen Triple H praise nearly every Superstar on the roster with very few exceptions, among them is Big E. A few years ago, it was rumoured that Vince McMahon initially wanted to give Roman Reigns' push to Big E, but was convinced by Triple H that the former was much more suitable for that role. And while Big E has certainly had a respectable career, the general feeling is that he could be doing more.

Last month, rumours regarding a potential main event push surfaced once again so it seems as if Vince may not have given up on Big E as a solo star just yet.

But it seems like the company has been hesitant to split up The New Day, especially since they are still popular among fans and selling plenty of merchandise. Triple H probably views Big E as a tag team wrestler, and would rather keep him away from the World Title picture. He already has a few names in mind to be on the receiving end of a huge push, and there have been no indications that Big E happens to be one of them.

15 Stephanie Would Never Want: Mickie James

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Upon her return to WWE, some fans were hoping that Mickie James would get one final run as a top Superstar in the women division. But it instantly became clear that she was only there to provide a much needed veteran presence, while also putting fellow Superstars over. While she certainly is still a talented all-around wrestler, WWE doesn't seem to have any plans for her in the title picture. James has barely won any matches since returning, which goes to show that she isn't exactly there to retrieve the good ol' days.

She also happens to come from a different era, and while Stephanie McMahon gets along with all the newer female Superstars, the same cannot be said about past talents such as James. Unfortunately for her, despite being good enough to be one of the most successful Superstars today, James' best days are clearly behind her as far as management is concerned. She will likely continue serving that very same role for as long as the WWE needs her services, and considering the hefty paycheque being deposited into her account, we highly doubt that she minds that.

14 Triple H Would Never Want: Jason Jordan

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Triple H has offered plenty of support to many former NXT Superstars, but Jason Jordan hasn't been one of them. It was Vince McMahon who saw great potential in Jordan, and insisted on making him a solo wrestler. If you ask Triple H, he is more likely to envision Jordan in the tag team division for the time being, and likely far away from being a World Champion. But it remains Vince's empire at the end of the day, which is why Jordan was given a major storyline from the jump despite clearly being green at the moment.

And while it appeared that he was finally turning a new page, Jordan's push was derailed by an injury that caused him to miss action for some time.

Now that he is healthy once again, it will be interesting to see whether the company continues to push him. If Triple H were to take over today, then Jordan's position on the card would almost certainly be threatened as he doesn't seem quite fond of him at the moment - at least not as a main event player.

13 Stephanie Would Never Want: Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke is one of the few women on the roster that have yet to receive a real opportunity to advance further in the company. She has mostly been stuck with mediocre gimmicks and storylines thus far, so it appears that her ceiling may be very low with what she has been given to work with. Stephanie McMahon has taken on a major role with the women's division, striking up friendships with several members of the roster. But as usual, Brooke has been left out.

While she appears to be popular with her peers, that isn't nearly as important as having the support of management. From veterans to newcomers, Brooke is far down the line in the division at the moment and it would take some massive changes to climb her way up. Based on what we have seen, Brooke hasn't exactly been a standout among her peers. But she is still young enough to improve overall and hopefully earn better opportunities in the future. A good first step would be to gain the attention of Stephanie McMahon, who could certainly make a star out of her if she has a change of heart.

12 Triple H Would Never Want: Big Cass

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The reason Big Cass has been on a solo quest is due to Vince McMahon being extremely high on him. That's why he was keen to split him up with Enzo Amore, as Big Cass had his ideal look for a Superstar. An injury did derail his momentum for a bit, and now that he is back, Big Cass has been involved in a huge feud against Daniel Bryan. However, he has also showed his limitations as an overall Superstar with Bryan calling him out in what appeared to be a shoot-like promo.

Triple H isn't as big of a fan as Vince, and would probably never consider giving him the World Title. He has yet to truly impress despite being given the chance to shine. It may not take the company too long to give their hopes up if Cass fails to turn his career around soon. For someone who hasn't really earned his spot yet, Cass is lucky to be feuding with the returning Bryan at the moment. This rivalry could make or break his future in the WWE, as he will have to make a believer out of fans as well as Triple H.

11 Stephanie Would Never Want: Ember Moon

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Coming off a great run in NXT, Ember Moon is expected to have a brilliant future on the main roster. Based on what we have seen of her, there is no reason to think that she won't as long as the creative booking helps her. But WWE hasn't exactly given fans too much faith in the creative team since many NXT stars are now lost in the shuffle on the main roster, and there is no reason to think that Moon will be guaranteed to fare any better. WWE seems to already have decided the faces of the women's division, and those names will likely be trading title reigns for the upcoming years.

