5 WWE Superstars Who Should Be Champion But Can't Get On TV

As of today, Brock Lesnar is still your WWE Universal Champion, despite his part-time status. Jinder Mahal is still your WWE Champion, despite most fans taking a dump on his surprise main event push, to say little of his lack of main event-caliber wrestling and promo skills. Then you've got Enzo Amore, who won the Cruiserweight Championship from Neville at No Mercy. Wasn't that booking move, well, a bit on the "sawft" side?

Granted, WWE's other championships are fortunately in good hands, but there are certainly more than a few wrestlers who should be holding one of the company's belts, instead of sitting at home or in the locker room doing nothing. So with that said, let's take a look at five WWE wrestlers whom you might not have seen on TV for quite some time, but are nonetheless deserving of a title, or even a title shot at the very least.

5. Mike Kanellis

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Maybe it's a stretch to say that Mike Kanellis should be United States Champion on SmackDown Live, as AJ Styles is doing a pretty good job making the mid-card belt mean something. But instead of starting him off on the main roster, the former "Miracle" Mike Bennett probably would have been more at home on NXT, where he could have been a plausible contender for the developmental promotion's championship. More importantly, NXT could have helped Kanellis get in main roster shape, as it's his poor conditioning that's allegedly the reason why his "Power of Love" gimmick with wife Maria fizzled out so quickly, and the reason he's barely on television these days.


4. Paige

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This one is a very controversial entry, considering how she's now far more notorious these days for leaked sex tapes and public scandals with her boyfriend, Alberto El Patron. Shenanigans aside, however, Paige has the youth and in-ring ability to have a long wrestling career ahead of her. It's all a matter of getting healthy after more than a year on the sidelines, and getting her head straight.

Considering how crowded the Women's Championship pictures are on both Raw and SmackDown, there might not be much room for Paige to compete for a title. But it would be nice if she at least got another chance to make people care about her wrestling, rather than tune in for the latest report of unproductive behavior from the Anti-Diva.


3. The Revival

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The stars simply haven't aligned for The Revival since they got called up to the main roster on the Raw after WrestleMania 33. First, it was Dash Wilder sidelined with an injury, now it's Scott Dawson who's still got some time remaining on the injured list, leaving Wilder with nothing to do in the meantime. It's a damn shame for this talented heel duo, who, in a perfect world, would be next in line for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins' Raw Tag Team Championships, but instead are having trouble gaining momentum due to injuries to one member or another.

2. Samoa Joe

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This one's another case of injuries keeping someone off TV instead of bad booking. But you can't deny that Samoa Joe deserves another shot at the Universal Championship after losing his shot at the belt at Great Balls of Fire. Joe has been off TV since August due to an injury he suffered at a Raw house show, but with Brock Lesnar taking the Universal Championship with him as he prepares for another months-long stretch away from WWE television, we've got to wonder how WWE will be booking the Destroyer. We hope they keep booking him strong because, at 38, it's not like he has many years of main event prominence ahead of him.


1. Sami Zayn

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Even Daniel Bryan had to admit it while partly in character. Sami Zayn's move to SmackDown Live was supposed to propel him to main event prominence, but the Land of Opportunity feels more like jobber purgatory for the fan-favorite underdog. Zayn's appearances on the blue brand seem to be getting a tad less frequent, though he's managed to be featured a little more prominently recently, the former NXT Champion was doing jobs to Aiden English not that long ago. Aiden freakin' English!

When your last TV wins were against a lukewarm Mike Kanellis (see above), you've got to wonder if there's still hope for a main event push. We hope that will soon be forthcoming for Zayn, but WWE, just as always, doesn't seem interested in pushing the Underdog from the Underground, despite how over he remains with the fans.


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