11 WWE Superstars Born in The '90s (And 11 Who Are Over 35)

Before we know it, we will have wrestlers born in the 2000s. After all, that isn’t a stretch in this day and age with talent getting younger and younger. Take Xia Brookside as an example. She’s the youngest on the roster and still only 19. She barely makes the cut off, born in 1999. Sooner or later, we will be discussing new talents from the 2000s. What’s remarkable about this list, is that those born in the '90s are not only young, but they also have so much talent. Truthfully, the future seems to be in really good hands.

On the flip side, we will also features wrestlers that are over the age of 35. This side of the list might be surprising for a couple of reasons. For one, their lack of longevity with WWE might lead fans to think that they are younger. Also, some look a lot younger aesthetically speaking. Take Finn Balor as an example. The guy has ripped abs and resembles someone that looks to be in their mid-20s. However, as you will see in this article that just isn’t the case. We will  feature similar examples such as Braun Strowman and others from SmackDown and NXT.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 WWE Superstars who were born in the ‘90s and 10 that are over 35. Let’s get started!

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22 Born In The '90s: AOP (24 and 25)

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Not only is it surprising that Rezar holds a WWE Championship at the age of 24, but what’s even more remarkable is that he started training with no prior experience in the summer of 2015. Recruited by William Regal, WWE saw dollar signs in the former MMA athlete given his look and athletic ability.

Most of the time, we would argue that someone with such limited experience got called up way too early. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the youngster. Alongside partner Akam, who is barely 25, the duo look more than capable of holding their own in the lackluster RAW Tag Team Division.

21 Over 35: Shayna Baszler (38)

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Shayna Baszler entered WWE through the Mae Young Classic in 2017. For that reason, Shayna still feels so new to WWE fans. However, what tends to fly under the radar is the fact that Shayna is closer to 40 than she is 35 these days.

A little known fact. The current NXT Champion started to train for MMA more than a decade ago. She officially left MMA world in 2015 changing gears and stepping inside a different kind of ring. Working with the likes of World Wonder Ring Stardom, she earned her stripes on the indie scene for two years.

20 Born In The '90s:Lio Rush (24)

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He might be young in age but Lio Rush works like a veteran both on the microphone and in the squared circle. Despite his troubling start, Rush is now thriving on two brands, as a performer with 205 Live and manager of Bo0bby Lashley over on RAW.

He is just as busy off camera. Despite his youthful age and looks, Rush is also a father of two behind the scenes. Without a doubt, his kids must be proud at what he’s been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

19 Over 35: Daniel Bryan (37)

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Oh, how time goes by so quickly. It has almost been two decades since Daniel Bryan first entered the wrestling business. That’s pretty darn surreal. What’s even more head-scratching is the fact that he’s set to turn 38 next May. Bryan still moves so well in the ring and some argue he looks better physically today than ever before.

Like AJ Styles, we can expect Bryan to wrestle well into his 40s. He admitted himself that he’s good to go until 70. He wasn’t kidding, but we doubt he will last that long.

18 Born In The '90s: Liv Morgan (24)

via WWE

Liv Morgan deserves a lot of praise for her improved abilities inside of the squared circle. As a matter of fact, Morgan just started to train for the gig back in 2014, joining NXT. Despite a limited role with the developmental brand, she was called up to the main roster in late 2017. Oh, how times goes by. It has already been a year since she first debuted over on SmackDown Live.

She won’t turn 25 till June of 2018, so she still has time to get so much better. Morgan can evolve into a serious performer in the Women’s Division as time goes on.

17 Over 35: Asuka (37)

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Long before her WWE main roster debut, Asuka started to work elsewhere, beginning her career in 2014. Fans in the U.S. might not know, but Asuka spent years on the independent scene before signing with WWE. When making her NXT debut, Asuka already had over a decade of experience. Wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer was also referring to her as the best wrestler both male and female at the time.

Aged 37, Asuka is a lot older than most fans realize. Nonetheless, it seems as though she’s just getting started on the main roster with SmackDown Live, although she is yet to win a Women’s Championship.

