10 WWE Superstars We Want Gone In 2019 And 10 We Want Back

The WWE roster is always being shuffled around every year with new signings, returns and call ups from NXT. On the other hand, there are a number of Superstars who leave the company due to personal reasons, or simply after being let go by the WWE. 2019 won't be any different as there will surely be more changes to come and both brands will most likely have some changes to the roster throughout the year.

Depending on who you ask, fans will have various answers as to whom they would like to see back in the WWE - but there are usually a few common names that surface on such personal lists. Many of these Superstars had already established themselves during their first run with the company and may have been away for some time - but they are still at an age in which they could wrestle today. Nostalgia has always been a huge draw in the wrestling industry and these past few years have only proved so with the number of returning stars who achieved incredible success with the company.

While a number of returns may be taking place next year, we can't overlook that some names will also be losing their jobs - which is sadly the nature of the business. These Superstars have had opportunities to stick around but no longer have anything of value as far as the company is concerned. With today's list, we look at 10 WWE Superstars we want gone in 2019 and 10 we want back!

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20 Want Gone: Mojo Rawley

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Mojo Rawley has been lost in the shuffle in the past year with no real direction for his character. After winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy in 2017, many expected Rawley to receive a major push since reports suggested that Vince McMahon had taken an interest in his talents. But his inconsistent booking, as well as Rawley's bland character, has made it difficult for the WWE Universe to connect with him as a performer. He will be lucky to remain on the roster beyond 2019 since he hasn't progressed as the company had expected, so it shouldn't come as a surprise if they opt to part with him.

19 Want Back: Cody Rhodes

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When Cody Rhodes left the WWE, fans weren't too disappointed to see him leave as he had been misused on the roster. But not many pictured him having the amount of success that he has away from the WWE to the point where he became a major draw. Given that he left on good terms with the company, he would surely be welcomed back with open arms, especially now that he has developed an intriguing persona that would make him a main eventer in the WWE. While he has shown no interest in returning for the time being, Rhodes would be a massive addition to the roster.

18 Want Gone: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker may be the greatest Superstar in WWE history, and as such, many believe that he is allowed to wrestle for as long as he wants. And while fans will never boo The Deadman given his legendary journey, it's quite evident that the time has come for him to hang up the boots. In fact, he has been showing major signs of decline for many years now, and would have been better off leaving the industry before he became a shell of himself. 2019 may very well be his final year as an active wrestler and it is for the best.

17 Want Back: Neville

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Neville's contract finally came to an end a few months ago after he had been away from the WWE since October of 2017. As one of the most talented wrestlers today, Neville is already generating plenty of interest among various companies, as well as fans who remain excited to see him perform again. It is unlikely that Neville will be back in the WWE by 2019, but it would certainly be great to see him complete some unfinished business. Given a suitable role and creative direction, Neville could become one of the top figures in the WWE due to his all around talent.

16 Want Gone: Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews is a talented in-ring performer, but that has never been enough to make it big in the WWE, especially when you consider the many flaws in his abilities as a Superstar. The company attempted to get the mosr out of Crews by giving him an associate in Titus O'Neil, but he still couldn't take the next step in his career. Now that he has been on the same level since making his move to the main roster, it's easy to see why the WWE would choose to release him. Barring major improvements, Crews won't be a WWE Superstar for much longer.

15 Want Back: Carlito

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It's been a number of years since we last saw Carlito in the WWE as an active Superstar. The general belief among fans is that we haven't seen him back by now, then it's likely safe to assume that he won't be brought back to compete. Carlito has remained active on the independent circuit and could make a good addition to the mid-card division, or possibly as a member of a tag team. But he has been hesitant to return to the WWE as he was upset with his creative direction in previous years, as well as the hectic travel schedule.

14 Want Gone: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder was once among the hottest acts in the WWE, but it has been several years since he was last relevant. Being a popular figure behind-the-scenes, as well as a veteran who is respected by his peers - Ryder has managed to extend his WWE stint beyond expectations. But he has been showing significant signs of slowing down in the ring without compensating for it in other ways. Ryder would be better off moved to an off-screen role where he could prove to be even more useful to the company. 2019 may not be his last year as an active Superstar but it should certainly be.

13 Want Back: Austin Aries

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It's no secret that Austin Aries was upset with the WWE towards the end of his run and wanted out by any means necessary. Once he was granted his release, it didn't take him too long to make the jump to Impact Wrestling, where he has established himself as a main event player. With reports that he had a bitter exit from the WWE, the company may not be thrilled to welcome him back anytime soon. But if both sides can come to an agreement, then it would certainly be great to see Aries reach his full ceiling as a WWE Superstar in his second stint.

12 Want Gone: Big Show

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Big Show has been teasing retirement for a number of years and had previously showed interest in having a final match against Shaquille O'Neal. But once those plans fell through, Big Show carried on by making random appearances throughout the year. As he continues switching between face and heel every few months, his retirement is now overdue and 2019 may be his last year on the WWE roster. While Big Show has gotten into the best shape of his WWE run in the past two years, it is too late now, as the audience has lost interest in him as a Superstar.

