WWE Reveals Which Superstar Has Had The Most Matches On Raw

Are you ready for Raw's 25th anniversary? The landmark show is now only a few days away and it seems as if all the pieces are finally falling into place. Yes names like Mick Foley won't be there and Kevin Nash has had to pull out of the festivities but there are still over 30 Superstars from the past coming back for the show.


Raw has given us the fans so, so many moments over the course of its 25 years history. From Stone Cold drenching Vince McMahon and The Corporation in beer, to CM Punk's pipe bomb, to D-Generation X attempting to invade WCW. The Superstars involved in those moments are a very small percentage of those who have competed on the show though, and the grand total of wrestlers to compete on Raw stands at a staggering 777.

Of all the Superstars who have competed on WWE Raw, only one has been in THIS many matches...

Posted by WWE on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

As revealed by WWE's Facebook page however there is only one man who stands alone when it comes to the most Raw matches in history, and that man is Kane. The Big Red Machine has competed in a total of 435 matches on Raw and what is perhaps the most impressive thing about that number is it continues to grow. Not only does Kane still appear on Raw most weeks, but at the Royal Rumble he has a shot at the Universal Title.


The number of matches Kane has competed in on Raw could actually be more than 435. What the clip posted by WWE's social media doesn't divulge is if that only includes Kane's matches or all of Glenn Jacobs' matches, the man behind the Kane mask. The Kane character didn't debut in WWE until 1997 and didn't actually wrestle on Raw until March of '98. Before that however Jacobs had other personas in WWE who wrestled on Raw so might actually have even more matches on the show.


Kane may still be making appearances on Raw to this day but you would have to imagine that his long WWE career is starting to wind down. This angle with Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar may very well be his final big program as he gets more and more involved in the world of politics. Or perhaps there is one last go around with The Undertaker at WrestleMania left in him.

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