5 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Dated

Being a professional wrestler can be an extremely time-consuming line of work. While like most of us, a WWE Superstar works five days a week, those five days for them are more than often a full five days. They'll head out on a Friday for live events over the weekend, maybe work a pay-per-view, and then there's Raw and SmackDown Live of course. What that means is, for the most part, a wrestler's life is almost completely contained within the business. It's hard to have a life outside of it. That leads to a lot of wrestler on wrestler relationships.  Most would argue that dating colleagues is a bad idea, but for pro wrestlers, it's almost an inevitability. There are plenty of cases that have worked out but here are five instances that didn't you may not have known about.

5. CM Punk and Maria Kanellis

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It's hard to believe that these two WWE Superstars were ever together. It was effectively a lifetime ago. Fast forward to the present day, and both CM Punk and Maria Kanellis are happily married to other fellow wrestlers. Punk is married to former Divas' Champion AJ Lee, and Maria is of course married to Mike Bennett with the two of them currently appearing together on SmackDown Live. Back in their OVW days, however, Punk and Maria were very much an item. Despite them being somewhat of an odd couple, they were together for a couple of years. It's Safe to say that both components of the now defunct relationship are with partners more suited to them.


4. Charlotte Flair and Alberto Del Rio

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Do any of you remember that rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Paige? It's one of the last things of note that the British Superstar was involved in before her long absence from WWE began one that is hopefully about to come to an end. If you can recall it, you will likely remember things getting a little heated. Paige stepped out onto some extremely shaky ground and took a shot at Charlotte's deceased brother, Reid. Well, apparently some of the animosity between the two of them was actually rooted in truth. For a brief period after her divorce, Charlotte was romantically involved with Alberto Del Rio. It didn't last long, and soon afterward Del Rio was with Paige. The former two-time Divas' Champion seems to be the jealous type, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to find out she dislikes Flair for that reason.


3. Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox's role in WWE recently has been to date the majority of the 205 Live roster. From Cedric Alexander to Rich Swann to Noam Dar, The Foxy One worked her way through them all as she tried to pit them against each other. All of this happened within the realms of WWE's storylines though. One real-life wrestling relationship Fox was a part of, however, was with now former WWE Superstar, Wade Barrett. Total Divas teased the tension between the two, but it was never really used to further an angle. The former Divas' Champion actually opened up about her and Barrett's split to UK newspaper The Sun, revealing that they broke up because of Wade's lack of emotion.

2. CM Punk and Lita

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CM Punk making another appearance on this list. The Straight Edge Superstar really did date around in the business before he presumably discovered the love of his life in AJ Lee. With WWE Hall of Famer Lita though, the two of them together seemed to make a lot more sense than Punk's relationship with Maria. Not just aesthetically because of their similar look, but their outlooks on life and general personalities seemed to mesh together a lot better. Again, the two of them never went public in a major way, likely so that WWE didn't try to manipulate an angle out of their relationship. They did sit together at a Hall of Fame ceremony though.


1. Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella

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At WrestleMania 33 we witnessed a huge moment in the life of Nikki Bella and her relationship with John Cena. The 16 time World Champion proposed to Nikki following their mixed tag win over The Miz and Maryse. Cena was apparently reluctant to propose to the Bella because of the turbulent time he had during his previous marriage. Cena isn't the only one bringing baggage to the relationship though. Before he and Nikki hooked up, the former Divas' Champion was in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler. This is one of those times that WWE saw an opportunity for an angle, but lucky for all involved, only in the realm of Total Divas. Ziggler attempted to woo Nikki and lure her away from Cena with the promise of marriage and kids. When The Showoff went in for the kiss, however, he got a slap for his troubles.


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