WWE Superstar Set To Return Much Sooner Than Expected

Chris Jericho left WWE just over a week ago after he was defeated by Kevin Owens for the United States Championship on SmackDown Live.

This was because Jericho was preparing to tour with his band group Fozzy. This happens often because Jericho juggles two careers and WWE allow him to come and go from TV and Live events when he is available.

It was thought that Jericho would be gone for a while after his recent lengthy run alongside Kevin Owens. But it seems that according to a report by Wrestling Inc., Jericho could be making a return at two WWE Live Events in Japan on June 30th and July 1st.

Jericho once signed a deal with WWE where he only appeared at Live events rather than on WWE TV. And it seems that he is open to wrestling in Japan in a few months time as well, showing that Jericho really doesn't care about the TV cameras, as long as he is able to wrestle, which proves the kind of man he is.

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