15 WWE Stars Nobody Wanted To Work With In The Ring

There are a number of wrestlers working on the circuit all over the world who have the reputation that they fight "stiff", and that stars don't want to work with them. This can be for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones would be because they were considered to be unsafe. In the wrestling world, the unsafe reputation is one of the worst reputations that a wrestler can have, but since WWE programming is streamed live across the world, there is nowhere to hide for many stars if they have caused an injury to another wrestler in their career.

There are a number of WWE stars who have been labeled with this kind of reputation, which could be why many stars didn't want to work with them. Some talents even outright refused to work with certain wrestlers because of their unsafe track record. This isn't the only reason that stars haven't wanted to work with many of their fellow wrestlers, backstage attitudes have caused issues for some stars throughout their careers as well.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE superstars that nobody wanted to work with while they were part of the main roster whether they are currently part of the business or not, it seems that these stars had a number of enemies.

15 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar has gained himself quite a reputation over the past few years when it comes to the way he works in the ring. Dean Ambrose faced The Beast back at WrestleMania 32 and then went on a rant about it on the Stone Cold Podcast where he pointed out that Lesnar only cares about getting himself over and wouldn't let him help with the planning process.

Lesnar has also been seen to allow a number of opponents to bleed as part of his matches including recent ones against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Despite being seen as one of the biggest stars in the company right now, Lesnar has a huge amount of heat backstage and many stars are too scared to step in the ring with him for fear of getting injured.

14 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is a completely different superstar now than he was when he was first coming through the business. Orton has mellowed out somewhat since his second marriage and has become someone that superstars now want to work with, but it hasn't always been this way.

Orton had a huge ego when he came to WWE and as he rose through the ranks he used the power that he gained to his advantage. There are a number of reports concerning Orton backstage including the fact that he cost Mr. Kennedy his job when he claimed that he was unsafe and then stopped Kofi Kingston's planned push when a match against him on Raw didn't go to plan. Orton's younger days are definitely ones that he would want to put behind him.

13 The Great Khali

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The Great Khali was once part of an entertaining storyline with The Undertaker following his official debut, but it seems in the years that followed the giant has become stiff and somewhat immobile in the ring which has put a lot of his opponents at risk. Khali also doesn't speak a lot of English, which makes it hard for many of his opponents to be able to come up with a match with him or even communicate in the ring.

Khali can't even walk to the ring right now without looking like he's in pain, but still remains a marketable superstar in India. This will see the company continue to bring him back, even though many members of the WWE roster dread having to work with him.

12 Hardcore Holly

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Hardcore Holly became well-known throughout his career for having an old-school mentality where he would legitimately beat up his opponents if he had a personal issue with them outside of the ring. Holly and a number of stars of that era thought that it was OK to treat some of the superstars who were considered to be "green" in this way.

Holly's most memorable beat down was when he faced Renee Dupree at a house show back in 2004 and because Dupree had taken his rental car and got a ticket without informing him, he decided to get revenge in the ring when he shoot beat the former Tag Team Champion. It's unknown how Holly got away with this tactic for so long, but it seems that it made a number of members of the locker room fear him enough to not want to work with him.

11 Ryback

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Ryback is a former Intercontinental Champion, but the WWE hasn't missed him over the past few years since he was released, mostly because former WWE Champion CM Punk revealed that Ryback had messed up a spot in one of their matches and almost injured him when he dropped him on the concrete floor.

There were also reports that when Ryback was updating strange Tweets, he wasn't someone who was well-liked backstage, people just saw him as a strange person and they allowed him to get one with it. It seems that Ryback had a number of issues with the company rather than the other way round which was probably why his release from the company came so abruptly when Ryback posted a very public update on his Tumblr about his issues with WWE's pay scale.

10 Melina

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Melina was one of the women who was tasked with pushing the Women's Division forward after Trish Stratus and Lita retired from the company back in 2006. Melina's biggest problem was her ego, this was the reason why she was kicked out of the Women's Locker Room by Lita in her early career and it seems that there were a number of women who didn't want to work with her because she made everything about herself.

Melina was a talented wrestler, but in the end, her backstage heat became a huge problem and one of the reasons why she was released from the company before she then cost her boyfriend John Morrison his job as well. It's no wonder she hasn't been invited back to be part of the Women's Revolution.

9 Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore came to WWE as a former football player but his promo ability catapulted him into the spotlight before he was ready. Amore wasn't very good in the ring and many former stars like Simon Gotch have come forward and talked about how the star botched some of the simplest of moves.

Amore's playboy lifestyle caused him a lot of problems as well since it made him enemies in the locker room, a place that he was kicked out of and moved over to 205 Live because none of the wrestlers on the main roster wanted to work with him anymore. He had issues on tour with Roman Reigns and even fell out with his own tag team partner, so it seems that his release could have been coming for a long time.

