WWE Superstars Reveal Their Childhood Crushes

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to share love for those that you care about most. Of course, most of us also have wanted somebody to be our Valentine, even though they don't feel the same way. We're specifically talking about celebrity crushes here.

Even though WWE superstars have reached fame, wealth and the hearts of many across the world, they were once regular people who were in love with other celebrities. WWE was nice enough to share a video where they asked superstars to share their childhood crushes.

Among them, The Miz admitted that his childhood crush was Pamela Anderson - the Canadian-born actress who became famous for her role as Lisa in Home Improvement in the early '90s. Jason Jordan revealed Tapanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel), from Boy Meets World as his celebrity childhood crush. Kids who grew up in the '90s can obviously relate to Jordan here.

Sasha Banks shared a rather interesting celebrity was Yu-Gi-Oh!, and we mean that seriously. "I know it's so weird...kind of regretting I just said that," she said.


Also on the list? Renee Young revealed that she loved fellow Canadian, singer Bryan Adams. Alexa Bliss was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio - perhaps the most popular male celebrity of the past 20 year. And finally, Kalisto revealed that his crush was Jessica Alba.

Of course, these superstars have grown up and are either engaged or happily married, so we're sure they're over the childhood crushes. But it never hurts to share some love on Valentine's Day.

Now, the WWE superstars get to see what it's like to be universally beloved. They all have a handful of lovers/admirers across the world, but the majority of fans will unfortunately never get the chance to meet them. But again, very few people get to meet their childhood and celebrity crushes.

Have a happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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