10 Former WWE Stars Vince Will Never Allow Back (And 5 Stephanie Would Never)

You could be the most talented wrestler in the world today, but if you don't get on the good side of the three people in WWE you need to (Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H) then you won't go very far in the biggest Sports Entertainment company on earth. As much as the WWE likes to portray themselves as a professional company, the simple fact remains that the top executives play favourites with their Superstars. This is why some of Vince's, Steph's and Hunter's 'golden boys' are pushed over equally talented 'outsiders' who haven't gotten in their good books. That's just how the wrestling business is, and that will likely never change.

Some wrestlers are a bit too outspoken and rub top officials the wrong way (insert: CM Punk), whereas others simply don't 'suck up' enough and are instead considered difficult to work with. However, you can 'never say never' in WWE, as performers we never thought would return/debut did. Guys like Goldberg, Sting, The Hardy Boyz, etc. That said, there's definitely a group of talent Vince will never let back under any circumstances, and the same can be said for Stephanie McMahon. When it comes to Steph, her opinions are obviously swayed to some extent by Triple H's influence, so some of the wrestlers she'd never let back would be similar to Hunter's blacklisted talent. With that intro out of the way, let's get right into these 10 wrestlers Vince will never let back, and 5 Stephanie would never.

15 Vince: Scott Steiner

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Steiner's physique obviously impressed Mr. McMahon, but his insanely unpredictable attitude made him less desirable to Vince. Upon his introduction in WWE, Scott was quickly elevated to main event status, but the rise was just as quick as his fall from grace.

After proving he was unable to work long main event matches, he was rapidly demoted into being a mid-carder for the remainder of his career. To top things off, one of Vince's golden boys Triple H strongly disliked Steiner, and his pull backstage was enough to derail any pushes for Steiner.

Since his release, Scott Steiner's held nothing back when it comes to ripping the WWE and it's top executives (Stephanie, Vince and Hunter).

You will never see 'Big Poppa Pump' in WWE ever again. Vince will never let the volatile Steiner back.

14 Vince: Enzo Amore

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Considering one of the main reasons as to why Vince McMahon tolerated Enzo Amore was because he loved seeing 'The Certified G' thrown around like a rag doll by his opponents, that pretty well sums up that he's never been in McMahon's good books despite being a merchandise mover. Following Amore's recent controversy, he was quickly fired from the company without a second thought.

As we've stated before, Vince McMahon doesn't like any form of controversy, and McMahon wasn't going to take the chance of keeping Enzo on the roster with such extreme allegations to his name.

Considering the rumours will always follow Enzo Amore, Vince will never let Enzo Amore come back to the WWE.

I suppose it's time for Amore to kick start his 'rap career' now that his WWE career is over for good.

13 Stephanie: Batista

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Now if the decision of bringing back Dave Bautista was solely up to Stephanie McMahon, you'd never see him back in a WWE ring ever again. However, Vince and Triple H are definitely more open to the idea than Steph is. Batista's had a long history of having issues with the WWE and how things are being run, and he's not one to hold back how he feels about Stephanie McMahon.

In 2016, Steph had tweeted a picture of her slapping Roman Reigns and claiming that it was arguably her signature move, and Batista quickly fired back against Stephanie by stating 'plus it helps to get guys over! And it builds a great angle for you to get your receipt, it looks good, I tried'. It's clear Batista has some personal issues with Stephanie McMahon, and I'm sure she feels the same way now.

12 Vince: Austin Aries

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Unfortunately for us fans, Austin Aries' big mouth and sour attitude potentially cost him his WWE career. Whether he was down in NXT or on 205 Live, Aries was a valuable addition to the roster, and he would've undoubtedly made an impact in the upper mid-card on SmackDown or Raw had he played the hand he was dealt better. It's clear Austin has a pretty big ego, and he felt as though he was being under-utilized.

Considering Aries had the reputation of being a difficult person to deal with prior to his WWE signing, Vince was weary about signing him.

Now that Austin Aries proved the company right about being an extremely difficult person to work with, don't expect Vince to ever let Aries back into the company. Vince never saw much potential in him anyways. If he does return in the future, it'd be because of Triple H.

