15 WWE Stars Who Ended Someone's Career With A Terrible Mistake

Wrestlers are quite selfish because even though wrestling isn't something that a superstar can do on their own it is still an individual sport. This means that sometimes wrestlers can make mistakes that cost other superstars their careers. Mostly this happens by accident, but sometimes it isn't. This can lead to serious conflict, and can even alter the course of wrestling history.

There have been a number of wrestlers over the past few years that have cost other superstars their careers based on jealousy or because they felt that they deserved their position much more. Sometimes it just comes down to a wrestler being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes it was careless recklessness.

It shouldn't happen in a company as big and recognizable as WWE, but somehow it still does, the company has released many superstars based on some of the smallest issues over the past few years, but as a whole WWE tries to stay out of problems that talent have between them and only decides to act when they feel that the problem has reached a point where they need to step in.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE superstars who have cost someone else their career by making a terrible mistake. Incredibly there are a number of stars who have been part of these kinds of scandals over the past few years that probably wish they could take it back now.


15 Seth Rollins (Sting)

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Seth Rollins became public enemy number one back in 2015 when it was revealed that merely weeks after he had inadvertently broken John Cena's nose in a match on Monday Night Raw he had managed to end Sting's wrestling career when he hit the buckle bomb on the former WCW legend.

The match happened back at Night of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after Rollins had already lost his United States Championship to John Cena earlier in the night. It was the last time Sting was part of a WWE match since he was forced into retirement a few months later after it was revealed that he needed neck surgery and the WWE Universe were then denied the match between The Undertaker and Sting that they had been waiting for more than a decade for.

14 D-Lo Brown (Droz)

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Droz is a former NFL player but his active career came to an end when he faced D-Lo Brown in a match during a SmackDown taping back in 1999. As part of the match, Brown attempted to hit a running power-bomb, but because Droz was wearing a loose shirt, it meant that Brown couldn't grip him properly and he ended up landing on his head.

He fractured two discs in his neck and required surgery. Even after medical care, the injury left him as a quadriplegic and unable to feel anything below the neck. He has since regained some feeling in his upper body and arms, but has stated that he holds no animosity towards Brown for the accident and told the former superstar not to blame himself for what happened.

13 The Hardyz (Joey Mercury)

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Back in 2006, MNM took part in a four-way ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Armageddon, The Hardyz set up the ladder so that it would hit both Nitro and Mercury, but the move went wrong when Jeff leg dropped the ladder and it ended up breaking Mercury's nose.

Mercury rolled out of the ring clutching his face as blood poured from him and he was then removed from the match. This is one of the biggest botches in recent memory and could be seen as the moment where Joey's in-ring career went downhill. He has since proved that he works much better as a backstage producer anyway since he was revealed to be the brain behind the rise of The Shield a few years ago.

12 Rey Mysterio (Perro Aguayo Jr.)

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It has become a match that defined Rey Mysterio's wrestling career over the past few years when he teamed with Extreme Tiger to take on Perro Aguayo Jr. and Manik back in March 2015. As part of the match, Mysterio knocked Perro out of the ring, before hitting a dropkick on the Mexican star to set up for his trademark 619.

Perro landed on the middle rope and appeared to have been knocked unconscious, his teammate tried to shake him and revive him, Konnan was at ringside and he tried to revive Perro a number of times before the match ended but it was later announced that Perro was pronounced dead a few hours later at the hospital after suffering cervical spine trauma which was a result of the dropkick from Mysterio.

11 Samoa Joe (Tyson Kidd)

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Samoa Joe is considered to be one of the safest wrestlers in the company but this record came to an end back in June 2015 when he delivered a Muscle Buster to Tyson Kidd as part of their dark match on Monday Night Raw.

Kidd had a number of issues after the match including severe neck/spinal problems before it was revealed that Kidd would be out of action for more than a year. Tyson hasn't wrestled a match since and recently stated that he didn't have any animosity towards Samoa Joe as a result of the injuries that he suffered, but it was this match that ended his lengthy WWE career. Kidd has recently begun working behind the scenes for WWE and seems quite happy in his current job.

10 Goldberg (Bret Hart)

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Bret Hart wrestled for both WWE and WCW for a number of years and was shockingly injury free for most of his career until he ran into Goldberg. At the hands of the Undefeated WCW Beast, Hart suffered a major concussion for the first time in his career.

This concussion caused Bret a number of issues and the post-concussion symptoms never really went away, even though Hart continued to wrestle after the match for almost a year, he did end up retiring from the company due to the effects of that concussion just 10 months later. Hart has since returned to WWE a number of times but has never been able to find the form that he had much earlier in his career.

9 Edge (José Estrada Jr.)

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Edge became an 11-time World Champion throughout his lengthy career before he was forced to retire after it was revealed that he was suffering from cervical spinal stenosis. Even though no one was to blame for Edge's premature end to his career, Edge was to blame for ending someone else's career.

When The Rated R Superstar made his televised debut back in 1998, he faced José Estrada Jr. and the match ended in a count out, which many fans thought was slightly suspicious until it was revealed that Edge had inadvertently hit Jose in the head with his knee as he dived to the outside which broke his neck and left him paralysed. Jose hasn't had much of an impact on the wrestling business over the past two decades.