11 Want Back: Batista

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For the past four years, Batista has made it clear that he is open to return to the WWE on his own terms. He is mainly interested in working another program with Triple H, which was recently teased at the SmackDown 1000th episode during the Evolution reunion. Seeing as Triple H sustained an injury at Crown Jewel, he may not be cleared to return by WrestleMania 35 - which would delay any potential plans for a match against Batista. Given that Batista's last run wasn't worthy for a star of his caliber, we hope to see him bounce back with another stint in 2019.

10 Want Gone: Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal is viewed as one of the last true heels in the WWE since he still receives boo's from the crowd. But one could argue that fans jeer him for what is known as the X-Pac heat, as they have wanted absolutely nothing to do with him since his rise to the top. Despite being given the chance to establish himself as a top Superstar, it didn't take long for Jinder to fall down the card. As his stock continues to plummet, it wouldn't be surprising to see the WWE move on from Jinder as soon as next year.

9 Want Back: John Morrison

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Having been gone from the WWE since 2011, a comeback appears more unlikely with every passing year for John Morrison. As one of the top stars for Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, it's clear that he is still good enough to be apart of the WWE roster. There are a number of dream matches to be had with current members of the WWE, and Morrison would only solidify his wrestling legacy with another solid run. Although reports have linked the two sides in previous years, 2019 seems like as good of a time as any for them to come to an agreement.

8 Want Gone: Baron Corbin

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Depending on who you ask, opinions seem to be mixed regarding Baron Corbin. Since his arrival on the main roster, it's been speculated that Vince McMahon believes in his potential to become a top Superstar. Corbin has had two different characters and multiple pushes along the way, and yet he still hasn't rewarded the company for their faith in him. There are times when it's best for the WWE to cut their losses and move on, which would be the best case scenario if they happen to release Corbin in 2019. Many Superstars could have reached far greater heights if they had received similar pushes.

7 Want Back: The Rock

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As one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, fans can bet that The Rock will always be welcomed back to the WWE. Given his busy schedule as well as ongoing film projects, it's no surprise that he hasn't been back for another run thus far. There have been reports that the company is looking to have The Rock compete at WrestleMania 35 - although there has been no indication by either side to make that a reality. The Rock is one of the few part timers who would remain beloved by fans, regardless of his schedule and number of appearances.

6 Want Gone: Nia Jax

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Some fans were already skeptical about Nia Jax being one of the top female Superstars in the WWE due to her lack of wrestling and mic skills. But the stiff shot to Becky Lynch has only united fans in turning their back on Jax with many demanding that WWE releases her as soon as possible. Having been said to be a reckless wrestler after injuring multiple Superstars in a span of two years, it is certainly a fair concern since Jax hasn't shown any improvements as a performer. But it seems like she has the backing of the company to remain on the roster.

5 Want Back: AJ Lee

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Fans have always been disappointed to miss out on seeing AJ Lee during the women's revolution as female Superstars are now given more opportunities than ever before. As one of the few bright spots of the division during its down years, Lee held down women's wrestling for a number of years with impressive all-around showings. Since she is still young enough to compete in the ring, it would be great to see her back in the WWE before it's too late. There are multiple feuds that would surely produce great programming and matches if AJ were to return in 2019.

4 Want Gone: Shane McMahon

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In past years, fans were always happy to see Shane McMahon back in the mix as he was guaranteed to generate excitement as well as memorable moments along the way. But he has been overused in the past two years to the point where some fans have grown sick of him, especially since he happens to be taking away opportunities from younger and full-time Superstars.

While he could still play a role on the program, the time has come for Shane to step away from the ring. While an occasional match would be the ideal scenario, it is probably for the best if he is no longer an active wrestler.

3 Want Back: Rob Van Dam

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RVD remains active on the independent circuit and still able to pull off many of the signature moves that earned him plaudits in the first place. Knowing that father time is undefeated, it would be best to see him have one final run in the WWE before it's too late. His last stint with the company was disappointing to say the least, and left a bitter taste as far as RVD is concerned - who was disappointed in having no direction while constantly losing to fellow Superstars. While fans may not be thrilled about the prospect of having another older wrestler on the roster, RVD will always be supported by the WWE Universe.

2 Want Gone: Brock Lesnar

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While plenty of fans may be ready to move on from the Brock Lesnar era, it is highly doubtful that the WWE shares such feelings as he remains the biggest draw on the roster. With Lesnar set to return to UFC in 2019, it's possible that his WWE appearances may get fewer - although it would probably be for the best if he took time off from wrestling. His act has grown stale - especially as the Universal Champion - and most fans wouldn't mind seeing some new faces in the main event picture. Knowing that as long as Lesnar is around, he will remain involved with the title - we would prefer that he simply leaves the WWE.

1 Want Back: CM Punk

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Barring significant changes in the relationship between the two sides, it's unlikely that CM Punk will be returning to the WWE in 2019. He has repeatedly expressed his wish to move on from the wrestling industry, stating that he will not be getting back into action in the future. But as we all know, anything is possible in the wrestling industry and far stranger things have happened. Fans want to see Punk compete while he is still in top shape, and while they would be equally as excited to see him back down the line - a run today would produce far better matches.

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