9 WWE Stars Who Had To Get Regular Jobs (And 8 With Jobs Better Than Wrestling)

One of the toughest things for wrestlers to adjust to is life after wrestling. This may be even tougher if, like for Sean O'Haire, he goes from pulling off suplexes in the ring, to trying to make he gave someone the perfect haircut. Or in Maven's case, instead of getting to throw other wrestlers around for a living, he got to try and throw patrons out of the bar and keep other ones from entering as a bouncer.

It's examples like this that may make it clear why some wrestlers will do all they can to try and hang on to their profession long after they should have called it quits. Which is even sadder to think about when you consider the physical ramifications of being a wrestler. Though Sunny's decisions after she retired may have also left her with some bumps and bruises.

But while 8 of the wrestlers on our list went from the arena to regular jobs, that isn't the case for everyone who steps away from the company. Dwayne Johnson may have had somewhat of an impact on the world of wrestling and you may have heard Avengers: Infinity War that brings Batista and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy into the fray.

Content to try and dominate the smaller screen, AJ Lee is also working hard at bringing her life experiences into a new series. And while CM Punk was dominated in the UFC ring, he's resilient and coming back for another bout in June. If he flames out again, he can always continue with his awesome job with Marvel that definitely beats answering to Vince.

These are the 8 Wrestlers Who Had To Get Regular Jobs (And 8 With Jobs Even Better Than Wrestling).

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17 Regular Job: Ivory (Doggy Daycare Owner)

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Ivory had several memorable moments in the WWE including teaming up to form the group, Right to Censor, which she later admitted to being one of her favourite times in the company. When the ring stopped being her calling, Ivory moved on to one of her other passions. Namely, animals!

When talking about her interest in starting her own doggy daycare and grooming, Ivory stated "We already had an animal shelter, but I thought we really didn't have any animal services, so instead of being an animal social worker, I hooked up with a girl with ideas similar to mine and we made Downtown Dog." Which she admits started as a do-it-yourself bathing area for pets before growing. While this may not be as glamorous as her time in the ring, Ivory did admit that she loves it.

16 Better Than Wrestling: AJ Lee (Executive Producer/Screenwriter)

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AJ Lee has had a life that has been full of many triumphs, but also a significant amount of adversity. But it's the presence of both of these areas, as well as her frank openness to talking about them that helped people fall in love with her autobiography "Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed By Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules".

The book was so intriguing that reports surfaced this past December that it was being turned into a television show with Lee to not only serve as an executive producer but to also help write some of the episodes. While we don't know if Lee's experience in the ring will translate to a writer's room, we're sure she's ecstatic at the potential challenge.

15 Regular Job: Steve Blackman (Bail Bondsman)

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One of the worst situations you can find yourself is in jail. Especially if you are facing a potentially expensive process to get yourself bailed out. But that's where Steve Blackman comes in!

In fact, on his website, Steve makes sure to point out that if you can't afford to pay him for his services that he may be willing to take some of your personal items. While becoming a licensed bail bondsman may not have been the most conventional of job choices, nobody can perhaps blame him for finding a career that has a steady line of work. Plus, we're sure he gets to meet with people on a regular basis that have made a lot worse decisions in their life than the ones that landed Steve where he is!

14 Better Than Wrestling: Batista (Drax The Destroyer)

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There are many movie franchises out there that would be exciting to get to be apart of if you're an actor. But we don't know if anything even comes close to getting to say you're part of the Marvel Universe. Something that Batista can proudly hang on his resume for his role of Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and soon to be, Avengers: Infinity War.

Batista has also attached his name to the James Bond legacy. While the road ahead for Batista may still have some difficulties, he's definitely proven that millions of people are ready to give them their stamp of approval. He just needs to attach his name to a strong enough project to help him standout and when he does, the Batista Bomb will probably be no more.

13 Regular Job: Maven (Bouncer At A Club)

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When Maven was asked in an interview several years ago how he was feeling after being out of the company, he mentioned that he had several physical ailments. This included having significant pain in his lower and middle back. Which may have not only made wrestling difficult but also one of the jobs he did once he retired. Because it was reported that to help pay the bills Maven had to take a job as a bouncer for a club.

