5 WWE Superstars That Should Be Honorary Shield Members

That chaos that was WWE's TLC pay-per-view has now passed. 48 hours before the show, the two biggest matches on the card were up in the air after both Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns fell ill. The show was supposed to be the homecoming of The Shield, their first match together since they reunited a few weeks ago. With that no longer able to happen thanks to The Big Dog's absence, WWE needed something big to fill the Reigns shaped void. They certainly delivered. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle filled Roman's boots and became an honorary Shield member for the night. He wore the gear, he made the entrance, he even took part in the trio's patented Shield  Triple Powerbomb. It was an unmitigated success, but who else would we like to see join The Shield for one night only should WWE have another gap to fill?

5. AJ Styles

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Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns wasn't the only last-minute change WWE had to make to the TLC card on Sunday night. With Wyatt off sick as well, Finn Balor needed an opponent, so Raw borrowed SmackDown Live's AJ Styles for the night. All of a sudden, we had a WrestleMania caliber dream match on our hands, and it duly delivered. What Styles proved, as if he needed to, is that he can slot into pretty much any match at a moment's notice. Imagine the match he could help put on with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose flanking him? The one thing Angle couldn't do at TLC was the high flying, needless to say, The Phenomenal One wouldn't have a problem when it comes to that.


4. Finn Balor

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While we're on the topic of Styles' TLC opponent, how about Finn Balor as a member of The Shield for one night only? The Irishman certainly wouldn't have any issue flinging himself over the ropes and out of the ring along with the other Hounds of Justice. What the WWE Universe is really waiting for when it comes to a Finn faction is a reformation of the Bullet Club. With two of the group's former leaders doing battle on Sunday night it seemed like a given that something would happen in regards to that. The closest we got was the pair of them throwing up the Too Sweet gesture after the match. Well, if there isn't going to be a Balor Club or a Bullet Club, at least give Finn the feeling of being in a big-time faction once again by making him a part of The Shield for a night or two.


3. Kassius Ohno

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There are a few rumors in WWE that we will seemingly never know the truth of. One of those is the whisperings that Kassius Ohno was supposed to be in The Shield instead of Roman Reigns. CM Punk dropped the bombshell during his tell-all podcast with Colt Cabana following his departure from WWE. He claimed that he wanted a group of three guys watching his back from NXT and that it should be Rollins, Ambrose, and Ohno. WWE liked the idea but wanted Reigns instead of the star formerly known as Chris Hero. Although mainstream fans likely wouldn't get much from it, imagine if Ohno had replaced Reigns at TLC instead of Angle. Hardcore wrestling fans around the world would have hit the ceiling.


2. Braun Strowman

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It was hard to follow what was going on during the main event of TLC 2017 at some points. Mainly who on The Miz's team of five was seeing eye to eye and who wasn't. Among all the chaos, it appears that WWE may have turned Braun Strowman face. The Monster Among Men's night came to an end when his four teammates threw him in the back of a garbage truck. If what happened was indeed how it looked, then we might be about to see a Strowman babyface run. Who better for The Monster to side with right from the off than the guys that beat the four men who betrayed him? The trouble is, if we learned anything from Braun's night at TLC, it's that he doesn't play well with others.


1. Daniel Bryan

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Don't think for one second that WWE allowing Kurt Angle to return to in-ring competition has flown under the radar of Daniel Bryan. The former World Champion believes that anything the Raw General Manager can do, he can do better. Bryan did not take long at all to take to social media and point out that there was a time not so long ago where it appeared WWE told Kurt that he would never compete in a WWE ring again. It gave the SmackDown Live GM yet another straw to grab. If WWE thinks that fans reacted well to an Angle return, just imagine the pop from the crowd for a Daniel Bryan match. Testing him in a tag match as a part of The Shield would be a great idea too. In fact, if they wanted to protect him, they could have him return for that one match only. It would be better than nothing, right?


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