15 WWE Superstars Who Deserve A Push In 2019 (And 15 Who Need To Be Buried)

In the world of professional wrestling, it really does not matter how good you are in the ring. You may be an amazing performer but if the boss does not like you for any reason, chances are you will never be a champion.

This is especially prevalent in the WWE as Vince McMahon follows what he likes and sticks with it. We are not arguing the choices of the owner of the biggest promotion in wrestling today but surely there are underutilized talents on his roster.

Getting “pushed” in wrestling is like being promoted. One day, a wrestler might be at the very bottom of a card; if he gets pushed then he will jump all the way to the main event. While most wrestlers work hard to be at the top of the card, there are performers who deserve a spot more than others for various reasons.

On the other hand, getting buried simply means losing continuously, or forcing a performer at the back end of the roster. It might seem harsh but that is the reality of professional wrestling.

For this article we will define a burial as the following; a main eventer who is better suited at the mid-card, a performer who needs a new gimmick, or getting buried in the meantime for another wrestler to get their own push.

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30 Bury – Baron Corbin (Do not book him every week)

via thechairshot.com

The whole Constable Baron Corbin gimmick has been entertaining. Putting himself in Universal Championship matches, booking jobbers so he can participate in Crown Jewel, Corbin has been genuinely been a pleasant surprise.

But at some point, someone at the back has to wonder “Do the fans really want to see Corbin week after week when Finn Balor barely gets any screen time?” and the answer is no, we really do not need to see Corbin that much.

The former Lone Wolf has improved on the mic but he is still boring in the ring unless you enjoy chin locks. Let him work more as the annoying constable rather than the annoying constable/wrestler.

29 Push – Asuka (Give her the title)

via wwe.com

It is not far fetched to say that Asuka is the best female wrestler in the company. She has proven in Japan that she can hang even with male wrestlers. At NXT, she was booked as the unbeatable Empress and to be honest it worked.

But after losing to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34, all of Asuka’s momentum suddenly came crashing down. Not to mention, she lost to Carmella twice which just ended the mystique surrounding her.

If Asuka is to be booked as championship material again then have her turn heel and just run with the idea of an unstoppable force climbing up the ranks. I mean, we already have fans waiting on Becky Lynch to turn face anyway.

28 Bury – Mojo Rawley (Give up on the Rawley experiment)

via gramunion.com

Mojo Rawley seems to be the next creation Vince is shaping. With Rawley having a football background it is easy to imagine why Vince has taken a liking to Mojo. Separating with Zack Ryder, turning heel, and insulting a man in a burger costume, Mojo has done almost everything imaginable to connect with the audience but it simply has not worked.

While we are not ruling out the possibility of Mojo improving, he has not shown any signs of improvement since he got called up from NXT.

At most he can be a mid-card champion, but maybe, Vince needs to let Rawley go back to good ol’ Triple H.

27 Push – Bray Wyatt (Another shot at the top)

Via WWE.com

There was a time when Bray Wyatt looked to be the next Undertaker. Pushed as a psychological demon who leads a stable filled with unstable minds, Wyatt was on top of the wrestling world. This all culminated in a WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2017.

Of course, this all came crashing down after only 49 days, when Randy Orton defeated Wyatt at WrestleMania 33.

Bray has shown he is more than capable of being a top guy and quite frankly he deserves to be pushed to the top. In-ring work, good with the mic, and a good stable behind him; Wyatt has almost everything you want in a champion.

26 Bury – Lio Rush (Change the hype man gimmick)

via givemesport.com

Lio Rush made his Raw debut as the hype man for Bobby Lashley, a superstar who has failed to go over the fans since returning to the WWE. And while we are fresh from Lashley and Rush’s heel turn, most fans have already voiced their annoyance in Rush. In case you are wondering, for the last two matches, Rush has had a microphone in his hands trying to hype Lashley up so the live audience will start chanting his name; the only problem is, it is an unnecessary distraction from the match itself.

While the duo definitely has potential, there are other ways to use Rush on Raw; maybe just have him be Lashley's promo guy before or after matches not during one.

25 Push – Elias (Mid-card push)

via wwe.com

Elias has definitely been an example of talents who are better on the main roster compared to NXT. In NXT, Elias was nothing more than a borderline jobber; on Raw, he is one of the must-see performers with his guitar playing, Seattle SuperSonics hating, and crowd working character.

In his case it is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” he gets another chance at the Intercontinental Championship. Of course, he had his chance against Seth Rollins, but the former "Drifter" was not ready to become champion back then. The perfect time would be in 2019 when Elias has improved considerably in the ring.

Fans are certainly ready to walk with Elias and let us hope the WWE is too.

