5 Things We Liked About Sting’s WWE Career (& 5 Things We Hated)

Sting has been around in this pro wrestling game for longer than we, or the man himself, care to remember. Even with that being the case, though, you could argue that his name value is still incredibly relevant - even though he hung it up a few years ago and is considered to be retired.

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Of course, he's best known for being a legend in both WCW and TNA, but even with that being the case, we want to take a minute in order to highlight some of the things about his WWE career that we both loved and hated in equal measure.

10 LIKED - Hall of Fame Speech

Sting should’ve been in the WWE Hall of Fame a long time ago, but either way, when he was eventually inducted, it felt like a big moment.

His speech was great and we could hear the guy talk for days about his time in the industry, but even with that being the case, the length of his speech still felt good.

The nature of his retirement was upsetting, to say the least, but at the very least, the guy got to end things on his terms – well, if you believe that it was his idea.

9 HATED - WrestleMania 31 Ending

WrestleMania 31 was a really fun show but let’s not pretend like Triple H beating Sting was a great idea. It was a horrible idea, both at the time and still now all these years later, and HHH should absolutely be held accountable for allowing that result to happen.

It tarnishes Sting’s legacy with the biggest company in pro wrestling and we so wish that wasn’t the case. In the years to come, we’d recommend viewing with caution when it comes to the final sequence of this showdown in San Jose.

8 LIKED - Survivor Series Debut

Some people may have already known that the Stinger was going to be making his presence known at Survivor Series 2014 due to leaks within the dirt sheets, but even if that’s the case, the moment itself was nothing short of remarkable.

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The sight of seeing this absolute legend strolling down to the ring really did fill our hearts full of joy and there’s just no point in trying to get around that.

Sure, a few elements may not have been perfect, but nothing ever is.

7 HATED - Night of Champions Loss

The injury itself against Seth Rollins was pretty bad and it’s upsetting to know that happened against such a seasoned professional like Seth Rollins. Alas, the fact that he lost in such a poor way, especially after Seth had already competed earlier on in the night, really did make it seem and feel like he was never going to be a top star within the company.

At the end that’s exactly how it played out, with Sting failing to reach the heights that many knew he could – even at his advanced age.

6 LIKED - The Vigilante

Nicknames come and go all the time in this business, but there’s something we just happened to love about The Vigilante. It was short, sweet, and most importantly, it was unique enough to make this feel like a special run for Sting.

From a marketing perspective, they really did put a great deal of effort into making him feel like a star in the early stage of his WWE run, and if you choose to just remember those parts, then we take our hats off to you.

5 HATED - The ‘Statue’ Reveal

When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon revealed Seth Rollins’ statue, only for Sting to be waiting underneath, the pop from the crowd told us all that this was a potential home run of an idea from WWE.

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However, there are more than a few reasons as to why we didn’t actually enjoy the finished product. Number one: He didn’t go after The Game despite losing to him at WrestleMania. Number two: His face paint was half gone and that looked odd. Number three: He was wearing a t-shirt as opposed to his cool full gear, and that made us sad.

4 LIKED - WM31 Match Content

Before the ending, Sting’s match with Triple H was a lot of fun and anyone who suggests otherwise is just being a hater. They put all of the smoke and mirrors imaginable into this encounter and it paid off, with DX and the New World Order throwing down in what was a dream moment for so many old school fans.

Then we had the baseball bat vs the sledgehammer, and when it comes to visuals, that’s something which is going to stick in our minds for many, many years to come.

3 HATED - How Late It Was

Why didn’t we get Sting vs The Undertaker? Because WWE dropped the ball on booking it, but also because Sting came to the company so late in his career that it meant they just ran out of time.

Sure, they may stumble down to the ring for a contest of some kind in Saudi Arabia one day, but quite literally nobody needs to see that at this point.

When he was a bit younger Sting would’ve been capable of being a full-time performer, and if you don’t believe us, go and watch some of his work in TNA.

2 LIKED - His Promos

One thing you could always guarantee from Sting is that he seems to be capable of delivering in-depth and passionate speeches on the microphone, and we absolutely love that fact. Not everyone is capable of setting the standard with a solid promo, but Sting did it ten times out of ten.

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His time in WWE was no different, mainly because he made us feel like everything he was saying came from the heart. It helps that his voice never aged alongside his body, ensuring that you could always imagine that this was the Sting from the '90s.

1 HATED - The Foreshadowing

Sting would give interview after interview in which he spoke in-depth about the possibility of going over to WWE, and 95% of the time, he made it clear that he did not trust them to do a good job with him creatively – highlighting some of the issues that other WCW stars have had in getting over and being booked properly within WWE.

It’s not exactly hard to see or understand why the guy was hesitant, and in the end, he foreshadowed his entire run. It was mismanaged really, really badly.

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