16 Born In The '90s: Toni Storm (23)

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Winner of the second Mae Young Classic, Toni Storm has future written all over her. At the moment, she is a part of the NXT UK division. However, at some point, she will transition onto the main roster as a major star.

There is no rush given her age. Storm is only 23. Nonetheless, she already has a wealth of experience earning her stripes prior to WWE on the indie scene. She’s a sure future Women’s Champion on either brand, whether it be RAW or SmackDown Live.

15 Over 35: Tye Dillinger (37)

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Tye Dillinger barely started with the main roster, yet he’s already 37, set to turn 38 in the new year. For those that aren’t aware, Dillinger had a prior run with WWE. Though he would never reach the main roster,  he became an under-card act with the ECW brand. Despite decent projections, Dillinger never panned out and he left the company following the ECW failure.

He kept the dream alive and returned to NXT in 2013. He struck gold with a Perfect 10 gimmick. Although he is on the sidelines these days, at least he is part of the main roster feuding with the likes of Randy Orton (last we saw him) - a step higher from taking a super-kick from HBK working as an extra years prior.

14 Born In The '90s: Tyler Bate (21)

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In terms of age, Tyler Bate is the youngest male performer in the entire WWE. What’s quite baffling is the same doesn’t hold true for his experience. Bate began back in 2014 as a teenager. He is now living the dream as a part of both NXT and the NXT UK version.

Without a doubt, WWE is taking their time with Tyler Bate. Nonetheless, it is still crazy to to see how good he is already. Bate can also hold his own in the ring. The guy is like a veteran. A 21-year-old put on a Match of the Year candidate against another great young performer, Pete Dunne. The future of WWE appears to be in good hands.

13 Over 35: Trent Seven (37)

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Surprisingly, Bate’s partner is over 35. We say surprisingly because he only entered the business in 2010. At that point, Trent Seven was almost in his 30s, which is usually late for a wrestler - especially today.

Seven didn’t get the memo, though. He appears to be a perfect fit and doesn’t look anything like his actual age. Most would assume he is still in his early 30s. Seven seems to be a perfect fit as a tag team performer. These days, he is working alongside Tyler Bate. The two are among the most over tag teams in the developmental brand.

12 Born In The '90s: Rhea Ripley (22)

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Rhea Ripley made quite the impact during the second Mae Young Classic. She entered the tournament with a mean streak. This time around, it was quite clear she was playing the role of a heel. It got Ripley all the way to the semi-finals and she turned lots of heads in the process.

She carried that momentum into the NXT UK Women’s Division. Following an eight woman tournament, Ripley was crowned as the inaugural UK Women’s Champing. Still only 22, she IS creating quite the resume outside of the main roster.

11 Over 35: Sin Cara (41)

via WWE

Following the failure of Mistico, Hunico stepped in and took on the role of Sin Cara. At that point, he was already an established veteran working with the likes of Chikara, AAA Mexico and TNA.

He continues to do a decent job with the gimmick. What catches a lot fans by surprise is his age. Given his movement in the ring you might assume he’s in his mid-30s. However, he’s on the other side of 40 these days at the age of 41. It will be interesting to see what he and the WWE decide to do once his contract expires.

10 Born In The '90s: Aliyah (23)

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As a teenager, Aliyah started in the wrestling business working the independent circuit in both Canada and the U.S. WWE saw a lot of upside in the young blue chip prospect, and she signed a deal in March of 2015.

Given her age, the company is in no rush to call her up. However, she is booked a lot more frequently these days. The youngster just turned 23. We assume she will be on the main roster once she hits 25, given the experience she will have accumulated at that point.

9 Over 35: Bobby Roode (41)

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Bobby Roode is another wrestler that seems brand new to WWE fans. Heck, he only joined NXT in 2016. Roode joining WWE was a long time coming. He spent the majority of his career with Impact Wrestling, staying onboard with the company for over a decade.

He is yet to scratch the surface with WWE, even though some fans might say it is still so early. The truth is; Roode’s age tells us otherwise. The wrestler is not only over 35, but he’s over 40 at the age of 41.