Moon doesn't seem to have the greatest relationship with Stephanie McMahon, nor does she seem like someone that she would want to push. Fans certainly be will upset if Moon is misused on the main roster as many of them are expecting her to claim the Women's Champion within a year. But given how strong the competition has gotten in recent years, as well as Stephanie clearly having her favourites on the roster, then Moon may just be another NXT star who flops on Raw.

10 Triple H Would Never Want: Jinder Mahal

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Last year, WWE pulled one of the most surprising moves in making Jinder Mahal the Champion. He wasn't a transitional holder either as he went on to have a lengthy reign, surpassing many legendary Superstars before he finally lost it. And while the company was attempting to create a huge heel, it didn't exactly work as not only did fans lose interest but Mahal wasn't a draw in India either.

Soon enough, he was back in the mid-card division, where he is clearly much more suitable as opposed to the main event scene.

Reports suggested that it was Vince McMahon's idea to test the waters by giving the belt to Mahal, while Triple H wasn't exactly sold on the idea. If he were to take over the company soon, then Mahal would likely find himself in the very same position that he is in right now. He has shown that he is good enough to serve a role that is bigger than that of a jobber, although he isn't exactly worthy of a main event spot either - his long title reign didn't do anything to prove the doubters wrong either.

9 Stephanie Would Never Want: Alicia Fox

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Let's be honest: Alicia Fox's best days as a professional wrestler are behind her at this point. She has become one of the veterans of the women's division with so many rising talents. And now she has been missing action for a few months, she has been knocked down the latter so Fox may struggle to even constantly appear on television. But that's not the reason as to why WWE is keeping at at this point since she is highly involved in the Total Divas series.

Stephanie McMahon likely doesn't envision her as a champion - which she only claimed once when she won the Divas Title - and has yet to even come close since then. There are many female Superstars who happen to be more talented than her right now, as well as more over with the fans. We wouldn't bet on Fox receiving a title opportunity anytime soon, as she will likely serve in putting younger talents over. And as long as Total Divas is on, and Fox has something to bring to the table, then she will probably be remain employed by the WWE.

8 Triple H Would Never Want: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler was supposed to be one of the WWE's top stars for many years to come. And while he was on the right track to do so, many factors came into play to derail his momentum. Fans were fully behind him at some point, but the creative team didn't exactly take advantage of it. He had received a huge pop for his victory over The Authority, although it seems like Triple H wasn't exactly endorsing him behind the scenes. Many have speculated that he may have been the reason as to why Ziggler's push was cut short, especially since he believed that Ziggler was always attempting to copy Shawn Michaels way too much.

As of 2018, Ziggler is still on the roster and will likely be around for several more years. But his best days are well behind him by this point, and he likely won't ever sniff the World Title again. If Triple H didn't like him back when he was at his best, then Ziggler has provided him with very few reasons to change his mind, as people still accuse him of copying Michaels to this day.

7 Stephanie Would Never Want: Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan has been one of the most intriguing additions to the main roster, but it seems most fans are too busy discussing her appearance and personal life rather than her wrestling talent. And while she certainly has more personality than many female wrestlers on the roster, it doesn't seem like she ranks very high among Stephanie McMahon's favourites. And by now, we should all know the importance of having a great relationship with the bosses as it could make or break your career.

Stephanie hasn't exactly been too friendly with her from what we have seen, and hangs out with the likes of Natalya and Sasha Banks much more. But of course anything can change if Morgan sticks around for a couple years in the WWE. She was considered very green at some point and has made some improvements since then. But she will have to continue to work hard, especially now that competition is very stiff. And since Stephanie as well as Triple H seem to already their favourites on the roster, Morgan will have to earn her way up there.

6 Triple H Would Never Want: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho was nearly crowned as the WWE Universal Champion prior to Goldberg's return to the company. He was supposed to feud with then title holder Kevin Owens, but once Goldberg and Lesnar agreed to work a lengthy program, WWE dropped all their previous plans. And it seems like Vince McMahon was fully behind Jericho being champion since they have a great relationship, although the same cannot be said about his son-in-law.

They have had heat since their younger days when they were competing for the very same spot, and some rumours suggested that Jericho was among the names held back by Triple H at the time. Despite having worked with each other a number of times, they never got along on a personal level although they always put their differences aside when it came to the WWE product. A few years ago, Triple H threw a jab at Jericho during one of his promos, in which he claimed that he wasn't a top tier star like himself. Jericho didn't take too kindly to the comments and fired back at Triple H by noting that he has also been a second banana throughout his WWE career. While Vince wouldn't mind putting the title on Jericho, you can bet that Triple H would do everything in his power to counter it.