11 Vince: Jeff Jarrett

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To put this very bluntly, Vince McMahon absolutely despises Jeff Jarrett, and he will never be brought back to the WWE. Jeff Jarrett is a case of an ex-WWE star who viewed himself as a much bigger deal than he really was, and this certainly rubbed Vince the wrong way.

A couple of the factors as to why Vince despises Jeff aside from his massive ego, are the facts that Jeff blackmailed the company into giving him six figures to drop the IC Title to Chyna prior to leaving the company (to avoid an Alundra Blayze type of situation), and simply because Jeff's one of the men in charge of his rival company, Impact Wrestling. Vince McMahon definitely has a long list of wrestlers he holds grudges towards, and Jeff Jarrett is right at the top of that list.

10 Stephanie: CM Punk

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Now CM Punk is one of those guy's who's pretty well equally despised by both Vince and Triple H, but Stephanie McMahon also has her gripes with the self-proclaimed 'Best In The World'. CM Punk made his feelings known towards Steph during his infamous pipe-bomb promo which saw Punk refer to Stephanie as being Vince's 'idiotic daughter'. Of course the promo was a work, but the reason the pipe-bomb was so well received by fans is simply because it was very authentic.

Stephanie McMahon also reportedly dislikes Punk for walking out of the WWE the way he did, and she's roasted him on television for his quick loss to Mickey Gall in UFC.

However, the biggest factor that would convince Stephanie to never let Punk return is because of Triple H's influence as he absolutely despises CM Punk and his tactics.

9 Vince: Carlito

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Carlito is a former WWE Superstar who could have been a much bigger deal in the company had he done his part better. Long regarded as being 'lazy' in Vince McMahon's eyes, Carlito never moved above the mid-card, and he would end finding himself released from the WWE back in 2010 following a violation of the company's Wellness Policy and for refusing to get treatment for his addiction.

Carlito could have been a valuable addition to the roster a couple of years back when dirtsheets speculated that he'd been in talks with the WWE over a return. However, things never worked out between both sides, and Vince McMahon played a major factor in why Carlito has never resurfaced again on WWE television. Carlito is definitely a guy Vince will never let back.

8 Vince: Mr. Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy is an ex-WWE wrestler who was being primed to become a headlining Superstar, but his obnoxious attitude and demeanour rubbed some of the big stars the wrong way (Randy Orton and John Cena). He was quickly released from the company by Vince McMahon soon after Cena and Orton complained about him, and Mr. Kennedy has never been seen since in WWE (and he never will be seen again if Vince has anything to say about it).

Thankfully for Kennedy, he's found success elsewhere, and he remained a focal point in Impact Wrestling for a number of years where he captured their World Championship twice. It's a bit too late now seeing Anderson's 41. Plus he bashes the company fairly frequently which is something Vince hates with a passion.

7 Stephanie: Rob Van Dam

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RVD may be one of the most popular WWE Superstars in history, but he was never able to fully reach the heights he could have during any of his runs with the company - and you can partly thank Stephanie McMahon for that being the case. Back in the early 2000s, RVD was rapidly closing in on a main event push, but he never captured the WWE Title like some fans had expected. We instead got Triple H.

Apparently, Stephanie is not very fond of Rob Van Dam, and her pull backstage changed the views of top officials, leading them to the decision of making Hunter champion instead.

RVD himself has went on record to state that he believes Steph has a personal issue with him.

If Stephanie has the final say when it comes to Van Dam, she'd never let him come back.

6 Vince: Ryback

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Like some of the other big mouthed former WWE wrestlers on this list, 'The Big Guy' Ryback's career fell apart because of his outspokenness and negative attitude towards the company. Though Ryback was granted his release on his own terms, it's clear that the WWE were burying Ryback on his way out with him taking multiple losses to Kalisto in PPV pre-show matches.