8 Born In The '90s: Taynara Conti (23)

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Prior to joining WWE, Taynara Conti was on the Olympic team from Brazil, taking part in the trials for the 2016 Olympic Games. WWE loves to scout athletes, especially at a younger age. Brock Lesnar is an example of that. WWE followed the same formula with Conti, recruiting the youngster in her early 20s.

The company continues to take their time with the talent that were born in the mid-90s. There truly is no rush. Especially given her limited experience. Nonetheless, she put on a great showing during the second Mae Young Classic, adding a mean streak to her in-ring style. If she continues on this path, she will have a bright future to say the least.

7 Over 35: AJ Styles

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AJ Styles is the greatest performer of the current era. A fact that tends to fly under the radar is AJ’s age. He is performing at this level in his 40s. Truth be told, and given the way he moves in the ring, you would think he was in his early 30s. This is quite similar to Shawn Michaels who kept the quality standard well into his 40s.

We can expect the same out of AJ as he’s showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. For The Phenomenal One, age is clearly just a number.

6 Born In The '90s: Sasha Banks (26)

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Sasha Banks wrestles like a veteran. For that reason, it might hard to believe that Sasha is a '90s kid. Most would expect that she’s similar to Bayley, born in the '80s. However, that isn’t the case.

What truly separates Sasha is the fact that she got started in 2008. At that point, she wasn’t The Boss just yet, and in truth, she was just a teen getting started on the independent scene. Only a couple of years later, she was signed to an NXT deal. Thanks to Triple H'sguidance, she would become a pivotal part in transforming the Women’s Division.

5 Over 35: Eric Young (38)

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Although he might play the role of a heel on-screen, those that know Young’s journey in the business can’t help but to cheer for the man behind the gimmick. A wrestling journeyman to say the least, Young got his dream started in the 90s, the same decade the other half of the list was born in!

It took more than 15 years but finally, WWE decided to give the veteran a chance in 2016. Not only has he thrived in the position with NXT but he’s now a touring act over on SmackDown Live.

4 Born In The '90s: Alexa Bliss (27)

via WWE

Alexa Bliss is another example of a young gem that climbed up the ladder real quick. The company took their time with Alexa when she was with NXT. However, once she made the main roster, Bliss quickly rose up the ranks becoming a multi-time champion.

What is so surreal when it comes to all of her success is the fact that she’s still so young, under the age of 30. Alexa still has a long way to go, and given all of her accomplishments, you would think she was in her late 30s ready to call it a career.

3 Over 35: Hideo Itami (37)

via Wordpress

Let’s not forget. By the time Hideo Itami signed with WWE, he was already an established veteran in his 30s. Itami created quite the resume with Pro Wrestling Noah, becoming a must-see talent. Back then, the signing was a huge deal and one of Triple H’s better pieces of business.

Given his sporadic career due to numerous injuries, it might seem that Itami is younger, perhaps in his early 30s. However, he is on the other side of his 30s, set to turn 38 prior to WrestleMania.

2 Born In The '90s: Velveteen Dream (23)

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While his NXT trainer Shawn Michaels was busy climbing ladders in front of thousands on-hand and millions watching at home, Velveteen Dream was barely old enough to walk. However, despite his youth and green experience, Velveteen has become one of the most must-watch wrestlers in the entire industry. Pretty surreal for someone that was born in the mid-90s, wouldn’t you say?

Once he makes it onto the main roster, he will undoubtedly thrive. Given his youth, will be seeing a lot of the Dream for quite some time. Let’s hope WWE takes their time with his development. His work with NXT can make any wrestling fan stop and watch.

1 Over 35: Finn Balor (37)

via Sportskeeda

Finn Balor seems to be a wrestler that just doesn’t age. Truthfully, Balor looks like he’s in his mid-20s, rocking a youthful look and ripped abs. However, that’s more of a credit to his diet, exercise and the fact that this dude takes care of himself.

The reality here; Finn started wrestling back in 2000. It is hard to believe but he is closer to 40 these days than 30. Despite the older age, Balor is showing no signs of slowing down inside of the squared circle. Like some of the others, age is just a number for Finn.

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