8 Hulk Hogan

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As with many stars on this list, it seems that Hulk Hogan's biggest downfall was his ego. The Immortal star was one of the biggest in wrestling for a long time, so it makes sense that he would develop an ego, but it seems that he used the power that his popularity had earned him in order to make or break careers of some of the biggest up and comers at that time.

Hogan was at his worst when he went to WCW and was able to run the show alongside Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The trio was basically booking themselves and was able to do pretty much what they wanted to get themselves over and many stars were too scared to work with them for fear of Hogan later slating them and costing them their jobs.

7 Goldberg

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Goldberg was one of the biggest rising stars in wrestling in the 1990s and his undefeated streak in WCW was a huge deal during that time. Much like many other wrestlers around in the 1990s, Goldberg only cared about himself and getting over, he refused to job to up and comers or put anyone over on his way out and even had a well-known backstage altercation with a young Chris Jericho when he refused to lose to him.

Goldberg was obviously a little different when he returned to the company back in 2016 and has since been inducted into the Hall of Fame, but it seems that Goldberg's ego from his WCW days is something that many stars who were coming through the business at that time, will never forget.

6 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is one of the names that every wrestling fan would put forward when discussing who the greatest wrestler of all time truly was, but it seems that his image is dimmed somewhat when his backstage antics from his early career are brought into it. Michaels was the reason that Vader wasn't able to become World Champion because he used backstage politics to his advantage and this allowed him to keep his title because the company believed that he was the reason that they remained afloat.

Michaels was seen as someone who used this to his advantage throughout his early career, while he was struggling with drug dependency and while he has turned over a new leaf ever since, many fans find it hard to forget the careers he ruined en route to an illustrious one of his own.

5 Sunny

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Sunny may have been a popular star with the WWE Universe, but it seems that the WWE locker room didn't like having her around. The stars were well aware of her extra-curricular activities with many other wrestlers and felt bad for her boyfriend Chris Candido, so they would play a number of tricks on her.

One of these was when Sunny was down to get sloped by The Godwinn Brothers, they left the bucket backstage for all the other stars to add to and she ended up getting a huge amount of bodily fluids thrown in her face. Sunny's popularity hasn't changed much over the years, because Sunny knew how to be a great heel on screen, but she seemingly didn't know how to turn this off when she headed backstage.

4 Sin Cara

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Sin Cara may still be employed by WWE, but he is one star that the company has forced to undergo anger management in recent years because of his issues with other superstars. Backstage altercations became a regular thing for Sin Cara, who only recently was part of one with Chris Jericho, and many fans thought that the company would release him following this.

Inside the ring, the star has faired no better, since he made an enemy of Alberto Del Rio when he trapped his fingers in the steel steps and broke them, before refusing to continue the match. Cara has gotten himself quite a reputation backstage, which has left him in a position where the WWE locker room doesn't know which version of him they will be facing.

3 Sable

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Sable is a former Women's Champion in WWE, but she was also someone who wasn't well-liked by the other wrestlers that she worked with, since she stepped into the ring with no prior training and was able to become a star because she was attractive.

According to many rumors coming out of the company at that time, Sable was one of the hardest women to work with and one of the most disliked backstage. Other stars would talk poorly about her and even play tricks on her, including X-Pac who admitted to playing quite a cruel trick on her when he left a cup of faeces in her bag on her final day in WWE. It was reported that Sable had been running her mouth backstage about being the main reason why WWE had turned things around in the ratings war and many stars took exception to this and developed quite a hatred.

2 Matt Striker

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Matt Striker will be remembered or having an obnoxious gimmick where he was a school teacher about to "teach his opponent a lesson." It seems that the WWE locker room actually taught him a lesson when he learned the hard way not to be caught talking about other stars backstage.

Striker is one of the very few stars to be kicked out of the locker room over the past few years and the reason was because he decided to run his mouth about how much better he thought the Raw brand was after he was moved over to SmackDown. There was genuine heat between the brands and Chris Benoit was one of the stars who took exception to this and threw him out of the locker room and left him with no stars wanting to work with him for fear of his heat rubbing off on them.


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JBL is a star who's reputation definitely proceeds him, much like Hardcore Holly, JBL was known to attempt to "toughen up" many of his opponents as well. JBL had a bad reputation backstage for hazing superstars in some cruel and unusual ways as well including Matt and Jeff Hardy when they first came to WWE.

Many former stars have called the former World Champion a bully since he has forced many stars out of the company because of his insane hazing rituals. Even as a commentator the trend continued until he finally decided to walk away from the company last year when Mauro Ranallo exposed his backstage antics and the WWE Universe turned against the former Champion and seemingly forced his hand when it came to his departure.

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