WWE SummerSlam Tickets Highlight Ronda Rousey

WWE is clearly pretty confident that Ronda Rousey will be sticking around for the long haul after including her on their SummerSlam tickets.

When rumors first surfaced that Ronda Rousey fancied herself as a professional wrestler most would have likely assumed that she would be a part-time star, perhaps only wrestling once or twice total. According to The Rowdy One herself, however, she intends on her whole world revolving around WWE for the foreseeable future as she intends on competing for them full time.

At this moment in time, that remains to be seen. Rousey showed her face at the Royal Rumble on Jan. 28, 2018, and we've not seen her in a WWE ring since. That will all change at Elimination Chamber though when the former UFC Bantamweight Champion returns to sign her Raw contract and presumably begin the set up to her first ever match in WWE.


Vince McMahon is clearly counting on Rousey sticking to her word and staying around for a while too. Arash Markazi, a senior writer at ESPN, recently posted a photo of his SummerSlam ticket and Rousey is one of the 16 Superstars featured on it. The event doesn't take place until Aug. 19, 2018, by which point WWE will be hoping that the MMA fighter turned pro wrestler is an established member of their roster.

Whatever match Rousey is a part of at SummerSlam could end up being even bigger than the one she wrestles at this year's WrestleMania. There are rumors that The Rowdy One's WrestleMania match could be a tag team one to help ease her into the business considering she hasn't even wrestled her first match yet. If that does happen, it will likely see her face off against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with someone like The Rock teaming with her. We may have to wait until SummerSlam for that dream one on one match against someone like Asuka or Charlotte Flair.


The SummerSlam tickets are just another sign that McMahon has always got one eye firmly set on the future. Rousey hasn't even wrestled her first match in WWE yet, but clearly, there are already plans in place for most of her 2018. Let's just hope that she does turn out to be as good as everybody who had a hand in bringing her in is expecting.

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