Vince McMahon was annoyed with Ryback talking critically about the company in various interviews, and Ryback's definitely an ex-WWE star Vince will never bring back. Following his sudden departure, Ryback's made bashing the company a hobby of his on the 'Conversations With The Big Guy' podcast, and if there's something that rubs Vinnie Mac the wrong way, it's badmouthing the WWE. Vince definitely loves big men, but in Ryback's case he's willing to forget him completely.

5 Vince: Alberto Del Rio

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Despite the fact that Alberto Del Rio has stated that he intends to return to the WWE in 2019 and that 'time heals all wounds', I sincerely doubt this will come to pass if Vince has anything to say about it. Del Rio's been overly critical of the WWE following his departure a couple years back, along with all the trouble he's gotten himself into with the law and the media coverage he's received because of it.

Vince is all about keeping his precious company away from any sort of controversy, and Alberto Del Rio returning would be a contradiction of that notion as he could easily find himself in trouble with the law. Even if McMahon felt as though Del Rio could add some value to the product, I'm sure Triple H would talk him out it as they also have issues with each other.

4 Stephanie: Kaitlyn

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Stephanie McMahon may be all for her Women's Revolution, but that doesn't mean she's immune from having issues with some of the WWE's female wrestlers. Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn is a wrestling woman Stephanie doesn't like, and the incident which caused Kaitlyn to be written onto Steph's 'list' was due to the fact that she had approached Stephanie backstage to ask her a question while Steph was talking to someone else.

A promo on-screen would occur following the incident which saw Steph tell Kaitlyn to never interrupt her again, and Kaitlyn would go on to lose her Divas Championship and then request her release. Kaitlyn's currently scheduled to come out of retirement and return to wrestling on the Indies later this month, but don't expect Stephanie McMahon to welcome Kaitlyn back to the WWE with open arms.

3 Vince: Chris Masters

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For the simple fact that Chris Masters has multiple Wellness Policy violations on his record, Vince McMahon will never under any circumstances allow for a Chris Masters return. Perhaps if Masters was a big name like Randy Orton (who's failed the Wellness Policy multiple times as well) he'd be willing to give a second chance, but for a guy who left the company in a low mid-card position and hasn't established himself anywhere else following his release, Masters is a talent who's been perennially blacklisted by McMahon.

It can almost be guaranteed that Chris spends the rest of his career on the Indies in between his short (and uneventful) runs in Impact Wrestling. It may seem unfair that a guy like Masters never was able to recover from his Wellness Policy violations when other Superstars have, but it truly does all come down to your position on the card.

2 Vince: Daniel Bryan

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Now you may be wondering, what do you mean Vince McMahon will never let Daniel Bryan back, he's currently on SmackDown Live? Well, once Bryan's current contract runs up, it's rumoured that he'll leave for Ring Of Honor or Japan where he'll be able to wrestle freely. Some dirtsheet's speculate that Bryan may make a return to the ring at WrestleMania 34 this year to face Shane O'Mac, but even if so, I sincerely doubt WWE would allow Bryan to continue wrestling on a full-time basis due to the simple fact that Daniel's health would be in jeopardy, and because Vince doesn't even like Bryan to begin with.

McMahon probably feels as though Bryan would steal the focus and attention from his golden boy, Roman Reigns. Daniel's contract reportedly ends a few months following 'Mania and considering Bryan's stated he'll only re-sign if he's allowed to wrestle, once gone, Vince will never let him back.

1 Stephanie: AJ Lee

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For the simple fact that AJ Lee's husband is none other than one of the wrestlers Stephanie McMahon hates the most, CM Punk, Steph would never let AJ return to the WWE. However, things are a little deeper than just that between AJ Lee and Stephanie, as a few years back, McMahon had tweeted 'Thank You @PattyArquette for having the courage to fight for #WomensRights on such a grand platform. #UseYourVoice'.

AJ Lee fired back at Stephanie by stating that female wrestlers have record selling merchandise and have starred in some of the highest rated segments of the show, and that they only receive a fraction of the wages and screen-time their male co-workers do. Both Stephanie and Vince McMahon responded with tweets stating they appreciated her opinion, but it's clear they only did so for the publicity. AJ Lee left the company just two months later.

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