The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

In a career where you spend so much of your time on the road each year, traveling and performing for fans, it is hard to keep relationships intact. Tales of wrestlers destroying marriages due to their actions on the road are countless. However, in today's WWE, there are many people who have found and retained the love of their lives in the job.

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The one big thing WWE did with the last Superstar Shake-up was keep real-life couples together on the same brands, in order to strengthen their commitment and not put too much of a strain on their personal lives. With the top executives in WWE meeting while working together in the Attitude Era, here is a look at some of the most powerful real-life couples in WWE right now.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

The one professional wrestling power couple that rules over WWE is easily Triple H and Stephanie McMahon -- the head of talent and the boss' daughter -- both high-level executives in the company. The couple met while Triple H was a wrestler and dating Chyna as part of DX.

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The two ended up marrying in 2003 and have three children together. Both are still active on-screen characters, with Triple H still wrestling on occasion and McMahon showing up in authority roles when needed. Triple H also runs the NXT brand, while helping with live events and working in creative.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

This WWE power couple is a newer one, as far as public knowledge goes, but remains an important one. Charlotte Flair, the daughter of Nature Boy Ric Flair, is nine-time women's champion, four times on Monday Night Raw, four times on SmackDown Live, and she was also the last WWE Divas Champion.

She is dating Andrade, and their relationship is a big reason that the Latino star was moved back to SmackDown Live, even after he was announced as a new Monday Night Raw superstar during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup. Andrade is a former NXT Champion, but has yet to win a main roster title.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

The biggest new power couple in WWE is Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. The two have been dating for a while, as photos surfaced of them kissing backstage at WrestleMania 35. However, this is a true power couple, as they are the two biggest title holders on Monday Night Raw.

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Seth Rollins is the current Universal Champion and is a three-time world champion. He is also a Triple Crown winner, as a former Intercontinental, United States, and tag team champion. Becky Lynch is the current Raw women's champion and is a four-time champion between Raw and SmackDown Kive.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

If anything, Rusev and Lana are the more entertaining couple in WWE right now, thanks mostly to their social media presence. Rusev and Lana first joined up in WWE in 2013, when she became his manager in a play on the Ivan Drago character from Rocky IV.

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The two ended up as a real-life WWE power couple and married in 2016. It was controversial at the time, since Lana made their engagement public during an angle where she supposedly left him in a storyline to go to Dolph Ziggler. However, the two joined forces again and have been, if nothing else, extremely entertaining on Twitter and Instagram.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

The relationship between Jimmy Uso and Naomi was played out big-time on the television show Total Divas. The two dated for a long time before they married in 2014, and they have been together ever since. Known to Total Divas fans by their real names, Trinity and Jonathan, they haven't hidden their real-life relationship at all.

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This is also rough at times, especially when the two were pulled over and Jimmy was arrested in Detroit. Despite this, they remain very successful and popular in WWE. Naomi is a former women's champion, while Uso is part of the most successful tag team in SmackDown Live history with his brother.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

For many years, The Miz was the most arrogant and spiteful villain in WWE. He was the A-lister who cared about nothing but getting ahead and winning at all costs. His reputation on camera was completely different than his real persona behind-the-scenes, as he was also one of the most generous and considerate superstars when promoting WWE.

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Fans are now seeing that side of The Miz on his USA Network show Miz and Mrs., with his real-life wife and former WWE Divas Champion Maryse. The Miz, a former world champion himself, married Maryse in 2014.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

Heading down to NXT, there hasn't been a more popular superstar for the brand over the last few years that Johnny Gargano. His rise to the top is a story that played out over the brand's PPV events for the last two years. As fans who watch NXT know, his wife also works for WWE.

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Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano married in 2016, and both ended up signing with WWE and competing in NXT. While Candice appeared mostly with Johnny at first, she has started wrestling more as her husband defends the NXT Championship.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

While Brie Bella has basically retired from WWE and looks to be ready to have another child with Daniel Bryan, she has left to have a baby before and returned to the ring. Even if she is finished wrestling completely, she still appears on Total Divas and Total Bellas, which means she is still connected to WWE in at least one way.

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One of the biggest power couples in WWE history was her sister Nikki Bella and John Cena, but they couldn't seem to make things work in their relationship. Brie and Bryan are a different story, marrying in 2014 and having one child already, with plans for another. Bryan is the current SmackDown Live tag team champion.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

This is one WWE real-life couple that most people outside of hardcore fans know about. Zelina Vega is the manager of Andrade and has accompanied him to the ring as his mouthpiece since he was in NXT. While in NXT, Andrade had confrontations with another former champion, Aleister Black.

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Both men are on the main roster now and both are on SmackDown Live. Andrade is still managed by Vega, who herself married Aleister Black in 2018. The two met while working in NXT, and Black credits Vega with helping him become a better person and changing his entire outlook on life.


The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

When fans saw the War Raiders had their tag team names changed to the Viking Raiders, many ridiculed the change. However, what makes this most interesting is that it isn't just a tag team gimmick for the tag team but a way of life. You see, when Erik (the former Raymond Rowe) got married in 2018, it was a Viking-themed wedding.

Erik's wife is none other than Sarah Logan of the Riott Squad. The two married in December 2018 and both now wrestle on the Monday Night Raw roster. The Viking Raiders are trying to win the Raw tag team titles, while Logan is still unsure of her place after the Riott Squad apparently split up.

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