24 Bury – Singh Brothers (Send to 205 Live)

via SEScoops.com

In wrestling, a heel is supposed to generate heat. Meaning they should be hated by the crowd because of what they do as a wrestler or as a part of a meaningful storyline.

Unfortunately, that heat cannot be used to describe the Singh Brothers. People boo them not because they are good heels but mostly because they are quite annoying as Jinder Mahal’s sidekicks. The WWE championship push Jinder received last year was made worse with the Singh Brothers by his side.

Samir and Sunil Singh are okay workers who could definitely use a spot at 205 Live. While the two will most likely never spearhead the division, you can never have enough talent and these two will be welcomed as mid-card performers who can make upcoming talents look better.

23 Push – Authors of Pain (Championship contenders)

via wwe.com

Currently, the Raw tag team division is almost non-existent. With the championship around Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, it is hard to imagine them losing the belts in the near future. Not to mention the fact that the last two champions before Drew and Dolph were The B-Team and The Deleters of Worlds; not the best record to say the least.

With Authors of Pain, you will get a force you can build the tag division around. Akam and Rezar, led by manager Drake Maverick, have been flopping in the main roster as they have only been booked against the now-defunct Titus Worldwide and a bunch of local jobbers. The two behemoths are certainly talented enough to be at the top of the tag team card.

22 Bury – Chad Gable (Send to 205 Live)

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Before we start I just want to say, Chad Gable is a really freaking good wrestler. More often than not you will be amazed at how good he is on the technical aspects of wrestling and how good he is working spots. Gable’s talent in the ring is exactly why he needs to be down at 205 Live.

Kayfabe wise the cruiserweight championship is lower than any of the main roster championship. So if Gable is sent down to 205 Live, it is considered a burial in kayfabe. A fresh start at 205 might be what Gable needs to spark life back into his WWE career.

21 Push – SAnitY (Book as a legit heel stable)

It has been quite some time since SAnitY has been called up from NXT and they have done nothing on the main roster. A pre-show victory at Extreme Rules against The New Day is the most notable win the team has had, but other than that, they have been losing almost every single match.

Of course, in 2019 they might complete SAnitY with Nikki Cross getting called up to join the stable. If they do, let us hope that they are booked as a stable not to be messed, with instead of being an afterthought in the tag division.

20 Bury – Lars Sullivan (Do not call him up just yet)

via masonsringsideview.blogspot.com

Like we said at the start, if Vince likes a wrestler he will push said wrestler to the sky. And if there is something Vince likes, it is definitely a big wrestler who has a good body. As you can see, Lars Sullivan is an example of what Vince likes.

At the time of this article, Sullivan is still in NXT feuding with EC3 and it has shown how green Lars still is. Sullivan is weak at the mic and is a bit sloppy inside the ring, which is the exact reason why he should stay in NXT for the time being.

19 Push – Bobby Roode (Push him as the heel he was at NXT)

Via WWE.com

Bobby Roode’s character is simple; he is a glorious wrestler who thinks he is the best but in reality, he relies on cheap tricks to win matches. The problem with current Bobby Roode is that he is a heel character who is being pushed as a face.

While Roode is past his prime, he has proven he can still work as we saw with his NXT champion run. The whole mini-Ric Flair shtick worked in developmental because his character was straightforward.

If WWE looks to revive Bobby’s career then they should book a heel turn for Roode. Who knows maybe the crowd eats it up and you have a perfectly good heel champion and we all know Roode is more than capable of being a heel champion.

18 Bury - Braun Strowman (Do not give the Universal Championship just yet)

Via WWE.com

Braun Strowman has been on an absolute tear since SummerSlam 2017. Since last year, Braun has had multiple title shots, won the Greatest Royal Rumble, and won the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year.

The problem The Monster Among Men has is that he is so raw inside the ring that his matches are borderline unwatchable. His Steel Cage match against Kevin Owens might be Braun’s best singles match yet and even that was not very good if not for the crazy spot KO took.

Strowman, like Sullivan, needs more time to develop his in-ring prowess before getting pushed.

17 Push – Riott Squad (Solidify them as the best heels in the women’s division)

via bigwnews.com

Much like Sanity, the Riott Squad has been floating ever since they made their debut. They have not yet received a proper storyline, rather they seem to be fed to female wrestlers the company wants to push. “Feuds” against Sasha Banks with Bayley and the Bellas with Ronda Rousey have done nothing for the three.

It is a shame since they all have their unique traits that make them stand out. Ruby Riott is, of course, the leader and the best worker of the three, Sarah Logan is the powerhouse of the team, and Liv Morgan has the most potential with her improving in-ring work and her champion-esque look.