5 Stephanie Would Never Want: Paige

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At 25 years old, Paige was forced to retire early from her in-ring career due to a neck injury. But as we have seen in the past, and more recently with Daniel Bryan, that isn't necessarily indicative of the future if he happens to be interested in a return to the squared circle. For now, she is likely more than happy to collect paycheques while serving as the General Manager of SmackDown, but the future may bring different plans along the way. For so long, fans believed that Bryan would never be cleared by the WWE to compete again.

The same thing happened with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was still allowed to return to in-ring action. And while Paige isn't nearly as big of a name as those two, nor is there such a huge demand to see her wrestle again, she is one of the most relevant female Superstars today. But considering the baggage that she carries around with her, including a lengthy history of controversy behind the scenes, it seems unlikely that Stephanie McMahon would ever want her back in the mix, let alone as the Women's Champion.

4 Triple H Would Never Want: Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston has been around for a decade now, and for the majority of his WWE career, he has served as a mid-card and tag team wrestler. In the past few years, Kingston saw tremendous success as a member of The New Day - displaying his entertaining side like he never had before. To this date, his biggest push came early in his career when Kingston was teased about potentially being in the main event scene.

Although the company never went ahead with the push for various reasons, including an incident in which he upset Randy Orton inside the ring.

As we have seen in the past, those aren't to be taken lightly - Orton did get Mr. Kennedy fired for a botch after all - and there were rumours that he had spoken to Triple H about Kingston's mistakes. Since then, Kingston has never really come close to reaching those same heights again, and it is unlikely that he will ever will either. Considering his wrestling talent, as well as his much improved mic skills, one may think that Kingston may eventually earn an opportunity down the line. But he happens to be all the way down on Triple H's list of potential World Champion, making it unlikely to see him with the big gold.

3 Stephanie Would Never Want: Asuka

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Asuka was once the most hype female Superstar on the roster just a few months ago, but now she is struggling to find her mojo again. Some fans are still frustrated with WWE's decision to end the undefeated streak at WrestleMania 34 and robbing us of an Asuka title reign. Even if she were to win soon, it just won't be the same since her buzz has significantly decreased recently. Triple H is known as a big fan of Asuka, but his wife seems to disagree based on what we have seen thus far.

Asuka is one of the few female stars to not receive that extra support from Stephanie on social media or interviews, which should tell you plenty. And since Vince is already difficult to get on board, Asuka is now facing strong odds when it comes to capturing the SmackDown's Women Championship. It is possible that the company went for the surprise factor at WrestleMania since most fans were expecting her to win, but there is nothing wrong with a predictable match as long as the finish and outcome are booked nicely.

2 Triple H Would Never Want: Bobby Lashley

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A decade ago, Bobby Lashley was supposed to be the next big WWE Superstar as Vince McMahon had been grooming him prior to his release from the company. Upon his return, rumours suggested that it may not be long until Lashley would be inserted into the title picture with alleged plans for a bout against Brock Lesnar. Vince was the one who pushed for a Lashley return once his contract with Impact expired, and while Triple H was certainly on board, they just happen to have different visions for Lashley.

Before he left the WWE, Lashley was practically Roman Reigns before Roman Reigns existed - although Vince's project fell just short that time. But his second stint couldn't get off to a worse start thanks to the horrible storyline that he has been booked in. Not to mention that Lashley hasn't really improved that much on the mic - despite what some Impact fans may claim - and is still overall bland as a Superstar just as he was 10 years. That's why Triple H would much prefer other Superstars to be getting the next major push, but if Vince has it his way, there is no doubt that Lashley may be shoved down the WWE Universe's throats once again.

1 Stephanie Would Never Want: Lana

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Lana has gotten into so much backstage trouble that it is surprising that she still has a job today. She should probably thank her husband Rusev for practically securing her job as she has clashed with various members of the roster. And that obviously didn't go too well with Stephanie McMahon, who has been trying to unite the entire women's locker room with her major involvement as of the past few years. And while you may find photos of Stephanie posing with nearly every female Superstars on the roster, Lana happens to be one of the exceptions.

She is behind her peers as far as wrestling talent, and will need to make huge strides to become passable as a full-time wrestler.

Lana has put in the work in the past year, but it has yet to really show thus far. And unless she makes some unrealistic improvements overnight, while also cleaning up her act behind the scenes, we simply cannot imagine a scenario in which Stephanie would make her the Women's Champion. Well, unless Vince happens to be a big Lana fan, anything is possible in that case.

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