At least with his resume, it helps explain why he got the job as he was probably still pretty intimidating. Though dealing with drunk idiots instead of superstars in the ring probably got old really quickly, even with it being less painful on his body.

12 Better Than Wrestling: Bella Twins (Fashion Designers)

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Both Nikki and Brie Bella should be respected for what they accomplished in the wrestling ring. And while neither have completely ruled out what their future holds, they both definitely have their hands busy with their newest project.

A fashion line, BirdieBee, that also allows the girls' to show off their good looks as they help to model some of the most popular clothing items. The company focuses on a variety of areas, including intimate wear (something we're sure John and Daniel loves), casual wear for around the house, and of course, a great selection of fitness gear. The twins have worked together seamlessly throughout their lives so it should perhaps be no surprise that they decided to take on this venture together. Their website also proudly states their motto, BEE Empowered, BEE Fearless, BEE Giving, BEE You.

11 Regular Job: Sean O'Haire (Hairdresser)

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Sean O'Haire's career saw him travel all over the world to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. This includes spending several years working in New Japan after the WWF gave Sean the boot for good back in 2004.

But Sean's passion for wrestling wasn't enough to keep the bills paid and he eventually transitioned into a career as a hairdresser. Sadly, as alluded to in our introduction, not everyone can make this transition to a new stage of life easily. Sean O'Haire unfortunately took his own life back on September 9th, 2014. While the extent of his issues weren't known, it was reported that he had suffered from his addiction.

10 Better Than Wrestling: Chris Jericho (World-Renowned Rockstar)

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There should be nobody out there that can question how passionate Chris Jericho is about wrestling. But that definitely isn't the only thing in life that gets the adrenaline pumping through his veins. Since getting their start in 1999, Jericho's success with his band Fozzy is definitely something that should be commended. And as his body continues to get more sore from decades of being thrown around like a piece of trash, rocking out on the stage may continue to seem like an appealing option for Jericho.

Especially because his band's most newest album may be their most successful with their single "Judas" receiving rave reviews. Jericho also recently spoke out about being asked to tour with Slash, "He wasn’t doing it because he likes Chris Jericho, he was doing it because he knew Fozzy would be a good addition to his show and his fans would like us."

9 Regular Job: Sunny (Film Industry)

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Tammy "Sunny" Stych's extensive legal history may have made her not exactly fit for many jobs following her time in the ring. But there aren't many WWE stars (in fact, there's one, Sunny) who you can say would openly engage in some chats with her fans over Skype that definitely would not be appropriate to be conducted at a workplace.

Sunny also took her talents in that arena to the "professional" level appearing in a film titled Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor that was produced by Vivid Entertainment. Something tells us this type of film work doesn't exactly bring on the prestigious type of recognition that the other wrestlers-turned-actors receive. While you would hope that Sunny doesn't have any negative feelings towards her "acting" choice, we wouldn't be surprised if she still saw it from a downward slide from her WWE glory days.

8 Better Than Wrestling: Dwayne Johnson (Movie Megastar)

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There may not be a more successful actor in Hollywood right now than Dwayne Johnson. Sure, some of his movies like Baywatch may not have lived up to the expectations of the people involved, but he's also put out enough films to make him one of the best-paid actors in the entire world. Plus even some of the movies that people are a little skeptical about like Jumanji end up being major successes, due in large part to Johnson's presence.

The charismatic personality that he often puts on display should come as no surprise to the millions (and millions) of fans who loved watching Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, in the ring. But nobody can blame Johnson for taking the shot at Hollywood and it's his success that surely helped pave the way for other wrestlers to take that opportunity. Something that we're sure their bodies (as well as Johnson's) will be thanking them for in a few years.

7 Regular Job: Jimmy Wang (Runs A Party Bus)

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Some of your best nights may have been ones where you and your friends got together and engaged in some partying. If you're lucky, some of your nights may have even included the opportunity to go and live it up on a party bus.

But if you're really lucky, you may find yourself on a bus run by former WWE star, Jimmy Wang. Though to be honest, stepping inside of the "bus" that we have pictured above may seem like something more out of a horror movie than a fun teen comedy. Though he employs a redneck theme to his party bus so maybe it helps make the bus make a little more sense. Wang also previously went into the bug removal game but later admitted, “It wasn’t my thing. It was kind of gross".

