5 WWE Superstars That DESPERATELY Need A Character Change

In the current WWE landscape, there are quite a few characters that need character changs. Throughout the years, many WWE fans have quickly gotten tired and bored of the same old gimmicks from past superstars. This is where the creative team has the responsibility in and change it up with certain wrestlers.

In 1996, Eric Bischoff and the WCW writers could see that Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania gimmick was slowly wearing out, so they pulled off the greatest betrayal in wrestling history by turning him heel and forming the New World Order.

But for some reason, the current WWE creative team has kept many of the bland gimmicks for specific wrestlers that have lost their mojo. We know they have the talent to be strong entertainers, but a change to their characters are needed. Here are five such wrestlers who could use one.

5. Dolph Ziggler

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Ziggler has always been a reliable mid-card wrestler, and his feud with The Miz last year (that led to him winning the Intercontinental Championship), was one of the better storylines in 2016.

But the WWE took Ziggler off of television in July and most of August to change up his character. And we were given a guy who just comes out and impersonates other wrestlers entrances. Seriously?! All this hype to change up Ziggler's character and we just get a guy who comes out in the D-Generation X, John Cena, and Undertaker theme songs?

Ziggler has a nice little feud going on with Bobby Roode, but it's rude of the creative team to think we have interest in the former's current gimmick. None of it makes sense and those poor kids who watched at home and thought Undertaker was actually coming back.

Let's pull the plug on this awful Ziggler gimmick before it's too late.


4. Jason Jordan

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WWE was hoping that one of its top up-and-coming talents in Jason Jordan would get over quickly by having Raw GM Kurt Angle introduce him as the Hall of Famer's son (in storyline).

But Jordan's lack of microphone skills and over-reliance on his father to do the talking haven't gone over well with the fans. Despite playing the babyface role, Jordan was booed by fans at the No Mercy pay-per-view event.

WWE won't be willing to give up on Jordan's current gimmick just yet, but they'll have to change things up if his crowd responses aren't favorable. Perhaps turning him heel and setting up a match against his storyline father could get Jordan over. But right now, he's a bland mid-card wrestler that hasn't proven himself yet.

And believe us, the guy has too much in-ring talent to be this boring. They have to make him entertaining in one way or another.


3. R-Truth

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R-Truth has always been a lovable wrestler and has done pretty well for a guy that never has and never will receive the big push. As cheesy as it was, we all had a soft spot for his "WHAT'S UP" intros.

Truth has always been used for comedic relief, but his partnership with Goldust didn't account for much of anything. Their promos were sometimes funny, but the chemistry wasn't there between two completely different characters.

He's only on WWE television every so often, and Truth probably is better off to be more of a humorous figure backstage than a part-time wrestler. Maybe WWE can find a way to make him more entertaining as a fighter again, but he's lost plenty of steam and can't be the same old whatever you want to call his gimmick right now.

Truth is 45 years old and has been more than loyal to the company. As such, he deserves one more nice little run with the WWE before his inevitable departure.

2. Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has been arguably the top women's wrestler throughout the past calendar year, but the WWE is missing out on a golden opportunity to turn her heel here. In fact, Banks has been long rumored to eventually go from the Legit Boss to Legit Bad.

The thing is, the creative team has tried pushing Bayley (Sasha's friend), to being the top babyface among all the women, but her crowd reactions have been mediocre. The crowd loves Banks, but she definitely is more suitable for the heel role than Bayley.

If WWE is still bent on getting Bayley over with the crowd, they have to finally turn Banks heel. She's somewhat stranded on Raw as Bayley, Alexa Bliss, and Nia Jax all vie for supremacy. Banks is fine as a babyface, but she'd go to new heights if they made her the stuck-up heel.

1. Enzo Amore

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The "coolest guy in the room" hasn't been all that cool since tag team partner Big Cass backstabbed him. Amore's rivalry with Cass was going well until the latter tore his ACL and will be sidelined for a while.

WWE had to act quickly and they assigned Amore to basically feud with the entire Cruiserweight division, which hasn't really led to anything. Throw in all the reports of Amore having backstage heat and drama with his coworkers, and it's clear something needs to be done to salvage his WWE career.

Amore simply can't keep this Certified G gimmick without Cass, whom he was over-reliant on. Amore's promos have become bland, and it's clear he's far from ready to be a singles competitor. This is where the creative team has to come in and rescue him somehow. Maybe turning Amore heel or having him form a different tag team will help.

But the singles competition isn't cutting it, and they can't waste one of their top young talents any longer.


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