16 Bury – Aiden English (Stop the Rusev Day feud or potential re-feud)

via wwe.com

Rusev Day as a gimmick has become a staple in the WWE. The whole Aiden English singing Rusev to the ring has been over for quite some time now that it was hard to imagine the creative team breaking them up but as we all know they did it anyway for no reason at all.

While this feud has been secretly entertaining with the whole Milwaukee angle, it has also been set up so poorly that neither guy will benefit at all. If WWE would just step out and leave the storyline alone then it might be salvageable.

Just give English a tag partner since he works better as a tag team anyway.

15 Push – Rusev (Give more shots at the top or at least a mid-card championship)

via areawrestling.net

The other side of the Rusev Day feud is none other than Rusev himself. While the feud will definitely turn out in the Bulgarian Brute’s favor, it is hard to imagine it will elevate him into mid-card championship contention.

Rusev is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the company. He has proven it time and time again especially this year with a must-see match against AJ Styles at Extreme Rules. In fact, Rusev is so good that it is hard to watch him rot in a meaningless feud against Aiden when he really should be booked more like a championship contender.

14 Bury – Brie Bella (Let her get back to in-ring shape)

via wwe.com

The Bella Twins have returned to regular in-ring action since their hiatus. Upon arrival, they have instantly been shot to the top of the card with Nikki main eventing Evolution against Ronda Rousey.

Brie, on the other hand, has made news for all the wrong reasons. First, there were the two botched suicide dives that gave fans a good laugh. Second, there was a V-Trigger attempt on Zelina Vega on Smackdown Live which looked too stiff. Lastly, there was the accidental knockout of Liv Morgan after failing to give a proper Yes Kick; the last kick hit Morgan on the head which resulted in a concussion.

If WWE is serious about the Bella Twins, then they should slowly build Brie back until she is ready.

13 Push – The Revival (Build the division around them)

via pinterest.com

Like we said earlier, Raw’s tag team division is laughable compared to SmackDown. Unfortunately, The Revival has been a victim of the poor division as Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have done nothing other than lose to the B-Team multiple times.

WWE certainly wants to re-build the division, they can start with The Revival being the tag champs. If they do, the division will certainly get a new breath of fresh air with The Revival and AoP at the very top of the card.

12 Bury – Brock Lesnar (Do not give him the Universal Championship again)

via foxsports.com

In kayfabe, Brock Lesnar is the greatest Universal Champion of all time since he has held the belt longer than anyone. It honestly felt like Lesnar held the belt for more than five years with how few matches WWE was squeezing out of the part-timer.

But in reality, Lesnar’s lack of matches hurt the image of the championship. Only defending the title on the biggest pay-per-view’s has certainly left a sour taste in the mouths of the fans and it will take a while before people take the championship seriously. That's all because of Brock.

And you just know we have not yet seen the last of Brock as champion.

11 Push – Bayley (Book her like how she was booked in NXT)

Via: WWE.com

Out of the Four Horsewomen of the WWE (Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch) Bayley has been the most disappointing one yet. Before being called up from NXT, Bayley was the most beloved babyface in the short history of the development program. Then she got called up and Vince had no idea what he can do with her as a wrestler.

Even though the Hugger won the Raw Women’s Championship once, it has felt like she is nothing more than an afterthought in the mind of Vince.

A move to SmackDown might kick-start Bayley's career as a lovable face once again.

10 Bury – Jinder Mahal (Stop pushing him)

via wwe.com

The WWE championship has lost a good chunk of credibility when WWE decided to put the belt around Jinder Mahal’s waist. Before the dreaded championship run, Mahal was seen as nothing more than a bad in-ring worker who has barely improved in his time with the company.

Of course, Vince pushed Mahal to the very top because of the idea of Mahal getting to the Indian audience which of course also failed.

We most like have seen the last of Mahal as WWE champion, but in the back of every fan’s mind, they still fear that Vince still secretly likes Jinder.

9 Push – Sasha Banks (Have her feud with Bayley as a proper heel)

via wwe.com

With how good the Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch feud over at Smackdown you cannot help but wonder who is booking Bayley and Sasha Banks on Raw.

Considered one of the best women’s matches of all time, Bayley and Sasha tore Brooklyn down at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn back in 2015. It was a great feud because you had a lovable baby face in Bayley and a despicable heel in Sasha; simple? Sure, but sometimes it is the simple things that works in wrestling.

The Boss worked best as a heel and she deserves another shot at a proper feud with Bayley.

8 Bury – Alexa Bliss (Cool off with the championship runs)

via aminoapps.com

While not the best worker, Alexa Bliss is without a doubt one of the best at promos in WWE's women’s division. Considered by many the best or second best after Lynch, Bliss has talked her way into the championship four times and the first woman to be both the Raw and SmackDown women’s champion.