6 Better Than Wrestling: Triple H (Future Head Of WWE)

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Triple H may have dusted off the boots for a match alongside his wife, Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, but he definitely seems more comfortable (and to be honest, probably makes even more money) with the various roles that he occupies behind the scenes. While Triple H hasn't departed the wrestling world, he still holds a position that demands respect as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative.

Triple H is also credited with founding the incredibly popular NXT brand. At the end of the day, the real person Triple H needs to keep impressing is his father-in-law, Vince McMahon. And even if he may have never gotten this opportunity if not marrying into the family, his body still may thank him for not wrestling 300+ days a year.

5 Regular Job: Spike Dudley (Financial Planner)

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When Spike Dudley was finding himself in the wrestling ring it was often not long before he was being thrown around like a ragdoll and left questioning on how he'd get out of bed in the next morning. Which means that any career after wrestling may have been enough for Spike to consider it a "step up". But there is no question that being a financial planner isn't exactly as exciting as saying you're a WWE superstar.

That being said, Spike still has a tremendous attitude towards his job that may leave you thinking he deserves to be on the positive side of this list. When discussing his career with WWE, Spike stated “I’m helping people live a better life and take care of their families. It’s beyond rewarding".

4 Better Than Wrestling: CM Punk (Writing For Marvel And UFC)

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Okay, let's get the obvious comment out of the way here. CM Punk did not have himself a good time when he found himself facing Mickey Gall in his first ever UFC match. 2 minutes and 14 seconds later and Punk's UFC Debut that had been hyped for close to 2 years, was over. But not before Punk walked out of the deal with $500,000, which even if you account for all of his time training, still works out to a pretty solid rate. 2.5 minutes of work, even with a loss, also probably left his body feeling better than 20+ minutes in the WWE. Punk's UFC dream is also far from over with a scheduled match for June 2018.

Punk also has been outspoken about his passion for comic books and over the last few years has had the opportunity to work with Marvel; including working on an on-going series about Drax the Destroyer. Which makes you hope that he and Batista still talk!

3 Regular Job: Paul Burchill (Firefighter/Paramedic)

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Paul Burchill spent years in the WWE but may perhaps always best be recognized by Vince McMahon's decision to dress him up like a pirate. But when looking back at this stage of his career that comprised only a few months, Burchill stated “It’s funny, that seems to be what defines my career. People are like, ‘Oh, the pirate,’ and some are like, ‘That poor guy, he had to do that.’ I would do it right now. I loved it".

We're glad he had the right attitude towards it! While Burchill may have been up to no good in the ring, outside of it, he's turned his life into a career that will definitely do a lot of good. Along with being a registered firefighter and paramedic, Burchill has aspirations to become a registered nurse and nurse practitioner; which is also what his wife Jasmine does. At least he'll have her for support! Burchill's educational goals were helped by a WWE Talent scholarship that he was awarded.

2 Better Than Wrestling: John Cena (The Next Big Hollywood Star)

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John Cena is still very much involved in the WWE and will logically always be welcomed at the company with open arms. But if you look at the writing on the wall, it's only a matter of time before Cena hangs up his wrestling boots and exchanges the pyrotechnics of WrestleMania for the bright lights of Hollywood.

Cena was one of the best parts of the incredibly well-received film Trainwreck and seems to have knocked the ball out of the park with his much more substantial role in the recent comedy Blockers that has a score on Rotten Tomatoes of 83%. Which means that there should be no questioning Cena's ability to help produce a winning film, the only question is how long until he takes a longer leave from the ring?

1 Regular Job: Rick Steiner (Real Estate Broker)

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Rick Steiner will always be the remembered as one half of the bruising tag team the Steiner Brothers. While his brother Scott continues to be a staple on the independent wrestling circuit and continues to shoot on anything and everyone in the business on various podcasts, Rick has taken a different approach to life after WWE.

He started his own real estate brokerage firm, and he even is part of his local school board as a counsellor. It's always great to see a former wrestler carve out a new life. Rick is still recognizable from his wrestling days, but the average person probably could never guess he used to be a professional wrestler for the biggest company in the business.

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