5 WWE Superstars We Forgot Had A Main Event Run

If we told you that guys like The Rock, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Hulk Hogan and others were a part of some the biggest main event matches in WWE history, you probably wouldn't be surprised. Any wrestling fans knows these names as some of the biggest in the industry. If we told you Mike Knox, Ludvig Borga, R-Truth, The Spirit Squad and The Boogeyman were also in main event matches for the WWE you might say, "come again?"

Yes, just because some of the main event matches WWE put on led to the crowning of some the companies biggest stars doesn't mean the company hit a home run every time out. There are actually more WWE Superstars past and present that were given main event opportunities and didn't amount to anything than there are guys who took the ball and ran with it.

Who are some of the most unlikely names to get main event pushes but you don't really remember? There are far more than five but we've list five that we believe are among the best of the worst.

The Great Khali

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He hasn't been seen in the WWE since he helped Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship at Battleground (a recent WWE pay-per-view), but before that, it had been years since The Great Khali was relevant and not used a dancing sidekick. He originally debuted in the WWE in 2006 in a program with The Undertaker whom he destroyed in his first match.

The second he beat The Undertaker he was considered a main event heel. But, Khali flopped badly when given the spot. He couldn't wrestle and even some of the best in-ring talents WWE had to offer couldn't make it appear that he could.


You might not remember it now but Khali was a guy who had beaten wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista with ease. He even won the World Heavyweight Championship in a twenty man Battle Royal on Smackdown! in July of 2007.

Papa Shango

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By the time his wrestling career had come to a close he was more known as the Godfather in the WWE. Before he was a dancing pimp, Charles Wright was Papa Shango. Debuting in 1992, his character was a voodoo worshipper and he feuded with Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior - two of the biggest names in wrestling at the time.


In a very strange storyline, it was a crazy idea to have him get inside the mind of The Ultimate Warrior and make him puke on stage. But, the WWE wanted weird and unsettling and that's what Shango gave them. He played a role in many of the outcomes of different matches and while he never won the title, WWE must have believed he could be a big deal because they treated him like a huge heel that could do a lot of damage to some of wrestling's biggest stars.


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Most people who think of Rikishi now think of the big Samoan who danced in the ring and made everyone in the WWE Universe smile as he gave his opponents the stink face. But, in late 2000, the WWE tried to turn him into a bad guy, much to the dismay of The Rock, when he admitted that he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin. It wasn't an idea that worked very well. Rikishi was not able to sell fans on the fact that he could be a bad guy and he was eventually moved back to the dancing loveable big guy.

His only main event appearance was at the Armageddon 2000 PPV when he was part of a six-man Hell in a Cell match. He didn't win but what fans might remember is the moment Rikishi received a chokeslam from The Undertaker off the cell and into the flatbed of a ringside truck.


Mason Ryan

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In 2011, the WWE debuted a character by the name of Mason Ryan. He was part of the New Nexus and was considered an enforcer who had the look and "it' factor to be a big star. Upon his arrival, he got involved in a match between WWE's two biggest stars - John Cena and CM Punk and the WWE decided to make him look like a monster. He took out both men with relative ease. Unfortunately, he couldn't wrestle.

It took a while for the WWE to give up on him but before they did he feuded with talents like Big Show, Kane and Randy Orton. Mason Ryan was eventually released from the WWE in April of 2014. He's since gone on to become part of Cirque du Solei.



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Well, most recent fans are aware of Ryback's history. He's known now as the "big guy" who has a big ego and big insecurity issue all at the same time. He feels he wasn't treated fairly by the WWE and having left (or released depending on how you see it), he's spent the last year or so bad-mouthing WWE and their storylines and policies.

Ryback might have a case in that he wasn't treated as well as he could have been but he can't argue he was never given a main event run. Fans may have forgotten that despite legitimately hurting a lot of wrestlers during his time in WWE, the company felt he could be a big star. He beat guys like The Miz and at one point, CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell.

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