The Worst WWE Storylines Of The Past 10 Years, Ranked

Over the course of a full year, WWE has to put together a ton of storylines, ensuring that every PPV is packed is with matches and that every Raw and SmackDown is as entertaining as possible.

Of course, each year WWE creates some incredible storylines with the likes of Daniel Bryan going against The Authority, or the 'Summer of Punk,' but for every great storyline, there always tends to be a bad one.

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WWE can't have everything be a great success, but when it goes wrong in wrestling it tends to go terribly wrong, as we will show in this article, ranking the 10 worst storylines of the past 10 years in WWE.

10 Bayley Has No Fire (2017)

The 2017 storyline between Bayley and Alexa Bliss was so bad that it totally killed all the momentum that Bayley had, which was very disappointing considering she was once one the most popular female athlete in the company.

WWE placed Bayley into a feud against Bliss, who was working as a top heel at the time as the Raw Women's Champion, Alexa would work as a major bully and fans simply thought that Bayley would be the one to overcome that situation.

However, WWE had other plans and simply victimized Bayley on a nightly basis, which was highlighted at Extreme Rules in a kendo stick on a pole match (yes, really), where Bayley wouldn't use a weapon due to being too nice, which led to Bliss dominating her.

9 Bobby Lashley's Sisters (2018)

When people wonder why Bobby Lashley's second run with WWE hasn't been as successful as people had hoped, this is a good starting point of where things went wrong for the former TNA Heavyweight Champion.

Lashley's feud against Sami Zayn is one of the worst in recent memory, with the storyline only doing damage to both men's careers as Zayn attempted to 'expose' Bobby Lashley and his family.

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Sami brought out Lashley's 'sisters' during one episode of Monday Night Raw in a painfully bad segment that went on far too long, turning more people off the product than anything else.

8 A Love Complication (2015)

Anytime you start bringing in a love storyline into WWE there is a risk that something horrendous is going to happen, as love storylines in wrestling tend to go one of two ways, and in 2015 it went disastrously wrong.

WWE began a feud between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev which involved the ladies in their lives at the time, with Lana and Summer Rae being part of the storyline, with Lana leaving Rusev to be with Ziggler.

However, when Lana and Rusev decided to get engaged in real life, sharing an image all over social media, the entire thing became a bust and this complex love situation was brought to a very unclimactic ending.

7 Natalya's Farting Problem (2012)

To say Natalya is one of the best female workers WWE has ever had, the company really has given her some ridiculous material to work with and her 2012 storyline where she would fart backstage, and in the ring, was possibly her lowest point.

While WWE wasn't exactly taking the women's division seriously at that point, this was still a seriously embarrassing storyline, especially since at that point WWE had very limited top female talent who could put on a great match.

The storyline was never really explained and eventually just went away, but it was no doubt embarrassing for Natalya to be involved in and it certainly hurt her character in the long run.

6 The Bella Bust-Up (2014)

WWE loves to have siblings pretend that they hate each other and fallout on-screen, despite the fact that everyone knows there is no bad blood between them in real life, which everyone knows through social media.

In 2014, it was the turn of the Bella Twins to have a fallout as Nikki Bella screwed her sister during a match with Stephanie McMahon and went on to utter the infamous "I wish you had died in the womb" line.

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Nothing about this storyline was convincing or enjoyable to watch for the fans and it just damaged the good work Brie had put in during her story with Stephanie that led up to this.

5 Chavo & Hornswoggle's Never-Ending Battles (2009)

You would have thought WWE had learned its lesson from the awful feud the two men had in 2007 over the Cruiserweight Championship (which led to the title being retired), but clearly they did not, as they embarked on a major storyline in 2009.

The two men wrestled what seemed to be every single week, with a variety of stipulations being brought in for what were essentially comedy matches that nobody was particularly interested in watching.

It would have been fine if it had lasted a few weeks, but the two men fought on and off for what felt like the entire year in what was truly a horrendous storyline.

4 The Annonymous General Manager (2010-2012)

Had WWE actually planned this out, then there was a chance that it could have turned into an incredible storyline, but it was made very clear that not only did WWE not plan the storyline out, but their ending was seemingly just randomly decided on the day.

In 2010, WWE brought a mystery laptop to the ringside area and instead of having a traditional General Manager, the company opted to have messages be sent in and be read out by Michael Cole, which would change matches or make stipulations, just as a normal GM would do.

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There would be cryptic lines added into them from time to time, which many felt were clues about legends or past GM's that were behind the idea, yet in the end, the GM was...Hornswoggle.

3 Embrace The Hate (2012)

Kane has been involved in some amazing storylines throughout his career, but he has also been in some dreadful ones, and his 2012 'Embrace The Hate' storyline was an example of that.

Despite the fact it was one of the biggest storylines in WWE at the time, involving John Cena, with Demon Kane attempting to make him 'Embrace The Hate,' which brought in Zack Ryder as well.

In the end, Kane was soundly defeated in an Ambulance match and the storyline pretty much squashed all of the momentum that Ryder had built up in the process.

2 The Return Of Kevin Nash (2011)

2011 is often remembered as the 'Summer of Punk,' but that doesn't mean that the entire summer was perfect as the return of Kevin Nash was certainly a storyline that was handled horrendously.

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Kevin Nash made his seemingly random return to take all of the limelight away from CM Punk, putting the storyline onto him and Triple H instead, which isn't something that anybody was hoping to see.

Nash got involved in the storyline over a reported 'text message,' which Triple H claimed never happened which led to the two Kliq members falling out.

1 Michael Cole Vs Jerry Lawler (2010)

Anybody who is unfortunate enough to remember the dreadful feud between Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Michael Cole will wish they didn't, as it is without a doubt the worst storyline in recent years.

Having an announcer vs announcer isn't exactly something to scream and shout about, yet WWE decided to have it take place at WrestleMania 27 on the biggest show of the year, with Cole not even being a wrestler.

While heel Cole had a lot of serious heat, WWE took things too far and pushed him way too much, despite the fact nobody was interested in seeing him every single week, not even an appearance from Stone Cold Steve Austin could help the storyline.

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