5 Superstar Pushes We Want To See (& 5 We Don't)

Who doesn't love a push, right? Well, that actually all depends. There are plenty of Superstars who garner lukewarm reactions. This is why these performers are stuck in the mid-card or on house shows. If a babyface is getting pushed and the fans are behind it, great things happen: look at Kofi Kingston.

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If a heel is getting pushed and fans believe it, the same concept applies. There are plenty of instances where WWE pushes someone, in spite of the fans' protests (looking at Roman Reigns and Batista as good examples). There are some obvious ones we can skip (they are on the verge or in the midst of pushes as we speak), but here's a look at five current superstars we want to see pushed and five we do not.

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10 Do push: Ember Moon

There are rumblings that, for one reason or another, Ember Moon isn't a favorite of some in the creative process (like the big boss). If that is true, then she will have a particularly difficult hill to climb in order to get herself a push.

That said, she does have a title match at SummerSlam, so maybe she's not that disliked in the executive offices? Of course, if she loses, maybe there is some truth to the rumor? But she was wildly popular in NXT, and her finisher is one of the most exciting in WWE, regardless of division. She got burned by an earlier injury, but now is the time to push her.

9 Don't push: Lacey Evans

To be fair, Lacey Evans already kind of got her own little push in the earliest part of 2019. After getting a bit of a surprise NXT graduation, she has certainly made the most of her opportunity. That said, her push came at the expense of other superstars who were probably more deserving, or had waited their turn. Even looking at talent that could have been called up from NXT, one could make an argument that she wasn't even the best choice from the brand to jump (Shayna Baszler would have been better).

Evans has an interesting gimmick and she's played it well, but it feels as though it might have a shelf life. She got lucky and had good timing, but no more push for Evans for now.

8 Do push: Elias

Elias feels as though he has been on the verge of a push for months now. He's seemed ready to get some big programs, but nothing has truly blown up (in a good way) for him. Sure, he's involved in some good storylines now, but that doesn't really equate to a push.

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No, for Elias, he needs a monster push. If nothing else, this means a great reign with one of either the United States or Intercontinental Championships. It's time to see how much more he can do as a champion, because one has to think he could, eventually, be a great champion as well.

7 Don't push: Randy Orton

Not saying that Randy Orton is getting a push, but he definitely should not be and does not need one. He is, however, getting a title shot at SummerSlam, though that may be more along the lines of a veteran wrestler working with another veteran for the sake of producing a strong match. There's nothing wrong with that.

With that in mind, however, Orton is not far off from breaking that fabled (and fabricated) record of 16 world championships. So much has been made of John Cena breaking it, or maybe Charlotte Flair... no one really mentions Orton, do they? Well, here's hoping that, at least for now, Orton isn't getting a new push any time soon. He's there if they need him, but he does not need a push.

6 Do push: Ali

Speaking of Orton, here's someone whose push Orton helped to abort. WWE even smartly incorporated that into the promos leading up to Kofi versus Orton, because without Orton injuring Ali, there's a decent chance KofiMania does not happen.

Now that Ali is back, however, one has to wonder if WWE will re-ignite his push. Fans were certainly getting behind the charismatic and athletic talent earlier in the year, so there's no obvious reason not to try it again, right?

5 Don't push: Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy can be a fun superstar to watch. He's been a bit overlooked since he jumped from NXT to the main roster, however.

In recent weeks, for one reason or another, he has found himself thrust into a major storyline. It was thought that perhaps it was Murphy that was behind the set pieces crashing onto Roman Reigns. It was not, but it was Murphy that ratted out Rowan and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown. So, will this be a footnote? Will this be part of a coming push? It could be...but here's hoping he's not getting a tremendous push.

4 Do push: Kabuki Warriors

It seemed that these two women would be the ones to take the Women's Tag Team Championships from The Iiconics, but that was not the case. This doesn't mean they won't eventually become tag champs. They absolutely should.

These two women (and Paige) absolutely deserve more. The tag titles would be just a start, to be honest. Asuka has already held a singles championship since she got to the main roster, but she didn't deserve to lose her undefeated streak when she did. Bottom line, the rest of 2019 -and 2020, for that matter- should be filled with gold for the Kabuki Warriors.

3 Don't push: Drake Maverick

This one is already happening, since Drake Maverick has been heavily involved in the 24/7 Championship storyline thus far. However, considering what the former Rockstar Spud has done since he showed up in WWE, it was a kind of odd move. Maverick may be talented and he is sure entertaining, but he really does not seem like someone who warrants a push over some of the other names on the roster.

Heck, his push even drew the ire of some other 205 Live talent, so the observation that Maverick doesn't need or deserve a push does not just come from fans, but also the locker room too. This is really not a knock on Drake, not at all. This is more an acknowledgment that there were, and are, a lot of other superstars plenty deserving of a push.

2 Do push: anyone else on 205 Live

So who do you push instead of Drake Maverick? How about anyone else on the 205 Live roster! While the 205 Live guys are all cruiserweights, they are all exceptionally skilled inside the ring. They can move, they can fly, they can wrestle, and, in case you've missed the last few WWE PPVs, they are completely capable of stealing the show.

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Drew Gulak...Oney Lorcan...Tozawa...Tony Neese...just to name a few. These guys and so many others are very gifted, very entertaining, and very much deserving of a push.

1 Don't push: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is one of the most important superstars that WWE has had over the past few years. That's an undeniable fact. She is also quickly sneaking up on her old man's celebrated 16 world championships.

In this current climate, it wouldn't be so crazy to envision an instant where it's Charlotte Flair, not John Cena, who ties and breaks that record. For one, it's Flair's own daughter. The other aspect, of course, is it would be a woman breaking it. Still, let's hope WWE doesn't do it now. The women's division is in an interesting place now, and there are a few strong women who deserve shots of their own. Charlotte can take a break for a while.

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