8 Paige (Alberto Del Rio)

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio decided to come clean about their relationship back in the spring of 2016 when they were seen together at Disneyland along with Del Rio's children. It wasn't known at the time that Del Rio was still married, but his wife later filed for divorce after it was made clear that he was cheating on her with the former Divas Champion.

Del Rio and Paige were both suspended by WWE in August 2016 but while Paige was able to return to the company last year, Del Rio has been blacklisted by a number of companies all over the world. Paige and the former World Champion's relationship made headlines all over the world after it was said to have been quite a toxic experience for both stars that came to an end last year. Del Rio is still not in a great position in the wrestling world.

7 Ric Flair (Jim Ross)

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Ric Flair and Jim Ross were once considered to be close friends, that was until the WWE 2K14 panel back in 2013 when Flair got quite drunk as part of the show and went on a rant about his son who had only recently passed away.

Because Jim Ross was the host of the panel and didn't do anything to stop Flair from going into a drunken rant, he was the one who was punished. Flair managed to keep his job with WWE, but Ross was released. This didn't last for long since Ross has been called back to the company many times to announce some of the biggest matches in WWE history including what was thought to have been Undertaker's final wrestling match at WrestleMania 33.

6 Seth Rollins (Zahra Schreiber)

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Seth Rollins was happily engaged when he came to WWE but this five-year-long relationship came to an end back in 2015 when Rollins was hacked and it was revealed that he was cheating on his fiancee with NXT superstar Zahra Schrieber.

Rollins later revealed that he was in a relationship with the star and this led to a number of Rollins' fans finding inappropriate images on Zahra's Instagram page and led to her being released from the company. It could be argued that if Zahra wasn't dragged into the biggest scandal of Rollins' career then she could still be working for WWE now, but because she broke up a couple that many of the WWE Universe were behind, there were a number of fans who wanted to ensure that she lost her job.

5 Melina (John Morrison)

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Melina and John Morrison debuted in WWE together back in 2005 after meeting as part of Tough Enough the year before. The duo worked together for a number of years after MNM broke up and were known to be in a relationship in real life as well. Melina was released from the company back in 2011 with many of the women in the company seemingly having issues with her.

Melina didn't know how to walk away and continued to tour with the company, being seen backstage with her boyfriend and causing problems for many stars who were still employed there. Morrison refused to stand up to Melina himself and tell her not to come to work with him, so the only thing WWE could do was release Morrison as well. The company are probably kicking themselves now given how successful Morrison has become without WWE.

4 John Cena (Mickie James)

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John Cena and Mickie James were made part of a storyline on WWE TV together back in 2008 and this then led to an affair between Mickie and Cena even though the former Women's Champion was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time.

This led to a lot of heat on Cena after Kenny Dykstra was released from the company and Mickie was moved over to SmackDown away from Cena. It was then reported that Cena was so annoyed at Mickie that he came up with the 'Piggy James' storyline that essentially ended Mickie's WWE career back in 2010 before she walked away and began wrestling for TNA instead. Mickie has since come back to WWE, but she hasn't been taken seriously since her return back in January 2017.

3 Owen Hart (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

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Owen Hart faced Stone Cold Steve Austin back at SummerSlam 1997 with his Intercontinental Championship on the line and it is still considered to be one of the turning points of Austin's career. Hart delivered a reverse Pile-driver to Austin and he didn't protect himself, which led to Austin complaining that he couldn't feel his extremities and thought he might be paralyzed for life.

Austin went on to finish the match and win the Championship but this neck injury would then cause him a number of problems for the rest of his career before he was forced into early retirement just a few years later. In the end, it was his knees and his neck that forced him to make the decision to walk away from the ring for good, Hart had already passed away at this point, so Austin seemingly didn't have anyone else to blame.

2 Lita (Matt Hardy)

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Matt Hardy and Lita were once the cutest couples on WWE TV but this came to an end in 2005 when Hardy was put out of action with an injury and Lita was aligned with Edge. This then led to an affair between Edge and Lita even though The Rated R Superstar was also married at the time.

Hardy didn't react well to the fact that he has been cheated on and this ended up seeing him released from the company for a while before WWE realized that they could cash in on the real-life tension between Edge and Matt Hardy and invited him back. Matt's career changed from that point and it's taken him more than a decade to find his feet and become the character that he currently is on WWE TV.

1 Sasha Banks (Paige)

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It could be argued that Sasha Banks isn't to blame for the fact that Paige is rumoured to have been forced to retire from wrestling at the tender age of 25. A few weeks ago Sasha kicked Paige at a house show and it has caused her irreparable damage to her surgically repaired neck.

Paige was then forced out of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match last weekend because of the injury and she could be kept on the sidelines as a manager in the future. Sasha hasn't been punished for her actions since it was just a mistake from The Boss, but many fans have voiced their opinions on the former Raw Women's Champion and the fact that this isn't the first time she's injured an opponent.


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