Even though Bliss is over with the crowd with her looks and mic skills, she is still a few years away from being considered a genuinely good in-ring worker.

WWE has done a great job of hiding her weakness but if Bliss improves then they might have their new superstar that can break into the mainstream.

7 Push – Sami Zayn (Give him a championship)

Via WWE.com

Much like Bayley, Sami Zayn was one of the most beloved babyfaces at NXT. The crowd was absolutely eating up the face versus heel dynamic Zayn had with Kevin Owens down at Florida. And who can blame them, as  Sami is good at everything; mic skills, in-ring prowess, in-ring psychology, Zayn just checks all the boxes.

The surprising fact is Sami has yet to win a single championship on the main roster while Kevin Owens has won the top prize with his Universal Championship run.

WWE has had a lot of chances to put at least the Intercontinental Championship around Zayn but they chose not to. In 2019, we hope this will change. Maybe we will even get a Sami Zayn WWE Championship feud with his buddy, Kevin Owens, when they both return from injury.

6 Bury – Charlotte Flair (Stop giving her so many championship opportunities)

via wwe.com

The total opposite of Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair is one of the best wrestlers in her division yet she is still so awkward on the mic.

As a wrestler, it is fine to give Flair a title shot since she deserves it but is it a bit too much that she already has seven title reigns within her short career?

While not a total burial, if Charlotte can take a backseat for a few months it will pave way for more women wrestler who deserves a shot at the championship. At the rate we are going, people are only souring on Flair and calling her “Woman Reigns."

Not to mention the WWE will definitely do a Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair feud in the near future.

5 Kevin Owens (Give him a serious storyline)

Via WWE.com

Once the WWE finds out that you are a good comedic character it is hard to be anything else in their eyes. Chris Jericho, Santino Marella, and Kevin Owens all hurt from portraying comedic characters when they could have been a serious threat in their division.

Owens, the second Universal Champion, has been nothing more than a borderline jobber to guys like Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and even Bobby Lashley.

If anything, WWE should take advantage of how good the Prizefighter is. A great in-ring worker and a great heel, Owens has shown at NXT that he can absolutely be the top heel of the company.

4 Bury – The Shield (As a group)

Via: WWE.com

The Shield is without a doubt the best stable of the last decade. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins have all been the top champion of the company and they have proven all three can be the company’s top star. As a group, the Hounds of Justice still get the same reaction from the crowd like they did more than five years ago.

Why bury them then? Because right now it absolutely does nothing for all three men involved. Dean Ambrose came back from an injury and so far he has done nothing other than tease a heel turn, Seth Rollins was red-hot and looked to be the top star of Monday nights but that all came crashing down with the reunion, and lastly, Roman Reigns just became the new Universal Champion, and so far he looks weak in kayfabe with his brothers protecting him.

3 Push – Andrade “Cien” Almas with Zelina Vega (He is ready to become champion)

via nexterawrestling.net

It is no secret that Vince has looked hard for the next great Latino wrestler. He tried it with Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, and Kalisto but none of them had star power. Enter Andrade “Cien” Almas, a young talented wrestler who looks absolutely terrific; the only weakness he has is that he cannot speak good English but that is the point of pairing him with manager Zelina Vega.

Impressive wins against Rusev, R-Truth, and Sin Cara proves the WWE sees Almas as the next big thing. So far his only loss is at the hands of WWE champion AJ Styles and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

By 2019 Cien will definitely be ready as champion. Maybe he even wins the upcoming Royal Rumble.

2 Bury – John Cena (Let him build up an upcoming star)

via wwe.com

At this point in time, John Cena has done almost everything imaginable in the WWE. He has won 16 World Championships, the mid-card championships, tag championships, the Royal Rumble, and more.

The face that runs the place probably has one last top guy push in him but at this point in time he should give back and help build up a star. Andrade Almas has yet to be booked in a real storyline and imagine beating John Cena in a feud; it would help Cien’s stock skyrocket to the top.

Cena has done everything except for helping a young superstar get over with the crowd. What better way to do it with the next big thing in Almas.

1 Push – Finn Balor (Turn him heel and make him great again)

via wwe.com

Right now it is hard to pinpoint what WWE has in store for Finn Balor. Wins over Baron Corbin, Jinder Mahal, and Bray Wyatt have meant nothing for Finn as a wrestler. They booked him as the first Universal Champion but after an unfortunate shoulder injury, they were forced to strip him the title.

The founder of the most influential stable in the modern day, the Bullet Club original leader has done nothing since his Universal Championship. Finn can be found on Monday nights smiling while dancing to Bayley’s entrance music, an absolutely sad image.

If the WWE can bring back the edge Prince Devitt had in New Japan, then they have a top heel that can carry the company. After all, fans are still hot for Balor and that will not change anytime soon.

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